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Virtual Walkie Talkie turns your Android phone into a CB radio

Posted in Android by Conner Flynn on October 31st, 2010

Virtual Walkie Talkie is a free Android program which basically turns your phone into a CB radio. The software works over WiFi and features multiple channels. It will stay on in the background until you deliberately exit the program.

So if you miss the days of CB radios and need to go all “breaker, breaker, good buddy”, now is your chance. Just be prepared for Koreans, Germans and other nationalities to all be chatting away, which you wouldn’t have found on the old Citizens Band radios. Sounds like fun though. Maybe this will make CB talk popular again. Probably not though.

Skullcandy lets you try on headphones using Augmented Reality

Posted in Headphones by Conner Flynn on August 27th, 2010

You can always buy a pair of headphones online, but sometimes you want to check them out in person to see how they would look and feel on your head and ears in the store. That isn’t always possible since certain styles can’t be found at retailers.

Well Skullcandy is changing that. The Skullcandy Virtual room will let you try on a pair of headphones using augmented reality. You can even record your session and send it over to your friends if you look great.

Palm Pre gets virtual keyboard

Posted in Palm by Conner Flynn on August 15th, 2009

Palm Pre gets virtual keyboardLets take a moment to honor coders, those genius nerds that do the impossible every day. Their latest trick? They’ve stumbled upon a pre-alpha on-screen keyboard for the Palm Pre that was cleverly hidden away in the depths of webOS.

Portrait or landscape version doesn’t matter, the native keyboard will be available, compatible with virtually any app and every field. Most are likely used to the QWERTY keyboard available on the Palm Pre, but if you like virtual better, then this is pretty awesome.

Virtual personal trainer texts obese kids

Posted in Health by Conner Flynn on June 29th, 2009

Virtual personal trainer texts obese kidsResearchers from the University of Southern California want to use cellphones to help the obese shed weight. The idea is to hook up obese kids to a “mobile body network,” consisting of a device to measure the skin’s electrical conductivity along with a heart-rate monitor, accelerometer, blood glucose reader and GPS for location, and connecting it with a battery sensor on the child’s body.

The system uses a Smartphone to send the collected behavioral data to the university’s computers, where it is then figures out what the information means. If your kid is laying around, text messages will be shot his way to get him to do get off his ass and do something.

LightLane Virtual Bike Path to become a reality

Posted in Outdoors by Conner Flynn on June 24th, 2009

Create your own bike lane with LightLaneRemember Lightlane? Lightlane was a pretty neat concept for bicyclists. Well, it seems that the response that the concept got was so overwhelming from bicyclists the world over, that the inventors actually decided to now make it into a commercial product.

It uses “super-bright red LEDs,” as well as two high visibility Diode-Pumped Solid State green lasers to project a path that should help to protect bikers on the street. The end result is that the biker and their path are clearly visible to those driving by.

Take a virtual tour of Tokyo using a Wii & Google Maps

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on December 25th, 2008

Take a virtual tour of Tokyo using a Wii & Google MapsCheck out this new mashup by Japanese coder Ryo Katsuma. It has a lot of potential. It takes the exercising aspect of the Wii and combines it with virtual tourism, by using Google Maps with the Wii Remote to create a virtual jogging or walking experience.

The crazy mashup takes you on a tour through a good bit of Tokyo, but what’s cool about it is that it could easily be applied to any city you want covered by Google Maps, letting you be a Wii world traveler. If you want to build one yourself, you can find out how over at Tokyo-jogging.

Virtual Webcam Girlfriend is enticing, a bit creepy

Posted in Webcams by Conner Flynn on November 3rd, 2008

Virtual Webcam Girlfriend is enticing, a bit creepyYou might remember this virtual nerd girlfriend from several months back. The Dennou AR Figures virtual 3D girlfriends are for those extra lonely nerds who don’t get out much. I think the idea is that you would want to check in on her now and then, apply spankings as needed and occasionally give her gifts, all safe in the knowledge that she can’t run or call the cops.

You install webcam software and when your camera detects the special cube onscreen, it puts a 3D companion into your environment. It’s available right now in Japan for $125. And we don’t want to know what you two do in your spare time. A slightly NSFW video below

Android Virtual Keyboard coming next year

Posted in Android by Conner Flynn on October 23rd, 2008

Android Virtual Keyboard coming next yearWhile people love the G1 and it has an excellent keyboard…and it’s only been available for about a day, many users are already complaining that they cannot type in landscape mode.

Never fear, according to the Android development roadmap, we’ll be getting a touchscreen keyboard in Q1 2009 that features “a dictionary of suggestions and a suggestion algorithm.” So it will basically work like the iPhone keyboard. Great news as many find it annoying, having to slide open the G1 every time they want to enter some data.

Old PCs create a virtual sunset

Posted in PCs by Conner Flynn on September 18th, 2008

Old PCs create a virtual sunsetThe human race has a ton of junk. The discarded excrement of all of our endeavors. It goes in landfills, sits around our homes and in general clutters up our lives. What do you do with all of that junk? Play with it of course. In this case UK artist Sandy Smith used hundreds of old PC’s to create a wall-sized gradient effect that mimics a “sunset” emanating from their monitors. Pretty neat stuff. Imagine all of the other things we could do with junk PC’s. I wonder if you could tan people using old monitors. Or would that be unsafe? Any volunteers? Pretty ones?

Augmented Reality Cyber Maid Alice for lonely nerds

Posted in Humor by Conner Flynn on July 20th, 2008

Augmented Reality Cyber Maid Alice for lonely nerds
Humanity has accomplished some amazing things by combining virtual reality with plain ole reality. This is not one of those things. This is something designed to give randy nerds a few cheap thrills. The idea is that if you can’t find a girlfriend, Alice will take a shot at being the object of your affections.

It’s called “Dennou Figure ARis”, or “Cyber Figure Alice” in plain English. Buyers get the AR software, 2 cybersticks and 2 cybercubes. Place one of the cubes in front of the computer, point your webcam at it and the screen will display a 3D image of Alice standing on top of the cube. Here’s where your cybersticks come in handy. You’ll use them to touch, caress, fondle and peep at your new lady. Fear not, you can of course even undress Alice and change her clothes.

Handsome Man Bank for lonely Japanese women

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on July 6th, 2008

Handsome Man Bank for lonely Japanese women
Apparently all the good and handsome men are taken in Japan. I guess that’s why Japan’s women are finding romance with this virtual man called the “Handsome Man Bank”.

It comes in girl-friendly pink or white, with an LCD display that will show 5 handsome men. It costs about $50 and he’s a player alright. A real smooth guy with lines like “Can I kiss you?” or “May I rub your shoulders?” But at the end of the day he’s all talk, leaving some longing and needful Japanese women all hot and bothered. Should have come with another accessory for this phase I guess.

Inflatable Golf Simulator for your yard

Posted in Golf by Conner Flynn on May 28th, 2008

Inflatable Golf Simulator for your yard
If you like the Full Swing Golf simulator, but don’t want to tear up your home, this is the way to go. All you need is a yard large enough to park this eyesore in. Like other simulators, it uses a projection screen along with a motion sensors that will detect the motion and speed of the ball. That info is then put on screen and you can watch the result on a 3D course.

Apparently, it only works with woods and irons, so you’ll still suck at putting. They say that the inflatable structure is weatherproof so you could even play in nasty weather. Your neighbors will probably wonder why you vanish inside an inflatable house every afternoon. Nosy bastards.

2-D girlfriend for geeks, bloggers

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on May 16th, 2008

2-D girlfriend for geeks
It can be lonely being a geek. So it’s easy to understand why Drew Burrows created INBED, which is essentially an interactive virtual girlfriend. Just climb into bed with her, and she’ll snuggle up against you. If you lie on your side, she’ll even spoon. Sad thing is, she sleeps fully dressed and she’s only two dimensional, existing only because she is projected from the ceiling.

Infrared sensors watch you in the bed, altering the projection accordingly. She can even react to kisses buy burying her virtual face in a virtual pillow. Cute. But will this satisfy the geek or make him long even more for a real live woman? I don’t know, but your Star Wars toys in the corner aren’t helping.

Ants Life Studio is a virtual ant farm

Posted in Toys by Conner Flynn on April 7th, 2008

Ants Life Studio is a virtual ant farm
If you like the idea of an ant farm, but don’t like the idea of all those ants stuck in a prison for your amusement, this is for you. This is not for those who like to burn ants with a magnifying glass. The Ants Life Studio from Bandai is a colony of virtual ants who go about their daily lives, digging virtual tunnels, collecting virtual food and even fending off attacks from enemies.

The monochrome LCD display has an electroluminescent backlight so you can watch your ants even at night. That might be a bit obsessive of you, but hey who am I to judge. It also includes a clock and calendar function to keep you tehered to the real world.

Wii-like game stick to be Unveiled this week

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on February 18th, 2008

Wii-like game stick to be Unveiled this week
GestureTek is planning to unveil a prototype “Wii-LIKE GAME STICK” this week at the 2008 Toy Fair in New York. It uses a camera to detect 3D position and motion. With the technology being camera-based, players are able to see their real-time, full-body image on screen as they control 3-D simulations and interact with characters and other objects. Your body motion controls the program, for a more virtual experience.

On a creepy note, GestureTek says that it can even vision-equip dolls, stuffed animals or robots. You know, so they can see everything you are doing…And interact. Interact like a cuddly friend, or interact like Chucky? GestureTek will be working with Sony, Microsoft and Hasbro and their gesture-enabled games will also be featured on Mobile Internet Devices based on the Intel Low Power Chip technology.

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