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Timescape Sci-Fi watch

Posted in Watches by Conner Flynn on March 1st, 2011

If you want a cool looking futuristic watch, you have to work a little to find out what time it is. The Timescape Sci-Fi watch will require some brain cells to figure out, but it is worth it just for it’s style. It features a chrome exterior and uses blue LEDs to illuminate a rectangular grid, giving you the readouts. Each line contains a series of dots representing minutes or hours. The vertical lines are the hours, the first three horizontal lines show five-minute increments, and the last row shows exact minutes.

Looking good means that you’ll never know what time it is at first glance. The Timescape Sci-Fi watch will cost you $70.

Seahope Scope 2 Watch

Posted in Watches by Conner Flynn on December 6th, 2010

Seahope has unveiled their new Scope 2 watch from the EleeNo Cyber collection. It has an amazing retro-modern style that looks like it is straight from a Sci-Fi movie. We love this one.

It features a futuristic digital display with a visor that will display the time when you push the button. It measures 47mm x 41.5mm x 15mm and is currently available in Japan for 22,150 Yen or about $264. Sure, it’s pricey, but just look at that style.

Self-Publishing is easy with Amazon’s Digital Text Platform

Posted in Review by Conner Flynn on June 1st, 2010

Whether you own an ereader or not, chances are you’ve heard all about how self-publishing is easier today than it has ever been before, allowing authors to quickly and easily publish their work. And I’m here to tell you that it’s true. However many authors out there still haven’t taken advantage of it.

Maybe you don’t have the time to look into it, maybe you’re still getting over the sting from all of the rejection letters you got in the old days, with the old way of publishing. Whatever the reason, many times we hear about new and great ways to do things and it just goes in one ear and out the other. Probably because we think there has to be a catch.

2Oct2031 concept watch

Posted in Watches by Conner Flynn on January 4th, 2010

The 2Oct2031 concept watch looks like a Sci-fi movie prop. That’s what we love about it. It’s part stealth, part alien, all cool. It’s from designer Tao Ma. The 2Oct2031 concept watch has angles that might be from a stealth plane or a diamond.

This one will be aimed at the Chinese market, but the concept watch isn’t ready for production just yet. We hope that other watch makers are paying attention. We want more like this.

Star Trek metal business card holder

Posted in Sci-Fi by Conner Flynn on August 16th, 2009

Star Trek metal business card holderThis Star Trek Metal business card holder doesn’t beat around the bush. It tells your business contacts that you are a nerd and can qoute lines from any episode. It also tells them that they will be swiftly corrected should they get an episode title wrong or a planet name.

You are also telling them to Live Long and Prosper or you will give them a Vulcan nerve pinch. Thanks to the recent Trek reboot movie’s popularity, you may not even get laughed at. So now is the right time. The Star Trek Metal Business Card Holder is just $12.99.

Stargate Coasters

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on July 23rd, 2009

Stargate CoastersAre you looking for a way to nerd up your coffee table? These Stargate coasters should help. Just set your drink down on one and pretend that it just got transported to the far reaches of the universe via a wormhole.

Each measures 4.57″ in diameter. A set of four will cost you a shocking $29.99. At least they have felt-feet to keep your tabletop unscratched. Just don’t be surprised if some Egyptian dude on a far away planet ends up with your Iced Tea.

Pyramid shaped Dream Car 123 on eBay

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on June 17th, 2009

Dream Car 123: Pyramid power is backYou might remember the Dream car 123 from a while back. Well, it looks like the father and sons project has hit eBay. You might remember that they were trying to raise money because they needed like $40,000 to build a Mark 2 prototype. So they put the pyramid shaped car on ebay.

Currently it’s at $100, it’s reserve not yet met. What, nobody wants a pyramid car? What’s wrong with you people. Bid. Keep the dream alive. I personally would like to be driving a pyramid by no later than 2015.

Blockbuster survey finds most popular sci-fi characters

Posted in Sci-Fi by Shane McGlaun on May 7th, 2009

fireflytv-sbI am a big sci-fi fan. Not one of the rabid types mind you that wear costumes and goes to conventions, but I like to watch sci-fi films and read sci-fi books. All sci-fi fans have their favorite characters and many of the favorites are classic characters we can all agree on.

Blockbuster has surveyed sci-fi fans to come up with top five lists for best starship captain, best villain, hottest male sci-fi star, and hottest female sci-fi star. The top five captains in order are Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly, James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Han Solo, and William Adama. Picard so should have been number one.

Star Trek wall mural turns your room into the bridge of the Enterprise

Posted in Sci-Fi by Conner Flynn on April 6th, 2009

Star Trek wall muralLiving in your mom’s basement has some serious drawbacks, I’m sure. Why not spruce it up a little bit. Live a little. Well, now your dream of living on the bridge of the Enterprise can come true with this realistic wall mural, available for pre-order and shipping next month.

Decorate with some tribbles. Install some turbolift sound effects for when your mom comes down to do some laundry. Most importantly, buy this Captain Kirk command chair.

ACME Ray Gun pen

Posted in Pens by Conner Flynn on February 7th, 2009

ACME Ray Gun penI haven’t written in pen for a long time, but had I had the Ray Gun pen, I would be writing in pen constantly, making pew pew sounds followed by explosions. This pen comes from a company named ACME and is clearly the best pen ever made.

The “Ray Gun” is a retractable roller ball with a “special ‘gun sight’-shaped clip,” a stand that completes the look and even some cool packaging. It was created by U.K. designer Ben Hall and will be available this month for $130.

Lumitop illuminated clothing

Posted in Apparel by Conner Flynn on January 28th, 2009

Lumitop illuminated clothingLooks like Lumitop, the illuminated clothing that allows your boobs to light up the night, is making the rounds again in the intertubz. We first told you about it way back in August of last year. We just thought we would remind you that you can in fact still order this clothing since we’ve been out and about and haven’t seen any of you wearing it.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to look like a stripper from the Tron universe? The one pictured will cost you 149.00EUR. I suppose one downside is that people will only be looking at your breasts and they won’t remember your face. Oh well. What did expect? This is cutting edge Sci-Fi fashion.

Robot Ink: 20 awesome robot tattoos

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on January 20th, 2009

Robot Ink: 20 awesome robot tattoosOver at Botropolis we have a compilation of awesome robot tattoos. If you’re gonna get some ink, consider getting something in the likeness of our future lords and masters. You never know, those who carry the mark of the bot may be spared on that future day of reckoning when the rest of us are all just charred corpses.

Steampunk Ray/Particle Beam gun

Posted in Weapons by Conner Flynn on November 24th, 2008

Steampunk Ray/Particle Beam gunCheck out this sweet Steampunk ray gun. It sports a pretty nice, not so over-the-top Steampunk look but still manages to have lots of nice detail. The “Power supply” consists of a vacuum tube and “brass bits” installed inside the gun. The smoky look of the vacuum tube makes it look as if it has just been fired.

There’s even detail inside of the barrel. The creator added some clockwork parts inside so that it looks like the delicate clockwork mechanism is focusing the particle beam. Nice! The end result is a nice looking Ray Gun suitable for any Sci-Fi adventure.

Origami Star Trek & Star Wars spaceships made from dollars

Posted in Sci-Fi by Conner Flynn on October 27th, 2008

Origami Star Trek & Star Wars spaceships made from dollarsNowadays you probably don’t have much to do with your extra dollars, so here’s a good option. Make origami spaceships, like those from Star Trek and Star Wars, made entirely from folded dollar bills. The Millenium Falcon is a bit more expensive as it takes three dollar bills to get all that detail. It’s the work of Hawaii resident Won Park, whose next project is apparently Firefly’s Serenity. Awesome stuff.

Star Trek Nutcrackers are just wrong

Posted in Sci-Fi by Conner Flynn on October 18th, 2008

Star Trek Nutcrackers are just wrongEveryone knows that Trekkies are big on nuts. And what they have been lacking are some Trek inspired Nutcrackers to go with their Enterprise bottle opener. Now geeks can crack nuts with either Spock or Kirk dressed in the uniforms of the original series.

They’re 12 inches tall and you can get them for $34.95 each. Or you know, you could forgo them completely and like, work on getting a girlfriend. This has to be one of the saddest pieces of Trek merchandise I have ever seen.