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Supertendo Portable SNES Mod

Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on July 2nd, 2009

Supertendo Portable SNES ModCheck out this portable SNES mod from modder Marshall from the Ben Heck forums, the Supertendo. It looks so polished it could fool you into thinking that it’s mass produced. This portable SNES mod features a 5 inch LCD screen, speakers and even a headphone jack,

The cartridge even fits flush with the top of the unit. All mods should aspire to look this good. It even looks comfortable to play. Even the wiring inside is a sight to behold. Well done Marshall.

PIMPtendo has gems, Zebra skin

Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on June 18th, 2009

PIMPtendo: Gems, Zebra skinSo you’re living the life. You have your pimp cane, pimp fedora, Pimp fur coat. Hell, you just laid down several grand on gold teeth. You livin’ large my brotha from anotha mother. For shizzle.

A typical evening for you is cruising down the strip in your gold Cadillac or your Pimp Deville, keeping your stable of fine skankery in line as they do the hustle. A few hours later, you collect the money, making sure they don’t hold out on you. Then it’s off to the crib to chill and drink from your pimp cup and play some PIMPtendo, in it’s sweet sexy zebra skin.

Lego robot dock assimilates iPods

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on June 17th, 2009

Lego Robot dock assimilates iPodsYou ask us, this is a pretty cool use of Legos. And if companies don’t want to build robot iPod docks, then damnit, we will make our own. The creator actually built this bot-dock about 2 years ago, and only recently decided that it was time to share it with the internet.

The dock is a cannibalized iPod mini dock, and the robot/base is a mashup of several lego kits. (The AT-AT on the right claw gives it away. That, and the LEGOLAND sticker which came with Lego Soccer.) You can find more pics on flickr.

R2-D2 Pez Dispenser USB Flash Drive

Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on June 16th, 2009

R2D2 Pez Dispenser USB Flash DriveAn R2D2 Pez Dispenser is a pretty cool geek toy by itself. But it’s even better when that R2 Pez dispenser is also a USB flash drive. Candy + storage = Awesome. More impressive, it is still a working Pez dispenser.

It can’t hold quite as much as an un-tampered with dispenser, but that’s still pretty awesome, because the lost candy is replaced with storage. It can only hold 3 pieces of Pez. Hey, the important thing is that it can hold any at all. It will hold 2GB of data.

Atari 2600 iPod dock

Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on June 16th, 2009

Atari 2600 iPod dockPut together two iconic classics and you can never go wrong. In this case it’s the iPod and the Atari 2600. The homemade dock puts the iPod connector where the cartridge used to go,(you’re probably using your cartridges as wallets anyway).

How could this be better? With the iPhone of course. With an LCD in the middle so you could play iPhone games properly with controllers. When iPod and Atari 2600′s meet, it’s like geek destiny. It’s a love that will endure forever.


Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on June 11th, 2009

SNES PC modThis casemod combines the shell of an old SNES console with the brains and guts of a modern PC. Anytime we see a CD sticking out of an SNES cartridge, we can’t help but smile. Modders quangDX and DuPPs took an old Super Nintendo and merged it with an Acer Aspire One A150 laptop. They call their new creation the aaSNES1.

And yes, they managed to mount a slot-loading DVDRW drive inside of the Super Mario World cartridge! But it wasn’t that simple. They didn’t have enough room inside the UK model SNES cartridge, but managed to cut things apart enough to get the drive to work. The eject button even ejects the DVD.

Gears of War Xbox case mod

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on June 8th, 2009

Gears of War Xbox case modGears of War fans are sure to love this Xbox case mod. Maybe. It’s the work of one Tallerkamino, who designed and modded the Xbox case in honor of the game. How he did it is not clear.(Looks like he used mousepads and attached them to the console).

Then he obviously glued action figures onto the base. It’s a cool mod I guess, but I prefer the console to be entirely covered. It’s more of a diorama. But if you love Gears of War, I’m sure it will make you smile and brighten you day.

Star Wars Death Star grill

Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on June 7th, 2009

Star Wars Death Star grillWith this Star Wars Death Star Grill, Alderan may be safe, but meat is not. That’s no moon, it’s the centerpiece of your geek barbecue party. Perfect for grilling Ewok, tauntaun, Bantha…Jar-Jar? The designer says that it isn’t perfect. We disagree and can’t think of a better way to grill hot dogs using these.

Yes, X-wings killing this Death Star grill by flying through a trench and shooting hot dogs inside… Awesomeness. Check out the Star Destroyer handle.

DIY PSP laptop mod

Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on June 5th, 2009

DIY PSP laptopSure, the PSP Go! looks awesome. It’s slimmer, lighter, has downloads instead of UMD. But where’s the full QWERTY keyboard? Acidmods forum member folklord36’s PSP Laptop does have QWERTY, thanks to an Xbox Chat Pad. It also has relocated speakers, LED lighting and more.

The screen section is a modified Joytech visor that has the same finish as the PSP, and its sturdy hinge can be positioned at anything up to 180-degrees. We don’t know how long it took him to create this or how much it cost, but we wouldn’t mind having one ourselves.

nesPod iPod case mod

Posted in iPod by Conner Flynn on June 4th, 2009

nesPod iPod case modWe’ve seen plenty of casemods, but the NES will always give us a warm tingly feeling. The nesPod is the work of flickr user recycledgamer. It’s a gutted NES controller and an iPod mini from around 2004-2005. The back has been cut out for the screen and clickwheel.

And that’s all there is to this mod. Pretty simple. NES in front, iPod in back. Your gaming mullet controller has arrived.

NES: Nintendo Entertainment Shoe

Posted in Nintendo by Conner Flynn on June 3rd, 2009

The NES sneaker That’s right, it’s a shoe with Nintendo inside. This shoe has a fully-functional original Nintendo Entertainment System built in, so you can enjoy all of the classics right from your foot. It’s got sole. Insert a sports game and you have a case of athletes foot.

We covered this literally a year ago, but since all the other gadget blogs wanna act like it’s new, we figured we’d share it again. Just for Kicks. Get it? Kicks?

Atom PC in a toy Ferrari

Posted in PCs by Conner Flynn on June 3rd, 2009

Atom PC in a toy Ferrari Yesterday we saw a PC in a vase at Computex, today it’s an Atom-based net-top in a Ferrari. There isn’t much info about it. We simply know that it has the guts of a netbook and appears to be sticking it’s tongue out in the form of a CD tray.

The body is custom-molded as well as the optical drive tray. I proclaim thee a thing of awesomeness. Other things we would like to see PCs crammed inside? Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder, Barbie’s Dream car and the Batmobile, just to name a few.

Interactive Punch-Out arcade dummy

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on May 19th, 2009

The old school 8-bit hit known as Punch-Out launched yesterday. And in honor of it’s revival, this guy turned his Slam Man Boxing Dummy into a handy practice buddy for Mike Tyson’s Punch Out on the NES.

There are arcade buttons on the dummy itself, allowing you to control your in-game character by punching those buttons. There are instructions if you want to build one yourself and work out some aggression. We can only guess that it makes for one hell of a workout and leaves your knuckles sore and bruised.

Russian casemod looks menacing

Posted in Cases by Conner Flynn on May 18th, 2009

Russian casemod looks menacingWild casemods are nothing new. But this one is pretty unique. It has a menacing look and looks like it would keep you warm in place of a fire as you sip your Vodka.

There isn’t much info on it. Looks like bronze built around some Demon trapped Inside. Which makes it a great solid piece of furniture instead of a boring PC case.

Wood Amazon Kindling

Posted in kindle by Conner Flynn on May 13th, 2009

Wood Amazon KindlingHere’s an E-reader for those who like to burn their literature after reading. A clever wood worker fashioned this Kindle out of wood using a laser cutter and dubbed it the Amazon Kindling.

Some advantages: The battery will never betray you. It will provide warmth if you burn it after reading. Termites will eat something intellectual. And it will biodegrade long before Amazon’s version.