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“Yes I Do” soundwave wedding ring

Posted in Apparel by Conner Flynn on November 23rd, 2008

“Yes I Do” soundwave wedding ringHere’s a ring only a married geek could love. Most people engrave their wedding ring with things like “Forever” or “Yes I Do” etc. Instead of engraving those words on a wedding ring, this ring comes with a cut-out of the sound wave of “Yes I Do”. Designer Sakura Koshimizu uses lasers to cut out the shape of the waveform of those sounds.

He’ll use sound editing software, record the sound and the software will show the sound waves on the screen, which can then be fed into a laser. Hey, it’s better then a tattoo. How many ya got now? Pam, Mary, Laura and Britney? Meanwhile you’re married to a Sarah. Yeah, this is much better. You know, just in case.