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Q-TV2 Speakers put stereo speakers and a subwoofer behind your HDTV

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on December 27th, 2009

We don’t know for sure if the sound on this thing is awesome or sucky, but we love the design in which Q Acoustics hides a complete speaker system behind your flat panel TV. The setup works with TVs between 30 and 42 inches and attaches to an existing frame. It will even work with your TV sitting on a stand.

Right now it’s only available in Europe for $500. Sure it’s pricey but it gets the speakers out of the way and chances are it’s better than the speakers built into your TV.

Creative Gigaworks HD50i speakers

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on December 26th, 2009

The Creative Gigaworks HD50i speaker system aims to deliver maximum stereo impact on your desktop thanks to Creative’s High Definition Driver technology, the Titanium Super Tweeter, and BasXPort technology.

They look pretty good for their size. The front knob will adjust volume/power, and a blue LED lets you know when the speakers are powered up. And of course you can dock your iPod and enjoy all of your favorite tunes. The Creative Gigaworks HD50i speakers will cost you $169.99 and comes with a remote controller.

ELAC Art Edition FS 247 speakers

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on December 13th, 2009

ELAC Art Edition FS 247 speakersGood speakers cost quite a bit, so why not make sure they fit into your lifestyle? ELAC’s Art Edition FS 247 speakers want to blend in with your environment. These speakers feature a high gloss finish, and can be had in a variety of decorative themes.

The tattoo motifs will also help protect the speakers from scratches. And don’t worry, you aren’t stuck with just one look. They can be removed and switched if you get tired of your current motif. Pricing starts at $1500. Sure, that’s pretty steep, but I’m sure one or two of you out there can afford it and start a club where the pair of you swap motifs and trade stories about how you used to have money.

Electrolux vacuum is so quiet it packs an iPod dock and speakers

Posted in Vacuum by Conner Flynn on December 10th, 2009

Electrolux vacuum so quiet it packs an iPod dock and speakersElectrolux just launched a commercial vacuum cleaner so quiet that it features an iPod dock and speakers. The “UltraSilencer” is the first such vacuum in existence. The company even went so far as to conduct a lab study to prove that “music assisted vacuuming increases the number of nozzle sweeps, improves the cleaning result and leaves a general feeling of happiness.”

We say it just takes the boring out of vacuuming. Why it’s as if Van Halen or Pink Floyd were cleaning your house right by your side. Awesome concept.

JBL Creature III speakers for computers debut

Posted in Computer Components by Shane McGlaun on December 3rd, 2009

jblcreature3-sgSome folks like quirky things. These folks eschew the average and normal in favor of something that is different and cool. Personally, I just like things that are cool and the JBL Creature II speakers I used to own were certainly cool. JBL announced its new Creature III speakers today.

The new speakers share a close resemblance to the previous version and look like ghosts from Pac Man. JBL calls them Sci-Fi inspired. The speakers are a 2.1 system with a pair of satellites and a woofer. The sats are 3″ x 3″ x 2-3/4″ with a 40mm driver. The subwoofer is a 3-inch unit measuring 9″ x 9″ x 9″.

Audio-Technica BoogieBox Speakers

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on November 30th, 2009

Audio-Technica BoogieBox SpeakersAudio-Technica’s AT-SPB5 BoogieBox Speakers look like boomboxes that have had a makeover. They sport a rugged design that makes them perfect for going with you everywhere. But they are also packing some power, thanks to a few 70mm full range speaker units and an amplifier.

They sell for $159.99 and feature a battery life of about 10 hours. They come in your choice of red, black or camouflage. Seems a tad expensive, but if you want an “active speaker with street style”, I guess you have to pay.

USB Panda Speakers look sad

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on November 22nd, 2009

USB Panda Speakers look sadAre you in desperate need of a giant animal head on your desk? One that has large black eyes that hold sadness like an abyss? It’s just what it appears to be, a giant honking Panda head with speakers in it’s eyes.

Why you would want one, we can’t begin to guess. How you interact with it, we don’t want to know. It will cost you $27 if you want this USB-powered speaker. He looks pretty depressing to me. As if he’s begging you to save his dying species.

Logic3 unveils iStationGo travel speakers

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on November 19th, 2009

Logic3 unveils iStationGo travel speakersLogic3 has introduced a new and colorful line of portable speakers named the iStationGo. The speakers are all about portability with a foldable design and rounded edges that should help it easily fit into your bag.

The iStationGo comes with a protective cloth carrying case and 4 AAA batteries. Some other features include a 3.5mm headphone jack which allows you to use whichever mp3 player you want and a battery life of 15 hours.

Barbie iHome iPod dock speakers

Posted in iPod Accessories by Conner Flynn on October 26th, 2009

Barbie iHome iPod dock speakersThese new Barbie iPod docks are great if you live in an oversized Malibu dreamhouse, have never grown up and are female. If you fit that description, these Barbie iPod docks are for you. All of that pink is sure to annoy the Ken in your life however.

In all there are 4 new Barbie iPod docking stations and all function as alarm clocks while advertising the Barbie doll brand. Depending on which models you choose, they will retail from $19.99 to $79.99.

TerraCycle wraps speakers in delicious junk food wrappers

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on October 25th, 2009

TerraCycle wraps speakers in delicious junk food wrappersTerraCycle does something useful for the environment. They recycle the world’s garbage into nifty electronics, bags and other things and they sell them for a cheap price.

These Cheeto speakers sell at Radio Shack for $20 and the company’s online store. They won’t blow out your ear-drums, but they make an interesting statement. That statement is probably about how you like snacking to music.

LaCie’s Sound2 USB Speakers look good

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on September 30th, 2009

LaCie's Sound2 USB Speakers look goodLaCie’s Sound2 USB speakers almost look too good. What are they hiding? Are they overcompensating for something? Hmmm. You don’t usually think LaCie when you think audio, but these look so nice we are willing to believe that they must sound good too. We hope.

The Sound2 laptop speakers are USB-powered, with the audio coming from Cabasse, a French audio company. They were designed by Neil Poulton and will cost you $100. Like Fox Mulder, we “want to believe” that these beauties sound good at that price.

Hercules unveils new slim speaker line

Posted in Hercules by Shane McGlaun on September 29th, 2009

herculesspeakersSpeakers are an important part of most computer systems. After all, if you don’t have speakers, you can’t hear anything when you watch movies or play games. Hercules has announced a new line of slim speakers that include the XPS 2.0 40 Slim and XPS 2.1 40 Slim Speakers.

Both sets of speakers are thin, look very attractive, and should go along well with all in one computers. The XPS 2.1 40 Slim speakers have two satellites and a subwoofer while the XPS 2.0 40 Slim lacks the subwoofer.

Pioneer XW-NAS3 and XW-NAS5 speakers for iPhone

Posted in iPhone Accessories by Conner Flynn on September 11th, 2009

Pioneer XW-NAS3 and XW-NAS5 speakers for iPhonePioneer has unveiled a new line of iPod/iPhone docks that have actually been available in Europe for about a week now. Both new XW models feature 2.1 surround sound, 60W output, and Bluetooth connectivity. The XW-NAS5 is available in multiple colors, along with a radio and a built-in ambient sound player for relaxation.

The XW-NAS3 on the other hand, comes in white and will play music from your iPod or iPhone, but that’s it. No word on pricing yet, but we should see these by the end of the year.

Sharp announces two new portable iPod speakers

Posted in iPod Accessories by Conner Flynn on September 10th, 2009

Sharp announces two new portable iPod speakersSharp just announced the DK-AP8P and the DK-AP7P, two portable iPod speakers. The DK-AP8P is the more powerful of the two, with a special front face plate that acts as a control panel. The magnetic cover can also be removed from the main system and used as a remote control.

The shared features of this pair include 2.1 sound with built-in subwoofers, compatibility with a wide range of iPods and iPhones, and they also act as a charger when your device is docked. Expect a battery life of about six hours, and if you want some private time, you can plug in your headphones.

Sanwa USB keyboard with built-in stereo speakers

Posted in Keyboards by Conner Flynn on August 24th, 2009

Sanwa USB keyboard with built-in stereo speakersHere’s a cool USB keyboard that looks awesome. It’s the 400-SKB005 from Sanwa. What sets it apart from your boring regular keyboard is that this keyboard comes with built-in dual 1.5w stereo speakers. It also features blue LED backlighting, for those who type in the dark.

The Sanwa 400-SKB005 is available now in Japan for 7,980 Yen, which is about $84. No word if this will show up outside of Japan, but don’t get your hopes up. This 109 key keyboard just looks cool. The speakers are a bonus.