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USB Hello Kitty mouse done in Swarovski crystals

Posted in Hello Kitty by Conner Flynn on May 10th, 2009

USB Hello Kitty mouse done in Swarovski crystalsNothing says tacky like an object decked out in Swarovski crystals. It’s double the ewww factor when that object is a mouse made to resemble Hello Kitty. It is so girlly and shiny that it blinds any male who looks in it’s direction.

It’s says that it’s compatible with windows, but you’ll obviously need a gargantuan hand to use this thing. This fugly light catcher can be yours for only 160.00. It’s not an official Hello Kitty product. Just officially yuck.

Thanko’s Lazy Mouse 2

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on May 4th, 2009

Thanko's Lazy Mouse 2Thanko has a new and interesting gadget they’ve just introduced, in the Lazy Mouse 2, aka the GoroNeDeMouse2. It’s small enough to operate your computer like a wireless mouse. Is it lazy? For some people, this might be far easier. Especially if desk space is an issue.

The Lazy Mouse 2 is compatible with both Windows and Mac, but sadly the built-in rechargeable battery has just 4 hours of life. I’m curious. How many of you think this is an amazing idea? And how many think it’s a waste of $50?

WeraMouse PC rodent needs no desk

Posted in Computer Components by Shane McGlaun on May 4th, 2009

weramouse-sbThere are a few times when you want to use a mouse, but you don’t have a desk handy. Typically, this need is most common when you are trying to navigate the web on your HTPC from the couch across the room or when giving a presentation standing up in front of a group.

The WeraMouse V2 is now available for just such occasions. The wireless mouse has a range of 8 meters and has a trackball that sits on top of a ring like device. Under the trackball is a pair of mouse buttons and a scroll wheel.

NES gamepad mouse is amazingly awesome

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on April 30th, 2009

NES gamepad mouse amazingly awesomeLook at it. Just sitting there ominous like the monolith in 2001. Watching mankind since the dawn of man. Waiting. Waiting for a mouse manufacturer to run with this design.

Because right now, this beautiful work of art is just a foam mock-up. The first company to build this will have my money. I don’t care how much. I’ll just hand you my wallet. I don’t even mind that the D-pad is on the side.

Bella HD Mouse for video editors coming soon

Posted in Computers by Shane McGlaun on April 15th, 2009

bellahdmouse-sbProfessional video editors take advantage of lots of tools that make editing video easier to do. The catch for amateur video editors is that most of that specialized gear costs lots of money. Things like jog wheels for rewinding and forwarding film and other items are out of the reach of many would be editors.

Bella Corporation has announced a new wireless HD Mouse that is designed for video editing tasks. The mouse includes software that allows users to program mouse movements to specific video functions. The X and Y axis can be programmed to work like a jog wheel moving video forwards and backwards.

SideWinder X3 gaming mouse

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on April 14th, 2009

SideWinder X3 gaming mouseMicrosoft’s latest Sidewinder mouse is geared toward the entry-level gaming crowd, retailing for just $40. It looks plain and fairly boring. For your money, you get some performance though. It features a 2,000 DPI laser sensor that can be changed to 800 DPI or 400 DPI whenever the need arises.

You also get eight more buttons crammed into the ambidextrous layout. This USB-powered gaming mouse will be bundled with the Intellimouse software for Windows PCs for quick and easy macro programming. You’ll be able to get one when the Microsoft Sidewinder X3 hits retail shelves this May.

ValueRays unveils infrared heat therapy peripherals

Posted in Computers by Shane McGlaun on April 13th, 2009

heatmouse-sbBack when I first started writing full time, I spent a long, cold winter working in an uninsulated garage. There was no way to keep the garage warm, no matter what I tried and I found that my fingers would cramp up and get stiff making typing harder. Working with gloves was far from ideal and I would have loved to have a mouse that heated up at the time.

I think that early spring may be the wrong time to introduce new heat therapy peripherals, but that is happening anyway. ValueRays has a selection of infrared heat therapy computer workstation peripherals for people with arthritis who need pain relief.

A mouse with a message

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on April 9th, 2009

USB Airflow Mouse with LED messagingYou might remember, we told you about the LED message mouse last October. But since all of the other kids are slinging it around the net, we just wanted to brag and say we covered it back then. It’s a standard USB mouse, with some extra special features.

It can also display messages with the built in LED display. Up to 12 characters, and it also has a built in fan to keep your hands nice and cool if you have sweaty palms. I don’t wanna know why. I’m just saying.

Electric Shocking Mouse, for shocking people you don’t like

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on April 9th, 2009

Electric Shocking Mouse, for shocking people you don't likeIf you don’t like the people you work with, it may be time for some revenge. Start shocking them. The product never actually says how much of a jolt this will deliver, but they say that it’s “Without harm and hurt, just a surprise”. Then in the next line they say “Just press the key as the usual computer, they will jump and cry!”.

So this gadget will make them jump AND cry for only $5.99. Can’t ask for much more then that. The company also warns that it’s “Not recommended for children under 14 years old, adults over 50 years old, or persons with any medical conditions.”

Gold Bullion Mouse: How bankers point & click

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on April 6th, 2009

Gold Bullion Mouse: How bankers point & clickThe official mouse of the financial crisis. With just one click of this mouse you can get a nifty bailout, assign million dollar raises to your cronies and book a flight to some far away land where you can’t be questioned. It’s like magic, this mouse.

This isn’t just tasteless bling, it’s wireless bling. The gold bullion wireless mouse. The warehouse where these are stored may look like Fort Knox, but if you melt this stuff down all you get is a lump of burnt plastic. Not that anyone at this warehouse has a job anymore. So there’s no one there to see this pile of mice in all their bullion glory. Sad.

Microsoft SideWinder X8 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Posted in Review by Shane McGlaun on April 3rd, 2009

sidewinderx8-1Back in September of 2008 we talked about the Microsoft SideWinder X8 gaming mouse. The gaming rodent was delayed and didn’t show up on store shelves until recently. Today I am going to take a hands on look at the SideWinder X8 gaming mouse, which is the first gaming mouse to use Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology. Read on for all of the details.

FragFX’s mouse & nunchuck for the PS3

Posted in PS3 by Conner Flynn on March 22nd, 2009

FragFX’s mouse & nunchuck for the PS3This is a lot like the mLani wireless FPS controller we showed you last month. They’ve split the Dual Shock in half, remapped the right analog stick to a mouse, and put buttons all over it. We like it.

It makes playing FPS games more like it is on the PC. It also has awesome looks. It even has a “frag button.” It will cost you $80, which seems expensive, but it’s well worth it and should improve your game dramatically.

Golf Club Head Mouse

Posted in Golf by Conner Flynn on March 16th, 2009

Golf Club Head MouseLook, I know you older guys and doctors are crazy about your golf, but damn. That’s no excuse to go peeing in a golf club or to have a giant inflatable golf simulator in your backyard.

You want to hit a little white ball again and again in between rides in your little beat up golf cart that’s your business. I don’t get it myself. But since you own all of the other novelty golf products, take a gander at this. The Golf Club Head Mouse is the mouse you’ve been looking for. Grip the head of the driver to control your cursor and pretend it’s hitting a little ball each time.

Zero Mouse makes mousing feel more like ironing

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on March 11th, 2009

Zero Mouse makes mousing feel more like ironingThis is bound to be the preferred mouse of housewives and maids everywhere. Shunning conventional computer mouse design, Oliver Rosito’s Zero Mouse concept “combines state of the art design with lightweight materials.”

We’re just a little concerned that the lack of side grips may have your grandmother holding it like an iron and accidentally fake-ironing your shirt, which has now become a mousepad, while chatting on the Martha Stewart forums and playing online bingo.

Sharkoon Rush FireGlider: The flame-painted hot rod of gaming mice

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on March 10th, 2009

Sharkoon Rush FireGlider: The flame-painted hot rod of gaming miceWeight-adjustable mice are nothing new, they just tend to get ignored. Sharkoon(The company that can’t decide if it’s a shark or a raccoon) is hoping that a fiery exterior will get your attention. It not only has the flame motiff, but the slug chamber looks like the chamber in a gun. Probably symbolic of you biting the bullet and actually buying one.

So to summarize, the Rush FireGlider has flames, a no-slip grip, a half dozen programmable buttons, maximum resolution of 3,600 DPI, Teflon feet for superior gliding and an internal tuning system to adjust its weight from 118 to 135 grams. Oh yeah and the bullet chamber thing.