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BBC’s Olinda radio is modular, like Legos

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on May 5th, 2008

BBC’s Olinda radio is modular, like Legos
Who says there are no new ideas? The BBC are certainly not lacking in imagination. They commissioned this neat idea that combines social networking with a digital radio, and the end result is Olinda. On one hand, it’s a normal digital radio, but when you remove the clear orange cap, a plug-in interface is exposed.

You can add modules onto the end of it, like building with Legos. This one has small buttons that each correspond to one of your friends. A button lights up when one of your friends is listening to the radio, so if you push that button, you’ll hear the same radio station that your friend is listening to. The creators hope to develop more modules, thereby expanding the uses of the device.

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