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Calvin Klein offers new pair of 3D sunglasses

Posted in 3D by Conner Flynn on November 5th, 2010

Calvin Klein, like Gucci, has no shame when it comes to cheap marketing, so the fashion brand name is now outing some 3D-capable sunglasses.

The patent-pending curved 3D glasses from Marchon3D have been printed with the CK logo. Sure, they are more stylish than a typical pair of 3D glasses, but to me they still don’t look very appealing. No word on price yet, but I’m sure they will be expensive.

Calvin Klein USB Drive Sunglasses

Posted in USB Flash Drives by Conner Flynn on July 11th, 2009

Calvin Klein USB Drive SunglassesIt used to be that only spies had access to such things as USB sunglasses. Luckily we get our share of cool gear nowadays without having a license to kill. Like these Calvin Klein USB drive sunglasses, where the USB drive itself is hidden within the arm of the sunglasses.

As a bonus it also offers protection against UV rays. These shades will hold 4GB of storage space, and will cost you $199 when they arrive this October.

Thanko all-in-one PMP sunglasses

Posted in Portable Meda Players by Conner Flynn on September 10th, 2008

Thanko all-in-one PMP sunglassesGood old Thanko, who has been known to give us all kinds of quirky and craptastic gadgets has released something that may actually be useful in the apparel department. Whether you want to look like an X-Man or just need a cool pair of shades. It’s the All-in-One portable media player sunglasses.

They sport UV protection against the sun, plus you’ll also get some other features like: Support for MP3/WMV audio files, Supports MP4/MPG/AVI (Divx3/4/5&xVid)/ASF video files, miniSD memory card slot, USB 2.0 connectivity, Four EQ presets – Rock, Classic, Normal and Bass. Sure they look a tad dorky, but movies will seem like they are on a 50 inch tv directly in front of you when you watch them on these glasses. The price is around 270€.

Cyclops Visor won’t help you land Jean Grey

Posted in Apparel by Conner Flynn on July 19th, 2008

Cyclops Visor won’t help you land Jean Grey
Here’s something you don’t see everyday. It’s a replica of Scott Summers’ visor from ThinkGeek and it’s “authentically duplicated from the actual 20th Century Fox filming prop.” The cool part is that they double as shades with an iridium sunglass lens.

However if you feel that you need to wear this so as not to blast those around you with your powerful eye beams, you may in fact be the real cyclops and should go look for Professor X immediately. It’s available from Thinkgeek for $74.99 and comes with an all metal display box. Soon, you’ll be competing with Wolverine for Jean Grey’s affection.

Getting geeky/freaky with Spy Camera Sunglasses

Posted in Glasses by Nino Marchetti on March 17th, 2008

geek-sunglasses.jpgYou too can now look cool and geeky as you cruise down the road on your favorite moped. All it takes is these new 1.3 Megapixel Spy Camera Sunglasses, available through ThinkGeek for around $100.

The 1.3 Megapixel Spy Camera Sunglasses can help you snap photos of that hot model in the Porsche next to you at the stoplight. The 1.3-megapixel lens is embedded in part of front of the frame, and she’ll never know you are shooting photos as you stare with drool apparent. She may think you are a bit creepy though, dusting you when the light turns green.

Motorola O ROKR Bluetooth Sunglasses

Posted in Apparel,Bluetooth,Headphones,Motorola by Darrin Olson on November 11th, 2006

Motorola O ROKR

Oakley and Motorola teamed up to make these O ROKR sunglasses / headset. The sunglasses are made from light weight “O Matter” weighing about 54 grams so that they can be comfortable for extended periods of time. The lenses are interchangeable (comes with one set) and they are made from Plutonite to filter 100% of all UV rays.

What makes this a cool gadget is the fact that the O ROKR glasses double as a Bluetooth wireless headset. You can use the dual ear pieces attached to the sunglasses to listen to a Bluetooth enabled phone or a music player with Bluetooth or a Bluetooth adapter. You can also take calls from your phone on the O ROKR glasses like you would with a normal Bluetooth headset.

The glasses have functionality built into them to remotely operate the playing devices. You can control volume, answer …