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Samsung MyFit tells you to drink water, not to smoke

Posted in Exercise Gadgets by Conner Flynn on January 11th, 2010

Samsung’s MyFit is a player for those who enjoy working out and keeping fit. The device has 8GB of space, the usual video codec support, an FM radio and it’s equipped with an accelerometer and a tracking system that tells you how many calories you’ve burned.

You can also record your caloric consumption per meal though a fitness manager application. Need to know when to drink water? It will tell you. It also has a function that will yell at you when you’re smoking.

Electronic Pipe is elementary my dear Watson

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on January 19th, 2009

Electronic Pipe is elementary my dear Watsone-cigarettes seem pretty fashionable these days. I guess it beats being hooked up to an iron lung machine. Despite the fact that some people have a huge problem with smoking, it’s a part of our culture. We even covered a phone that looks like a carton of smokes awhile back.

Riding the wave of e-cigarettes is this electronic pipe. The Electronic Pipe will give you the taste and feel of smoking on a pipe while looking like you are solving crimes in the 19th century. You just won’t get all the negative effects of nicotine. It will give you a nice a orange glow and even a puff of fake smoke to complete the illusion.

iPod Cigarette Case for smokin’ tunes

Posted in iPod by Conner Flynn on November 21st, 2008

iPod Cigarette Case for smokin’ tunesHere’s a little something for smokers who love their gadgets. If you have a spare iPod laying around, you too can be very James Bond like and turn it into a cigarette case.

Basically, just remove the guts and replace said guts with butts. Makes a great conversation piece and your be the life of any party. It can be a secret compartment for anything small, not just cigs. This person came up with the idea when their iPod had an encounter with the pavement and died.

Refillable keyboard lighter

Posted in Lighters by Conner Flynn on June 8th, 2008

Refillable keyboard lighter
How do you light a fire under a geek? With a nicely detailed computer keyboard lighter of course. Ask any geek if he smokes and he’ll probably say something witty like, “Only when I overclock my Xbox and fry the mainboard.”, followed by an asthma tinged laugh and a puff on his inhaler.

Well, for those geeks who want to show off a little while lighting up, these keyboard lighters are the ticket. They’re roughly the size of a standard Bic lighter and have some awesome detail. You can get them in 6 different colors or with black or white keys. They’re refillable, not disposable. Looks like they are only in the UK at the moment unfortunately.