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NVIDIA offers up GeForce 3D Vision

Posted in NVIDIA by Conner Flynn on January 7th, 2009

NVIDIA offers up GeForce 3D VisionNVIDIA’s GeForce 3D Vision package is loaded up with powered 3D glasses (charged via USB) and an IR emitter to keep everything synced between the display and your glasses. The good news is that you’ll have something to use these with since Left 4 Dead, WoW: WotLK and several other games are already compatible. More are expected to follow soon.

CES had a demo and so far we haven’t heard about any headaches or other strange side-effects so it’s all good and completely stereocopic 3D. The price? $399 for the display and $199 for this set when it’s available in the next few days. But I have one question for you. Just how close do you really want to get to those zombies?

Intel says it won’t try to kill NVIDIA’s Ion platform

Posted in Intel by Shane McGlaun on December 26th, 2008

NVIDIA IonIntel and NVIDIA aren’t exactly the best of friends. Just when things were looking up in the relationship thanks to NVIDIA allowing SLI on the Intel X58 chipset, NVIDIA ousts Intel as the GPU of choice in the new MacBooks.

A rumor circulated around the Internet that claimed Intel may be looking to kill NVIDIA’s new Ion platform that combines the Intel Atom CPU with an NVIDIA 9400 GPU. The rumor had Intel only selling the Atom CPU with its 945 chipset.

THQ signs with NVIDIA for PhysX technology

Posted in NVIDIA by Shane McGlaun on December 19th, 2008

NVIDIA LogoNVIDIA is the biggest name in discrete video card sales. It has among its wares some of the best performing video cards available. The graphics giant purchased Ageia and gained from the buy PhysX technology that it has been enabling on its GPUs and peddling to game developers.

Over the last few weeks, some of the biggest game publishers in the world have licensed NVIDIA’s PhysX technology including EA. EA showed footage of its new title Mirror’s Edge with PhysX enabled and it looked like a different game.

NVIDIA Ion platform combines Intel Atom and 9400 GPU

Posted in NVIDIA by Shane McGlaun on December 18th, 2008

NVIDIA IonI am a big fan of netbook computers. I have tested several and found them to be great for reducing my load when traveling to places like CES. The catch is that netbooks offer little graphics power meaning that you get a less than ideal HD video and gaming experience on most netbook computers.

NVIDIA announced a new platform this week called Ion that promises to provide Intel Atom powered netbooks and net tops with the graphics muscle they need for better HD video viewing and even PC gaming.

AMD talks up DirectX 10.1

Posted in AMD by Shane McGlaun on November 26th, 2008

AMD Radeon Video CardThere are still many gamers who have yet to upgrade to Windows Vista. Part of Windows Vista that was most appealing to gamers was DirectX 10 compatibility. DirectX 10 is something you can’t get on Windows XP.

According to AMD when Windows 7 hits market, widely believed to be mid-2009, DirectX 10.1 will be fully supported. According to AMD DirectX 10.1 will be used in the API for the Windows Desktop Manager in Windows 7.

NVIDIA introduces 4GB Quadro FX 5800 graphics card

Posted in NVIDIA by Shane McGlaun on November 10th, 2008

NVIDIA LogoNVIDIA has been having a rough couple of quarters recently posting a loss thanks to defective GPUs in notebooks and then seeing profits decline significantly. That hasn’t stopped the graphics firm from bringing new products to market like the 9400M GPU and today it has announced a new professional graphics card.

The Quadro FX 5800 is the industry’s first graphics card to use 4GB of graphics memory. The card features CUDA massively parallel processing architectures and is aimed at the oil/gas exploration, medical imaging, and styling/design markets.

NVIDIA Quadro CX accelerates Adobe Creative Suite

Posted in NVIDIA by Shane McGlaun on October 17th, 2008

NVIDIA Quadro CXThe GPU has come of age and is no longer something that titillates hoards of gamers with promises of better video game graphics alone. Today the GPU can do many things from being used as a super computing platform to greatly accelerating many applications more efficiently than a CPU can.

One of the biggest new features in Adobe Creative Suite 4 introduced not so long ago was the ability for the software to take advantage of the power of the GPU for faster processing and applying of things like filters. NVIDIA has announced a new GPU-based product called the Quadro CX that is designed specifically to accelerate Creative Suite 4.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro: NVIDIA GPUs, glass trackpad

Posted in MacBook by Conner Flynn on October 14th, 2008

Apple’s new MacBook Pro: NVIDIA GPUs, glass trackpadA refresh of Apple’s MacBook Pro, it certainly has good looks. What’s interesting is the multi-touch glass trackpad, which gets rid of a single mouse button and adds some new tricks, like app switching for instance. It’s also slimmed down quite a bit to just 0.95-inches thick, while being just a tad heavier then it’s predecessor at 5.5 pounds.

Under the hood is the fancy “brick” aluminum that helps Apple keep it thin and strong. It also makes room for all the stuff inside, like NVIDIA’s new 9400M GPU + chipset for integrated graphics, plus a 9600M GT switchable discreet graphics chip. You’ll also get an SSD option, with the drive accessible under the battery. The 15.4-inch base model has a retail price of $1999, with a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and both GPUs. For $2499 and you get a faster CPU, 4GB of RAM and a 320GB HDD. The 17-inch MacBook Pro model has a similar configuration, without the redesign.

NVIDIA Ships OpenGL 3.0 Drivers

Posted in NVIDIA by Shane McGlaun on August 15th, 2008

NVIDIA LogoIf there’s one thing NVIDIA has been known for over the last several years, it’s being late to the game with drivers. However, NVIDIA has been working hard this week to announce several new drivers, which gamers have been waiting for.

Earlier this week, NVIDIA announced the drivers to enable PhysX on its eight series and higher GPUs that gamers have been anticipating since NVIDIA bought PhysX. NVIDIA has now announced that it is first to ship OpenGL 3.0 drivers, just two days after the OpenGL 3.0 standard was announced.

NVIDIA Q2 profits take $200M hit

Posted in NVIDIA by Shane McGlaun on July 3rd, 2008

NVIDIA LogoNVIDIA is by far the largest and most profitable maker of video cards and GPUs on the planet. This week NVIDIA announced its Q2 fiscal business update and its profits weren’t up to expectations from investors or analysts.

NVIDIA stated that its Q2 revenue and gross margins are expected to be lower that it previously stated in its conference call in May. NVIDIA says that it expects total revenue to be in the area of $875 million to $950 million. This reduction is blamed in part on market weakness around the world and delayed next generation MCP products along with price adjustments to be competitive.

ASUS announces its NVIDIA GTX 280 video card

Posted in ASUS by Shane McGlaun on June 16th, 2008

ASUS GTX 280Today marks the launch of the new NVIDIA GTX 280 video cards. These cards are replacing the dual GPU 9800 GX2 as the king of the performance from NVIDIA. The new video card uses only one GPU and is NVIDIA’s first all new video card class in a while.

ASUS has announced details of its GTX 280 called the ENGTX280/HTDP/1G. The card ships with ASUS’ SmartDoctor utility to adjust the shader clock to provide more performance. The GTX 280 has 1GB of GDDR3 memory. Pricing for the card is $649.99.

Motorcycle case mod is a beauty

Posted in Cases by Conner Flynn on April 3rd, 2008

Motorcycle case mod is a beauty
Check out this PC case mod. This liquid-cooled motorcycle computer works best when stationary, which sucks because I’d like to zoom down the street and blog at the same time, despite any pedestrian’s dwindling screams behind me.

It was built by Russian casemodder Dennis Ilyin (a.k.a. “Xooler”), and was the first runner up in an NVIDIA-sponsored case building contest. If anyone in TV land is listening, this guy needs his own show where he builds a different case mod every week. And they must be drivable.