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Verizon rolls out femtocell cellular signal extender

Posted in Mobile Accessories by Nino Marchetti on January 26th, 2009

Verizon Wireless Network Extender

Verizon Wireless today introduced a femtocell base station designed by Samsung which is for routing Verizon Wireless calls through a customer’s home broadband Internet connection. It is called the Verizon Wireless Network Extender and it retails for around $250.

The Verizon Wireless Network Extender is about the size of a wireless router box or small attache case, said Verizon. It uses femtocell technology to enhance wireless coverage inside homes where location, geography or structural conditions interfere with reception. It provides this enhanced coverage in an area up to 5,000 square feet.

Walmart offers deals on HDTVs for Super Bowl

Posted in Home Theater by Shane McGlaun on January 26th, 2009

Samsung 32-inch HDTVLast weekend may have been rough on football fans that have spent the last few months feasting on the glut of weekend football games. The last big game for the season will be played next weekend and it’s the big game — the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is a big deal to many sports fans and means that each year many football fans go all out on parties to watch the big game. Usually these parties center on lots of food and a big screen TV to watch the action.

Samsung debuts three slim MagicStation PCs

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on January 14th, 2009

Samsung debuts three slim MagicStation PCsIf you happen to be looking for a slim desktop PC and also live in Korea, you might want to check out Samsung’s latest. A trio of MagicStation desktops with some decent specs in a stylish shell.

The thinnest of them all is the DM-X100 which, along with the others, is fully configurable, and apparently comes loaded with a 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo processor, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M graphics, 3GB of RAM, and a 320GB hard drive in its standard configuration. We don’t have any word on when they might be released here, but those in Korea can pick all three up now.

Samsung Armani Night Effect now available in the UK

Posted in Mobile Phones by Conner Flynn on January 11th, 2009

Samsung Armani Night Effect now available in the UKIt was previously announced that Samsung’s Armani Night Effect would be available for 300€ on November 2008 in Europe. As for other regions, we have no idea. There’s some good news for people in the UK however. The Samsung Armani Night Effect is available now in the UK, from January 9th 2009.

The phone comes with 2.2-inch AMOLED display screen, 3.2-megapixel camera, 120 MB internal memory, microSD card slot and supports HSDPA/GSM network. It’s by no means the top of the range in handsets, but it’s focus is on the beauty of simple design and ease of use.

Samsung shows off uber thin display

Posted in Displays by Nino Marchetti on January 9th, 2009

Samsung P2370L

One of the last new product cards Samsung had to deal at CES this year happens to be a rather nice looking new LED monitor. It is called the P2370L and it prices around $400.

The Samsung P2370L is of a super thin design, sporting a wrapper of just 0.65-inches. It makes use of a LED BLU, producing what Samsung says are more vibrant color and higher contrast ratios than other monitors. The contrast ratio is some 2,000,000:1.

Samsung’s BDP4600 is thinnest Blu-ray player in the world

Posted in Blu-ray by Conner Flynn on January 6th, 2009

Samsung’s BDP4600 is thinnest Blu-ray player in the worldIf there’s one certainty in life, it’s that gadgets get smaller and smaller while storage size goes up. Thin is in. And it’s not just TVs and display screens that are shedding pounds, but even the portables. Now there’s Samsung’s slimmest Blu-ray player. The player is only 1.5-inches thick.

With the BDP4600, other manufacturers are sure to follow and scale down their Blu-ray players as well. Because let’s face it, most look like crap. No other specs at the moment, but we’ll let you know if anything is sacrificed to gain that trim exterior. It sure looks pretty.

Samsung, Yahoo Get Cozy with Internet Televisions

Posted in Television by Nino Marchetti on January 5th, 2009


Samsung is turning to an online video partner in the same way LG and Netflix relate in order to begin bringing Internet to select flat panel HDTVs. Yahoo is the choice for Samsung in this venture and televisions from this relationship will be available sometime this year.

The new “Interent@TV – Content Service” from Samsung makes use of Yahoo’s Widget Engine to bring a variety of Internet-related content to the home media room screen. A host of Widgets wil be available, including Flickr, Yahoo News, Yahoo Weather and Yahoo! Finance, USA TODAY, YouTube, eBay and Showtime Networks, among others. Other services will be added over time.

Samsung i8510 camera phone gets support for AT&T 3G

Posted in Samsung by Shane McGlaun on December 29th, 2008

Samsung i8510For a long time one of the things that had people upgrading to new handsets was an integrated camera. Camera phones today are so common that the sole addition of a camera isn’t a draw to one handset over another.

However, the vast majority of camera phones on the market share something in common – horrible performance for taking images. Even the iPhone has a bad camera that often takes grainy and dark images. For mobile phone users looking for a handset with great picture quality the coming Samsung i8510 may be just what they need.

Samsung goes for world record for skydive texting

Posted in Samsung by Shane McGlaun on December 22nd, 2008

Samsung Sky DiverThere are many strange world records in the Guinness’ Book of World Records. All sorts of things from the longest fingernails to the fastest text message are recorded in the book. Samsung has held an attempt to set a world text message record using its handsets.

The record attempt has a wrinkle from existing text messaging records though; the attempt was for the fastest text message while skydiving. Samsung provided a team of ten professional skydivers with some of its specialized messaging handsets and tossed them out of a plane at 12,000 feet.

T-Mobile branded Samsung “Memoir” cameraphone surfaces

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on December 8th, 2008

T-Mobile branded Samsung “Memoir” cameraphone surfacesThe latest blurry photos to surface are these two hazy pics that supposedly show-off a T-Mobile Samsung destined for the US. The alleged big brother to the Samsung Behold reportedly features an 8 megapixel camera. Tmo News is also reporting that it’s going to run on Touchwiz, the same UI as the Behold, and that it’s being called the Memoir.

It’s not a smartphone as the Touchwiz interface doesn’t have the flash and whiz-bang of Android or OSX, so don’t expect wifi. But that’s just what people are guessing. 3G is expected, along with a full html browser. Nobody knows for sure.

Samsung Ego GT-S9402 Luxury handset

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on December 4th, 2008

Samsung Ego GT-S9402 Luxury handsetSamsung has a brand new luxury cellphone in the Samsung Ego GT-S9402. The body of this handset is made of a “liquidmetal” composite alloy developed by Caltech, which is said to be three times stronger and can withstand 1.8 times the pressure, 1.6 time more flexible then, with three times better vibration absorption, and 100% lower termal conductivity then titanium. That’s quite a claim.

The Ego GT-S9402 is a DuoS phone that works with 2 SIM cards. Some other features include 2 inch 262K color QVGA AMOLED display, 5MP camera (with autofocus, image stabilization, smile detection, WDR and LED flash), an FM Radio with RDS, 1 GB of built-in memory, microSDHC memory card slot (up to 8 GB), Bluetooth 2.0 and USB, and 960 mAh battery.

Samsung Tobi tweens phone

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on November 20th, 2008

Samsung Tobi tweens phoneMost kids these days own a mobile phone and Samsung wants a piece of that action. The Toby or S3030 is targeting pre-teens and young adults. Tobi features unique GUI themes with animated characters, such as Monster theme, Snowman theme and Ocean World theme. The backside cover is changeable with a see-through protective sleeve, so a photo can be placed there. The phone will be available in six colors, Sweet Pink, Loyal Blue, Apple Green, Bright Orange, Oasis Blue and Snow Silver.

The safety features in the phone include SOS Call, SOS Message and Fake Call, allowing access to family members and friends in emergencies. Samsung’s Tobi is made from recyclable and biodegradable bio-plastic and has non-toxic paints and non-allergic materials. Even the earphone is made eco-friendly without any polyvinyl chloride. It will be available in Italy and UK this month and then other European countries, CIS, and China later this year.

Samsung now making the 256GB SSD, not pricing

Posted in SSD by Darrin Olson on November 20th, 2008

Samsung 256GB SSD storage driveWe had heard talk about Samsung’s 256GB solid state drive back in May and it appears that today the talk has finally come true. Samsung has announced they are now officially manufacturing the large Flash-based drive, and we can tell you it’s fast. What we can’t tell you yet is how much it costs.

The speed of the 256GB drive is double that of Samsung’s 64GB and 128GB drives in what Samsung is calling “…disruptive performance”, with sequential read rates of 220MB/s and write rates of 200 MB/s. Applications can launch as much as 10 times faster than a 7200rpm notebook HDD with speeds that would be similar to a 15,000rpm drive.

LG Swift & Samsung Hue II released by Alltel

Posted in Alltel by Conner Flynn on November 13th, 2008

LG Swift & Samsung Hue II released by AlltelThe LG Swift is another handset from Alltel Wireless. It earned it’s name due to the Fastap Press-to-Experience keys that make for faster composition of text messages. It combines six one-touch, easy-access keys with a standard alphanumeric keypad, giving you quick access to services and apps. Other specs include: External music controls, Alltel Navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, 1.3 megapixel camera, Up to 3 hours talk time. Alltell is offering the LG Swift for $49.99 with a 2-year contract.

The Samsung Hue II (SCH-r600) isn’t on Alltel’s website yet, but it looks like it also is on sale today too. The Hue II comes with changeable faceplates in a variety of colors. Some specs: A 2.2 inch internal display, Music player with external controls, GPS, Bluetooth, Email, 2MP camera with video recording, 54MB of internal memory, MicroSD card slot.

Samsung releases new 8MP camera phone, PIXON M8800

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on November 2nd, 2008

Samsung releases new 8MP camera phone, PIXON M8800Samsung has released a new Samsung PIXON M8800 8MP camera phone, known as the Samsung Bresson. The handset will be available on November 10th, 2008 for about 550 euros. The camera phone features a built-in GPS receiver, built-in accelerometer, DivX playback, and supports quad-band GSM and tri-band HSDPA. Some other features include a 3.2-inch touchscreen display (240 x 400 pixels), 8MP camera with auto focus, face recognition, smile detection and blink detection.