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Hulu Plus announced, with iPad, iPhone, Samsung, and others on board

Posted in Hulu by Conner Flynn on June 29th, 2010

We’ve heard the rumors about the new Hulu service and now we’ve heard that Hulu Plus, the $10 a month service, will feature entire seasons of shows that are available in limited quantities on the free service, along with other programming not available via Hulu-lite.

There will also be iPod and iPad apps available for streaming with WiFi or 3G and support for Samsung connected TVs and Blu-ray. Support for TVs and Blu-ray players from both Vizio and Sony are also in the works, with PS3 and Xbox 360.

Samsung announces Xcover handset with 67-day standby time

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on June 29th, 2010

If you want a cellphone that’s more tough than smart, how about Samsung’s new Xcover E2370 handset? It’s basically only good for calls or the occasional text message, but it is fully rugged and IP54-certified for dust and splash resistance.

It also features an impressive 67-day standby time and 22-hour talk time. Not sure when or if it will be released over here, but the phone should hit Europe next month for just under $100.

Samsung Eco-friendly 50-series Monitors

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on June 24th, 2010

Samsung has announced four upcoming 50-series monitors. These LED-backlit monitors include the 20-inch BX2050, 21.5-inch BX2250, 23-inch BX2350 and 24-inch BX2450. All are just under three quarters of an inch thick and deliver about 95 percent coverage of the sRGB color gamut.

The 20-inch model sports a 1600 x 900 pixel resolution, 5ms response time, VGA and DVI-D inputs, while the 21.5-inch, 23-inch and 24-inch models have 1080p resolutions, a 2ms response time, VGA connector, two HDMI inputs and an audio output.

Samsung launches the handset formerly known as the smiley

Posted in Samsung by Shane McGlaun on June 24th, 2010

I have a thing about names. I won’t call a grown man by a nickname. I think if you were meant to be called BL@m0, that’s what your mom would have named you. I blame Prince for the debacle with the new Samsung messaging phone that has no name, only a symbol.

That symbol is the smiley emoticon. You know the one. The phones official name is the Samsung :). Yes, I am serious that’s what some dumbass at Samsung actually called the phone. If you buy this low-end device, what are you supposed to say when someone asks the inevitable, hey what phone is that question?

T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant shows up

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on June 22nd, 2010

We all knew that the Samsung Galaxy S T959 would be headed for T-Mobile, but we’ve been waiting for an official unveiling of the device, which hasn’t come yet. But now some pictures of the device with T-Mobile branding have surfaced.

Apparently it will be called the Samsung Vibrant and it looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S i9000. Some features include a 4-inch WVGA Super AMOLED display, 1GHz processor, Android 2.1, 5-megapixel camera and HD video recording.

Samsung Acclaim hits US Cellular stores July 9

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on June 21st, 2010

US Cellular has updated fans with an official release date for the Samsung Acclaim. This Android slider will arrive on July 9. Sadly we don’t have any other details since US Cellular hasn’t given us any actual specs or even which Android version it runs.

The info we do have suggests that it has a 3.2-inch HVGA screen and a stock Eclair installation. We’ll just have to wait until Samsung sees fit to give us some official details.

Apple ships 1.2 million iPads monthly, needs Samsung’s help

Posted in iPad by Conner Flynn on June 20th, 2010

The iPad is a blazing success. You would think that Apple would have expected massive sales and would have been more ready for it. iPad shipments are at 1.2 million each month, which is a half a million more than at launch.

Projections have sales reaching 2.5 million shipments monthly before the year is over. So Apple has had to call on Samsung to produce additional displays for the device, which means Samsung will join LG in supplying displays for the iPad.

Samsung Captivate

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on June 17th, 2010

Looks like ATT is finally getting serious about Android, with the Samsung Captivate, which will arrive in the next few months. The specs are impressive with a 4-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen, a 1GHz Hummingbird that processes graphics3x faster than Snapdragon, a 5MP camera that can record 720p video, and up to 32GB of combined onboard and external storage.

It will ship with Google Search which is nice. We aren’t sure if Captivate owners will be able to download third-party apps, since AT&T so far hasn’t allowed this on their Android devices.

Samsung’s latest SSD has 512GB of storage and new toggle-mode NAND

Posted in Samsung by Shane McGlaun on June 17th, 2010

Samsung has introduced a new SSD that packs in lots of storage and is aimed at the premium notebook market. You can count on machines using the new SSD, set for mass production next month, being very expensive.

The SSD has 512GB of storage and promises read speed of up to 250MB/s and write speed of up to 220MB/s. The SSD uses the new Toshiba toggle-mode NAND and a special controller for the RAM.

Samsung Wave 2 and Wave 2 Pro get official

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on June 15th, 2010

We can add another to the growing number of Samsung’s phones powered by the Bada mobile OS. The company has just announced the Wave 2 S5250 and Wave 2 Pro S5330 mobile phones. Both have similar specs, but the Wave 2 Pro features a physical QWERTY sliding keyboard.

Both phones should be available in Russia and South East Asia in August. Not Sure when they hit elsewhere. Some specs include Quad-band GPRS/EDGE, Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, 3.2-inch TFT LCD, 3-megapixel camera with video recorder, A-GPS, 80MB built in memory, Up to 16GB of microSD card expansion and the TouchWiz 3.0 user interface.

Samsung B7722 dual-SIM phone with 5MP camera

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on June 13th, 2010

The Samsung B7722 comes packing some cool features along with dual-SIM capability. Some of those cool features include dual standby, a 3.2 inch display screen with touch-sensitivity, Wi-fi, Bluetooth 2.1, FM radio, a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, microSD expansion up to 16GB, 200 MB internal memory and the TouchWiz UI.

The Samsung B7722 is a good one for social networking as well. It also has 3G. This one will cost you $510 and is not bad looking if you need a dual sim phone.

Samsung adds Facebook and Google Maps to TVs

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on June 10th, 2010

If there’s one thing (well two things) I can’t get enough of on my huge HDTV, it’s Facebook and Google Maps. I just need more of both in my livingroom. Can’t get enough when I’m watching my favorite shows.

Thankfully, Samsung has announced that they are now offering Facebook and Google Maps on their connected TVs that run Samsung Apps. Thanks Samsung, but I don’t need this. There are far better things you could be offering. Watching TV is one of the things people do when they want to relax and escape from Facebook.

Samsung’s SP-H03 pocket-sized Pico projector

Posted in Projectors by Conner Flynn on June 9th, 2010

Samsung’s SP-H03 pico projector is tiny. About the size of a hockey puck. But that doesn’t stop it from outputting 854×480 resolution with 1GB of internal memory in the palm of your hand.

The SP-H03 weighs only half a pound. Aside from the WVGA resolution, it boasts 30 lumen brightness, microSD memory expansion up to 16GB, and 1W stereo for your media presentations. It’ll be available this month for $300. Not bad at all for those specs in a projector this small.

Samsung Restore hits stores

Posted in Mobile Phones by Conner Flynn on June 6th, 2010

Sprint is introducing the Samsung Restore today. You might remember that the Samsung Restore is an eco-friendly handset that will cost you $50 on contract. It’s made almost completely out of recycled materials with minimal levels of hazardous materials.

When the time comes and you’re done with it, you can even recycle up to 84% of its guts if you like. It’s a basic handset that makes and receives calls and let’s you text message without any fancy features.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet

Posted in Tablet PC by Conner Flynn on June 3rd, 2010

Looks like Samsung is getting into the tablet action as well. The company’s official South African Twitter account has revealed a picture of a Samsung tablet, called the Samsung Galaxy Tab, sitting next to the Samsung Galaxy S. We don’t have any details to go with the pic, but it’s running Android 2.1 with the latest TouchWiz interface, offering a 7-inch display, 3.5mm headphone jack and a front-facing camera.

There seems to be a “Phone” icon sitting at the left bottom corner of the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s display, which is interesting. Rumors say that Samsung is working on three Android tablets that are to be launched this year, the first being this 7-inch model, followed by an 8-inch device in October, and a 10-inch device in December.