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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v to go on sale in Portugal tomorrow

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on April 25th, 2011

Vodafone will start selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v in Portugal tomorrow, followed by the Netherlands later in the week. The device is priced at €590 ($862.) and runs Android 3.0 Honeycomb. It features a 10.1-inch 1280 x 800 touchscreen, an Nvidia Tegra 2 chip (two Cortex-A9 cores @ 1 GHz), 16GB of flash storage, HSPA+ support, a rear 8 megapixel camera with flash that does 1080p recording, a front 2 megapixel camera, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, a USB port, digtal compass, an accelerometer, dual surround-sound speakers, and a 6860 mAh battery.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1v is different from the newer Galaxy Tab 10.1, which is 8.6mm thick and comes with a 3MP rear-facing camera. The rest of the specs are the same. It is expected in early June.

Samsung Droid Charge coming to Verizon on April 28th for $300

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on April 21st, 2011

Verizon Wireless and Samsung are slapping a $299.99 subsidized price on Samsung’s newest handset. The phone is finally official. You can expect it on April 28th. On that day you can get the phone which features a 4.3-inch AMOLED Plus display, rear 8 megapixel camera, 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera, 1GHz processor, Android 2.2 and LTE support.

Unlimited 4G data plans are $29.99. The phone’s price is expensive, but keep in mind that you get a mobile hotspot for “no additional charge”. Are you getting this one?

Amazon Android tablet may be made by Samsung

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on April 20th, 2011

Rumors of an Amazon-branded tablet are back again thanks to a rumor that it had picked a contractor. Amazon is reportedly looking at none other than Samsung to make their tablet. There aren’t many other details, but Peter Rojas said he was “99% certain”.

It would likely have Android 3.0, but Amazon might be concerned with tighter limits on customization, so they could use a phone-oriented Android build like 2.3 maybe and have some freedom to customize the interface. It will be interesting to see what Amazon does with this.

Samsung W200 shock + waterproof pocket cam with full HD video

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on April 19th, 2011

Word on the street is that Samsung is expected to announce a new W200 shock+waterproof pocket cam with full HD video capabilities. It looks nice and sporty doesn’t it? Looks like it can take a decent beating. The sensor resolution will be 5MP (back side illuminated).

So feel free to carry this one with you on your Indiana Jones type adventures, stopping to snap a pic occasionally as you outrun enemies and uncover buried treasures. Or just, you know, take it with you on vacation. The announcement should be in a few days.

Samsung’s LCD fridge gets a price

Posted in Samsung by Reuben Drake on April 18th, 2011

Samsung has now priced its four-door, Energy Star-rated LCD refrigerator and it is just as expensive as you might expect at $3,499 retail. It will arrive late next month. The RF4289 fridge offers 28 cubic feet of storage, including a customizable, counter-height “flex-zone” drawer with a moveable divider. This is for serious food eaters/storage enthusiasts.

It also features LED lighting and Samsung’s twin coolingplus system that separately circulates the air inside the freezer and refrigerator to eliminate odor and keep perishable produce fresher for a longer period of time. If that isn’t enough, there’s an 8-inch, Wi-Fi-enabled LCD touchscreen too, which includes several apps, including Epicurious, Weatherbug, Pandora, AP News, Google Calendar, Picasa Photos and Twitter.

New MacBook Airs shipping with faster Samsung SSDs

Posted in MacBook by Conner Flynn on April 17th, 2011

Looks like Apple feels the need for speed, and so they have given a speed boost to the solid-state drives in newer MacBook Air models. Most batches were using Toshiba’s X-Gale SSD, but now a more recent model has been spotted using a Samsung-made 470 series drive.

The 128GB drive is of course much faster in reads and writes, taking things from about 210MB per second and 176MB per second in the old Toshiba SSD to 261MB per second and 210MB per second in the Samsung version. The upgraded drive, which Apple identifies as SM128C, also supports Native Command Queuing to optimize how it reads and writes to the drive. The X-Gale lacks that feature. Good news for those looking in a MacBook Air.

Samsung’s 11.6-inch Series 9 available for pre-order at Amazon

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on April 14th, 2011

Good news. You can get Samsung’s sleek new laptop for $1,200. Even better news. Amazon is now listing the 11.6-inch Series 9 at $1,149, saving you some hard earned dough. However we still don’t have a release date.

The specs include an Intel Core i3-380UM, 2GB of RAM, a 64GB SSD, 802.11b/g/n wireless, Bluetooth 3.0, a 5680mAh battery, and a 1366 x 768 display with 400 nits of brightness. If you want an Amazon alternative, the laptop is showing up at a bunch of retailers for pre-order.

Samsung Galaxy S 2011 Edition headed to Russia

Posted in Samsung by Reuben Drake on April 14th, 2011

The Samsung Galaxy S 2 will be hitting stores around the world in a few weeks, but Samsung wants to bridge the gap between the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S 2 with the Galaxy S 2011 Edition. This new phone will run Android 2.3 Gingerbread with an overclocked processor at 1.4 Ghz.

The battery is 1650 mAh but the screen is the same. It will likely have 2 Gigs of RAM and 8, 16 or 32 gigs of internal storage. Think of it as the Galaxy S 2 lite. It will be available in Russia in May for 22,000 Rubles ($ 780) to tide people over until the Galaxy S 2 arrives.

Samsung Announces New External Hard Drives with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Interface

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on April 14th, 2011

Samsung has announced a new line of hard disk drives, including two portable drives and a desktop storage station. These drives support the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface and will deliver transfer speeds of up to 5 gigabits per second, which is 10 times higher than USB 2.0. So you will be able to transfer a 25-gigabyte full HD movie in just four minutes flat. Not bad eh?

The M2 Portable is an entry-level model, while the C2 Portable 3.0 is the premium version. The M2 comes with a matte finish that covers scratches and fingerprints and has curved sides that allow for a good grip. The C2 will have a high-gloss cover with a crystallized pattern. The drives are available in densities of up to 1 terabyte and will come in four colors: Brown Black, Noble Beige, Mist Gray and Clay Orange.

Samsung Galaxy S II available May 1st in the UK

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on April 11th, 2011

Samsung has some good news for you Brits. The Samsung Galaxy S II will be available on May 1st in the United Kingdom. This smartphone features a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, so this is likely the Exynos 4210 version of this handset.

Our friends across the pond can’t wait and now there is at least a firm date. We aren’t sure when the rest of Europe will get it, but when we know we will pass it along.

Samsung EZON digital door locks for the U.S. market

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on April 6th, 2011

Door knobs are so last century. Seoul Commtech, a subsidiary of Samsung Group, wants to upgrade the door knob with some high-tech locks. That’s why they will be showcasing digital door locks at the ISC (International Security Conference) in Las Vegas that are specifically made for the U.S. market.

The locks consist of the SHS-7020, SHS-7120, SHS-7100, SHS-3420 & SHS-2320 and they use mechanical and digital security. The locks are certified by the UL and can be easily integrated in place of mechanical locks without any additional installation. Hopefully we can get Star Trek doors next and forget locks all together.

Samsung is not installing keylogger software on laptops

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on March 31st, 2011

Yesterday we reported that someone had found some keylogger software on some new Samsung laptops. We knew it didn’t make sense for a popular brand to take that kind of risk and as it turns out, it was all a misunderstanding.

The confusion apparently comes from the fact that the VIPRE security software mistakenly identified Microsoft’s Slovene language folder (“SL”) as Starlogger. Samsung managed to recreate it from an empty c:\windows\SL folder, Bottom line is that Samsung laptops are safe.

Samsung shipping laptops with keylogger installed?

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on March 30th, 2011

Samsung is a pretty popular laptop brand right now, but their reputation may be about to suffer due to claims that it is shipping brand new laptops with an active keylogger installed. According to a post on Networkworld by Mohamed Hassan, the StarLogger keylogger was found preinstalled and active on not just one, but two brand new Samsung laptops.

Would any company be stupid enough to do this and risk a serious PR backlash? According to Hassan, the first was found when he installed security software on his new laptop. That laptop was later returned because of a video driver issue, but the replacement Samsung that he purchased also had the same keylogger on it. One thing that seems suspect is this. Why wouldn’t he have returned the first right away after he found the keylogger? He wasn’t mad enough?

Samsung launches premium SD card range in South Korea

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on March 29th, 2011

Samsung has launched their new premium SD card and microSD card range in South Korea. Samsung’s memory cards are known for being rugged and reliable so you can count on them. They will be available in two categories, Essential and Plus. Class 4 for Essential and Class 6 for Plus. And they come with a limited warranty.

The cards range in capacities from 4GB to 16GB with a read speed of up to 17MB/s and a write speed of up to 13MB/s. The cards are water-proof, magnet proof and dust proof and will survive temperatures from 85C to -40C.

Samsung SE-406A Slim External 3D Blu-ray Combo

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on March 25th, 2011

Samsung has introduced a new external Blu-ray combo drive. It looks nice and sleek and even features an anti-fingerprint surface so you can avoid smudge marks. The SE-406A external Blu-ray drive also comes with software that will turn 2D DVD movies into 3D.

The device provides several speeds across different data media types: 6X BD-R, 4X BD-R Dual Layer, 24X CD-ROM, 24X CD-RW, 8X DVD±R recording, 8X DVD-RAM recording, 6X DVD+R Dual Layer recording, 6X DVD-R Dual Layer recording, 8X DVD+RW recording and 6X DVD-RW recording. You can expect it to arrive in April 2011 for $150.