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Panasonic’s 3D full HD TVs get prices and dates

Posted in 3D by Conner Flynn on February 9th, 2010

Panasonic Japan, just like everyone else, is going 3D crazy. Today they presented 6 3D products to be rolled out soon. And the company has priced and dated these new TVs, Blu-ray recorders and players for the Japanese market.

The VIERA TH-P54VT and TH-P50VT2 feature 54 inches and 50 inches of screen size. Both plasma TVs are full HD with 3D. Sadly you need to wear Active shutter glasses for that 3D experience. Some other specs include a contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1, VIERA link, web connectivity, 4 HDMI ports, multiple TV tuners, eco-mode, full range 16×4cm×2 speakers and a 10cm sub-woofer. Be prepared to pay a premium for the 3D experience.

Panasonic launches four Blu-ray DVRs

Posted in Blu-ray by Conner Flynn on January 19th, 2010

Panasonic Japan just launched 4 new Digital video recorders, specifically the DMR-BW880, DMR-BW780, DMR-BW680 and DMR-BR580 which come in 1TB, 750GB and 500GB capacities.

The BW series features dual Digital and one analog tuner as well as a brand new Panasonic AVC engine for superior quality video and audio. Aside from the hard drive the BW series can record on 50GB Blu-Ray discs and SDXC cards.

Skype does 720p, makes the leap to LG and Panasonic HDTVs

Posted in Skype by Conner Flynn on January 5th, 2010

Skype has some interesting news: Looks like they are all about better video quality, with new HD webcams and software support. Even bigger news is that they’re teaming up with LG and Panasonic for Skype-enabled HDTVs. Yes skype will now be starring on HDTVs.

Skype 4.2 beta can achieve video quality of 1280 x 720 resolution at 30fps. There’s also a line of HD webcams with video encoding and processing onboard. There are two versions from each manufacturer: FaceVision has one with and one without a microphone for $100 and $70. In Store has the Freetalk Pro for $120 and the Freetalk Pro Plus for $140.

Panasonic and Sony develop 67GB Blu-ray discs

Posted in Blu-ray by Conner Flynn on January 4th, 2010

Sony and Panasonic have teamed up to develop 67GB Blu-ray discs using i-MLSE (Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation) technology. That’s pretty damn impressive. This means that the next generation of Blu-ray discs will store 33.4GB of data on a single layer disc or 66.8GB on a dual-layer disc.

And as a bonus you won’t need new hardware to use these new Blu-ray discs. There is no info on the release date yet. When we might see them in our hands is anyone’s guess. A year maybe.

Panasonic Lithium storage battery can power your home for a week

Posted in Panasonic by Conner Flynn on December 23rd, 2009

Well, Panasonic has officially taken over Sanyo and they aren’t wasting any time with a joint venture to develop a lithium-ion storage battery that can store enough juice to power an average home for a week. Sounds pretty impressive huh? We are talking Japanese homes here.

The battery will have a system that allows users to monitor their electricity usage through their TVs. The technology won’t be available until sometime in 2011, but we are eager to see how this powers American homes.

Panasonic unveils new battery tech for laptops

Posted in Panasonic by Shane McGlaun on December 21st, 2009

The huge battery recalls from a few years ago showed that a flaw in the battery could have serious consequences for computer makers and consumers. Several batteries short-circuited and caught fire leading to property damage on more than one occasion.

Panasonic has introduced new battery technology that not only offers longer run time for laptops, but promises to be safer too. The new batteries use a standard cell form factor and pack in 3.1Ah per cell compared to the 2.9Ah of current cells.

Panasonic MW-10 now available in the States

Posted in Panasonic by Conner Flynn on November 12th, 2009

Panasonic MW-10 Media playerThe Panasonic MW-10 was announced last month and was available in Japan only, but here’s some good news for those of you who have been lusting after it. The device is now available in the States for $299.95.

To refresh your memory, the MW-10 has an integrated CD player, a FM/AM radio tuner with 45-station (30-FM/15-AM)m D.Bass function, a Universal Dock for your iPod, a 9″ WVGA LCD display so you can use it as a digital photo frame, 4GB of internal memory and an SD memory card slot.

Panasonic D-Dock Slim iPod docking station

Posted in Panasonic by Conner Flynn on November 6th, 2009

Panasonic D-Dock Slim iPod docking stationPanasonic has unveiled their latest iPod docks from their D-Dock series. Dubbed the Panasonic SC-HC4 and HC3, these slim iPod docking stations pack in a digital amplifier delivering 20Watts × 2 channels output, an AM/ FM tuner, CD player and a SD card slot.

The speakers are made from high quality Bamboo fiber to make them lightweight and capable of delivering deep sound. The Panasonic SC-HC4 will be available in silver, pink and black for 40,000 Yen (or $450) and the Panasonic SC-HC3 will be available in silver for 35,000 Yen (or $400).

Panasonic MW-10 Media player

Posted in Panasonic by Conner Flynn on October 5th, 2009

Panasonic MW-10 Media playerThe name makes it sound like it’s small enough for your pocket, but actually this media player from Panasonic Japan features a 9 inch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, along with a CD player, FM radio, an iPod dock and 4GB of internal memory. Not exactly portable.

The device also has a SD card slot and USB port for all of your audio and image files that are elsewhere. From the built in amplifier you can expect an output of 5W × 2ch.

46 million 3DTVs will ship by 2013

Posted in Home Theater by Shane McGlaun on October 5th, 2009

panasonic-3d-plasma-540x404There have been more 3D films hit the theater this summer than I can ever remember seeing before. It wasn’t only animated films in 3D either; there were some live action films. I for one am glad to see 3D going so much more mainstream and I can’t wait to get 3D content in my living room. According to a new report from GigaOM Pro, 3DTV shipments are set to boom over the next few years.

The research firm estimates that between now and 2013 there will be 46 million 3DTVs shipped. Big supporters of the 3DTV format will include Sony and Panasonic who will both look to 3DTV to boost slowing sales.

Panasonic rolls out new DVD and HDD Recorders

Posted in Panasonic by Conner Flynn on September 28th, 2009

Panasonic rolls out new DVD and HDD RecordersMeet the DMR-XP200 and XE100, two new DVD and HDD recorders from Panasonic., Both have similar specs and look the same design-wise.

The Panasonic XE100 has a 320GB HDD and a digital TV tuner, while the Panasonic XP200 features a 500GB HDD, a digital and analog TV tuner, and a BS/110 CD digital tuner. The XP200 can also record 1Seg TV programs and save recorded video on an SD card.

Panasonic CY-BB1000D in-car Blu-ray player arrives

Posted in Panasonic by Conner Flynn on August 23rd, 2009

Panasonic CY-BB1000D in-car Blu-ray player arrivesRemember Panasonic‘s in-dash Blu-Ray players? They’ve officially announced the CY-BB1000D and also the HX-3000D, which is an HD standard DVD player for your car. The Blu-ray player features a 7-inch display with a 1,280 x 720 resolution and an HDMI input as well as Bonus View content compatibility. That one is due to arrive on September 10th in Japan for about $1,060.

The HX-3000D features an SD card slot, 50W audio, DVD drive, 5.1 channel audio support, an 80GB hard drive and a USB cable. That one will be available on the same date in Japan for about $3,874.

Evolta Sets New World Record

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on August 10th, 2009

Panasonic’s EVOLTA robot goes for new endurance recordYou might remember that Evolta, that little robot powered by 2 AA Panasonic Batteries was going for another robotic record. Well, the little guy did it. He broke a world record by traveling for 23.726 km at Le Mans. Still, it must have been hard to watch such a little bot make 5.6 laps in 24h.

This is Evolta’s 2nd title in the Guinness Book of Records. We congratulate him and look forward to his next big win. The heart of a champion beats in his little blue chest and the eye of the tiger looks keenly toward his next challenge.

Panasonic VIERA 65 and 58 inch Plasmas hit Japan in September

Posted in Panasonic by Conner Flynn on August 5th, 2009

Panasonic VIERA 65 and 58 inch Plasmas hit Japan in SeptemberPanasonic Japan has announced two new plasma HDTVs, the 65-inch TH-P65V1 and the 58-inch TH-P58V1. Both feature Panasonic’s latest neoPDP panel technology with a contrast ratio of 40,000:1, along with the usual VIERACast streaming media and internet widgets. Both also feature an SD/SDHC card slot so you can play back video, pictures and music, even AVCHD footage directly from an HD camcorder.

There’s also 1080/24p Full HD support, plus a virtual 5.1 surround sound system. It also sports a cool CCTV feature that integrates with up to four different wireless security cameras.

Panasonic adds Amazon VOD to Blu-ray players

Posted in Panasonic by Conner Flynn on August 4th, 2009

panasonicPanasonic is making a lot of people happy today. This morning it gave all of its Viera Cast Blu-ray players support for Amazon’s Video On Demand service. The feature lets the company’s more advanced disc readers from 2009, stream purchases and rentals directly from the reader without needing storage for a complete copy. You don’t need a matching Panasonic TV and it supports HD with a fast connection.

An update to add Amazon’s service should be available for free today and will go well with existing support for Picasa photos, YouTube videos and the other services already available on the Blu-ray players.