Sony announces the NWZ-E350 Walkman

Posted in Walkman by Conner Flynn on August 11th, 2010

Sony being Sony has just announced a new E-Series Walkman, the E350. This model is available in blue, red or black and come in 4GB and 8GB capacities. The battery life is great, touted at up to 50 hours of music playback, and up to ten hours of video.

As usual, they support a wide range of formats. There isn’t much more to these colorful guys, they are pretty basic. They are available next month, priced at $70 for the 4GB model and $80 for the 8GB model.

RCA Pearl MP3 Player

Posted in MP3,RCA by Darrin Olson on July 3rd, 2007

RCA Pearl Series MP3 playerRCA has a new line of MP3 players called the Pearl series that come in 256MB, 1GB or 2GB capacities and feature a different configuration than many of the latest MP3 players.

The Pearl MP3 player has a built-in USB connection which allows it to connect directly to your computer sans any cables, similar to a USB flash drive. All three players have a Micro SD card slot which will allow you to expand the memory to multiple Gigs even if you purchased the smallest capacity player. And like the retro-style direct USB connection, this player is not rechargeable and runs off of 1 AAA battery.

The RCA Pearl also has some more of the standard features found in portable MP3 players like direct voice recording, encoding directly to MP3, plays mp3, WMA, WMDRM-9 and Audible files, has a small LCD display can give up …