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Sony losing money on every PS3 sold

Posted in PS3 by Conner Flynn on February 7th, 2010

You might think that Sony is raking in the cash by selling PS3s, after all Playstation 3 sales have recently been on the rise, but the Wall Street Journal has determined that Sony is still losing money on each and every PS3 unit sold.

According to the WSJ, in an analysis of Sony’s 3rd quarter financial performance, the company loses 6 cents on “every dollar of PS3 hardware sales.” So if the current PlayStation 3 sells for $299, it’s likely that Sony loses about $18 per unit.

God of War Kratos PC casemod

Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on February 3rd, 2010

If this case mod’s looks could kill, then all of the gods would be slain with one quick glance. This Kratos God of War case mod means business. It’s easily one of the coolest and most unique that we’ve seen.

We have no idea what’s inside. Anyway with an exterior like that it hardly matters. Kratos just looks like he will start swinging blades immediately and slaying anyone nearby. The innards can be accessed by a hatch on his back. Very awesome.

Officially licensed external PS3 HDDs hitting Japan

Posted in PS3 by Conner Flynn on February 3rd, 2010

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has officially endorsed two new 500 gigabyte external USB hard drives for the PS3, in Japan. The Buffalo HD-AV500U2 and the HD-CL500U2 are the first add-on storage solutions to be officially recognized by Sony and are being released overseas in March. The launch coincides with the launch of the PS3′s “torne” DVR hardware / software combo.

Neither drive has any special features that make them usable only with PS3; in fact, the HD-CL500U2 is basically one of Buffalo’s already available external HDDs, with a model number change. The HD-AV500U2 will fit into your existing entertainment center setup and has a handy blue LED display that shows remaining disk space.

Sony delays PS3 Motion Controller

Posted in PS3 by Conner Flynn on January 20th, 2010

Sony has announced that its motion control peripheral for the PS3 will not be shipping in Spring 2010 as originally planned. Instead it will arrive in the fall, when they will have “an exciting and varied line-up of software titles that will deliver the new entertainment experience to PS3 users,”.

No big deal. We’d rather have a delay of the device with more quality games to play when it does arrive. It is a bit scary that this controller somewhat resembles a vibrator though.

XCM PS3 Light Gun

Posted in PS3 by Conner Flynn on January 17th, 2010

Forget the fact that this light gun is white enough to pass for a Wii peripheral. It’s a prototype from XCM, for the PS3. Forget that it looks like a mod from a 4th grader thanks to the strange design, where it has half a Playstation controller with a gun on top. It looks like a mini crossbow for the latest Zelda game.

Even if this controller gives you a bit more control during gameplay, could you wield such a device without being laughed at by those in the room with you? Check out the video, then let us know what you think?

Is a Firmware Update killing PS3 Blu-Ray drives?

Posted in PS3 by Conner Flynn on January 17th, 2010

Say it ain’t so. Could a firmware update lead to the untimely death of your PS3′s Blu-Ray drive? Maybe. The actual cause is still unconfirmed, but many users over at the Playstation forums are reporting problems with Modern Warfare 2 after updating their consoles to the 3.10 firmware.

They’re experiencing freezing while playing the game, and then after checking, experiencing more freezing in other games too. Speculation is that the firmware has somehow affected the Blu-ray drives. There isn’t any official answer yet, but you may want to pay close atention to how your Playstation 3 is acting when you update and just after.

Record-breaking Wii, PS3 sales in December

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on January 16th, 2010

Here’s some good news for Nintendo and Sony. After the video game console market shrunk by a fifth in October, NPD now has a new report that shows that December was the video game industry’s “biggest sales month ever.”

Console sales jumped 4% compared to last December, with the Nintendo Wii in the lead(It is the cheapest console out there, so not really a surprise) with 3.81 million units moved (up from 2.15 million were moved the previous year).

Torne PS3 DTV DVR adapter

Posted in PS3 by Conner Flynn on January 14th, 2010

If only the PS3 could record and process high-definition video. Well Sony is finally taking care of it, announcing Torne, a DTV adapter for Japan that will allow you to record television and even video playback while surfing the web.

The Torne ships in March, priced at ¥9980 (or $110) on its own. Or you can get it in a bundle for ¥42,800 (or $465). As for the US getting it? Don’t hold your breath.


Wii And PS3 Sniper Gun Controllers

Posted in Wii Accessories by Conner Flynn on January 11th, 2010

If the standard guns are not hardcore enough for your Nintendo Wii or Sony PS3 gaming experience, try one of these sniper guns from CTA Digital. Recently shown off at CES, these weapons will give you a more realistic feel while in your game.

The PS3 model looks like an AK-47, while the Wii model just looks like what it is, crap plastic. The Wii version uses a Wiimote and Wii Motion Plus attachment, while the PS3 version uses its own built-in joystick, D-pad, and works on it’s own.

Sony PS3 Michael Jackson This is it Bundle

Posted in PS3 by Conner Flynn on January 6th, 2010

We have just one question. Why? Why do we need a Michael Jackson PS3 bundle? MJ and gaming don’t exactly go hand in hand. Is it greed on Sony’s part? Of course. But then MJ’s family would like to sell a few as well, I’m sure.

Wait. Make that two questions. Who is going to buy this? Any of you? I guess the Japanese will buy some, but they’ll buy anything. The “This is it” PS3 bundle which will come with the Michael Jackson documentary of the same name for ¥33,500 (or $366). You’ll also get a 120GB Hard Disk Drive “Charcoal Black” PS3, a wireless DUALSHOCK 3, a power cord, one AV cable and one USB cable.

Handheld wireless visual interface for PS3

Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on December 30th, 2009

Here’s an awesome DIY peripheral for the PS3 that you don’t see everyday. A handheld wireless visual interface made especially for Sony’s console. It works by sending controller commands from a 1.2GHz wireless transmitter to the PS3, while retrieving video signals from the console to the device at the same time.

It features a 5″ LCD display, a LED capacity meter, AV input, a headphone jack, USB connectivity and even a button for every DualShock command. I want one.

All PS3 units will be firmware upgradeable to 3D

Posted in PS3 by Conner Flynn on November 22nd, 2009

All PS3 units will be firmware upgradeable to 3DLooks like it won’t be long before you are gaming on the PS3 with 3D technology. According to Sony, your current PS3 can support 3D with a firmware update. Sony wants into the 3D market and they are not just dipping a toe in either.

They will be offering 3D tools to developers making games on its platform. Not sure if we’ve heard anything about what Nintendo and Microsoft plan to do about 3D technology, but now that Sony has weighed in, they will likely speak up soon. The Xbox 360 could probably take the firmware route as well.

PS3 update adding Facebook inbound

Posted in Sony by Shane McGlaun on November 12th, 2009

ps3facebook-sgSome screen shots of a new update for the PS3 that shows Facebook running on the console have tipped up in Europe. Facebook has been available on the Xbox 360 for a while but hasn’t been offered on other consoles.

I guess Sony is finally tired of Xbox offering things that the PS3 doesn’t. Now that the PS3 has Netflix and will be getting Facebook; the Xbox has two reasons less to buy it rather than the PS3. There is no word on when exactly the update will hit.

Netflix PS3 streaming now live

Posted in Netflix by Shane McGlaun on November 10th, 2009

netflix-ps3-disc-reservationWe talked earlier this month about the announcement that the PS3 would be getting Netflix streaming service. Today marks the official live date for the PS3 Netflix deal. If you were wondering how Netflix got around that deal with Microsoft, Blu-ray is the answer.

The Blu-ray disc that has to be in the PS3 at all times uses BD-Live to access the Netflix streaming catalog. As long as the disc is in the PS3, you can stream until your heart’s content. The service is free to all Netflix members, but you have to request one of the discs.

Netflix shipping PS3 instant streaming discs

Posted in PS3 by Conner Flynn on November 5th, 2009

Netflix shipping PS3 instant streaming discsPS3 users have been waiting for this one for awhile while their Xbox 360 buddies have been streaming Netflix since July of last year and bragging about it. But now is your time Sony fans. PS3 instant streaming discs are now being sent out to Netflix users who have requested them.

It’s either this or wait for an XMB software update late next year that will let you stream Netflix to the PS3 disc-free, which is how it should be.