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Social Media Watch

Posted in Watches by Conner Flynn on July 16th, 2009

Social Media WatchHere’s a watch that will remind you when it’s time to get social. As if you need reminding. They already take up a lot of our time. It will tempt you even when you are away from the sites. Then again with so many sites and so little time, this watch might help you manage just using one site per hour.

It features all of the major networks, including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and so on. Each of the 12 digits are replaced with the logos of your favorite networking sites. Best of all it’s only $18.

Motorola Karma QA1 with Facebook and MySpace

Posted in Motorola by Conner Flynn on June 23rd, 2009

Motorola Karma QA1 with Facebook and MySpaceWell, it’s official. The Motorola Karma June 28th from AT&T. Feeling social? Good, because this one is a “social messaging slider” that allows you to chat and tag, friend and poke and post and message to your heart’s content, with one-click access to Facebook and Myspace.

The device is 3G, features a QWERTY keyboard, an aGPs and AT&T Navigator software. The QA1 Karma will be available for $79.99 after mail-in rebate with a two-year service agreement for wireless voice plans of $39.99 a month or higher and a $20 a month data or messaging plan. (Pay $129.99 and after mail-in rebate receive $50 AT&T Promotion Card).

MySpace gets new mobile website

Posted in MySpace by Shane McGlaun on February 17th, 2009

New MySpace MobileI have never been into social networking, I am far too busy sitting in front of my computer all day working and playing video games to care about the outside world. My wife on the other hand has formed some sort of Vulcan mind meld with MySpace and went into full convulsions when our Internet connection was down.

If you are the type that has to be able to check the status of everyone you know at any given moment on MySpace and you have a mobile phone with Internet connectivity, the social network has announced a new mobile website. MySpace says that it has 20 million users accessing its mobile website each month.

SRS introduces Photogram technology for MySpace and Facebook

Posted in MySpace by Shane McGlaun on August 14th, 2008

SRS PhotogramTo the most popular social networking platforms online right now are Facebook and MySpace. A large number of applications are available to allow users of these websites to add more functionality to their personal pages already. Another new widget has been announced today, this time from SRS Labs.

The new SRS Labs widget is called Photogram. It allows users to add sound effects to photos posted online. SRS Labs says the sound effects are easy to create and utilize its familiar SRS audio processing technology.

Google’s OpenSocial off to a running start, Facebook unaware

Posted in Google,News,Services by Darrin Olson on November 3rd, 2007

Google OpenSocial already off to a running start with MySpace but Facebook left with its head spinningOnly on Thursday Google had made the announcement about its new OpenSocial platform and already news in cropping up of developers taking advantage of this open, common platform. In their announcement we knew there were going to be a number of social networking sites that were already onboard with the new API’s, including Salesforce.com, Hi5, LinkedIn, Ning, and of course Google’s Orkut but we weren’t expecting the giants like MySpace or Facebook.

As it turned out MySpace actually is going to take advantage of OpenSocial along with Bebo, another large social networking site. The one clearly left out of this picture was Facebook, in which this launch echoed a mighty blow to with many of the more significant social network sites in the world taking part in a common platform without them. According to Wired, Facebook representatives maintained that they had “still not been briefed on OpenSocial” despite Google stating that they had, and Facebook employees showing up at Google’s developer sandbox event.