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Sony’s Playstation 2 Ending Production

Posted in PS2,Sony by Darrin Olson on December 29th, 2012

Sony Playstation 2 Console with ControllerSony’s Playstation 2 game console has practically been a staple with gaming retailers for years, and is likely found in homes of most gamers throughout the country. After nearly 13 years of production, despite newer Playstation generations, it looks like Sony is calling an end to the production of the PS2 game console, according to Famitsu.

Even though the PS3 launched in in late 2006, Sony continued to keep the PS2 alive with a major design update and a few game launches here and there, not to mention the large library of existing titles. This announcement is announcing the end of production for the PS2 console in Japan with a plan to sell of the remaining production stock, and a stop to production in the US and other countries is …

PlayStation 2 launches in Brazil 9 years late, for $462

Posted in PS2 by Conner Flynn on November 21st, 2009

PlayStation 2 launches in Brazil 9 years late, for $462 Let us be the first to welcome Brazil into the year 2000. The world’s gamers have been enjoying Sony’s PlayStation 2 since that year, but it is just now arriving in Brazil. Sure it’s been available to Brazilians by unofficial means, but not in any legit way.

If you live in Brazil, you can now enjoy last-generation’s game console champion for just 799 BRL, which translates to roughly $461 in US coin. We don’t see this flying off of Brazilian shelves. Do you?

Audiovox puts PlayStation 2 in the back seat

Posted in PS2 by Conner Flynn on September 23rd, 2009

Audiovox puts PlayStation 2 into the back seatAre we there yet? No. Are we there yet? Soon. Are we there yet? Shut up and play your PS2 already. The VOD10PS2 is said to be the first fully integrated gaming system for the car. The overhead system not only features a 10.2-inch display, but it also boasts a PlayStation 2 console.

Here’s the thing. It costs $949.99, which is way expensive just to keep your rug rats busy. But for that price you get the box itself, a screen, a PS2, two wireless controllers, built-in dome light, a pair of fold-flat IR wireless headphones and a copy of Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando and Hot Shots Golf 3.

Sony PlayStation 2 $99.99 starting tomorrow

Posted in PS2 by Conner Flynn on March 31st, 2009

Sony updates the PS2 in Japan removing power brickIt’s official. Starting tomorrow you can get the aged Playstation 2 for just $99.99. Just like we told you yesterday. So stop denying yourself and go play some of those old games you’ve been missing out on.

Good news. Unless it’s Sony’s idea of an April Fools prank. Probably their way of bolstering the numbers this fiscal year. Who cares, we all win.

Sony PlayStation 2 rumored to hit $99.99

Posted in PS2 by Conner Flynn on March 30th, 2009

Sony PlayStation 2 rumored to hit $99.99There’s not much to go on here. Just some guy’s word, but there’s talk that the permanent retail price of the PlayStation 2 console will soon fall below $100. It would certainly be long overdue. The console currently retails for $129.99.

It was in April of 2006 when Sony adjusted the price of the PS2 last time. Will April of 2009 be the month they get it below $99.99? The images above are from a Kmart pricing system. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but a price shift at this point would make sense.

Two brothers choke and stab one another over Playstation 2

Posted in PS2 by Conner Flynn on December 23rd, 2008

Two brothers choke and stab one another over Playstation 2Two brothers living in Waukesha reportedly choked, cut and stabbed each other when they fought over a Playstation 2 video game controller. Waukesha Police are recommending that charges be brought against both brothers who acted out of violent anger. When family members are freakin’ stabbed by other family members over video games, it reminds us all that despite our various awesome human achievements, there are still some turds floating around in the human gene pool just waiting to be flushed. This is exactly the kind of thing that gets government all up in our gaming bidness, when parenting could have avoided it all, by raising level-headed humans instead of ignorant savages who choke and stab, because they couldn’t get back into their fantasy world fast enough.

The incident took place on Sunday at a home on Whiterock Avenue where the two brothers got into an argument over whose turn it was to play the video game. The fighting went from yelling to one of the brothers choking the other. Apparently, the brother who was being choked pulled out a knife and cut the hands of the choker, after which the kid doing the choking took the knife and stabbed his brother and then fled the scene. The brother who ran then walked to the hospital and suffered from severely frostbitten fingers.

1,400+ Playstation 2 consoles stolen in Florida

Posted in PS2 by Conner Flynn on October 20th, 2008

1,400+ Playstation 2 consoles stolen in FloridaIt took place in Melbourne, Florida. A truck carrying over 1400 PlayStation 2 systems was been stolen today. After a long trip over the weekend, the driver slept overnight on Sunday and didn’t realize the truck was gone until he woke up on Monday morning.

Apparently, the thieves were smart enough to disable the truck’s GPS before leaving with the goods. The police and the trucking company apparently had no idea where it went. There’s nothing worse then a truck full of stolen game consoles. Why do they never think of the children? The poor 30+ year old children…Now what will they play?

Japan gets red Playstation 2 console

Posted in PS2 by Conner Flynn on June 3rd, 2008

Japan gets red Playstation 2 console
Once again Japan gets all the cool things. Like this latest, the Cinnabar Red PlayStation 2. It should be available on July 3rd, for the equivalent of $155 US. Perfect if you love rocking red, or if you have some sort of Hell theme happening. In fact, it would probably be at home in Hellboy’s house. Hell. Damnation. The damned. Red is the color of anger you know. I think it’s affecting me in a strange way.

Gamers Cockpit GT3 gives us gamers woody

Posted in Controllers by Nino Marchetti on March 7th, 2008

gt3.jpgForget about those cheap steering wheel video game accessories if you have some serious cash to spend – the folks over at The Gamers Cockpit have your virtual racing desires covered if you have the money put down. Meet the GT3, priced at around $3,250.

The Gamers Cockpit GT3 will work with select racing games on your PlayStation 2 or Xbox 360. It consists of an all steel chassis, advanced racing seat, steering wheel, pedals, a Logitech surround sound system, your choice of video game console, your choice of video racing game and a 19-inch Samsung LCD television.