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Microsoft announces Windows Marketplace for Mobiles

Posted in Microsoft by Shane McGlaun on March 31st, 2009

windowsmobile-logo-sbThere are so many things to like about the iPhone and I think many will agree one of the most important features is the App Store. Apple’s App Store has proven to be wildly popular and offers up all sorts of software and games that add fun and functionality to the iPhone.

With the success of the App Store, it’s no surprise that many other phone makers are looking to start their own similar store. Google has done it for its Android smartphones and now Microsoft has announced a new Windows Marketplace for Mobile to do the same thing.

Next-gen Xbox confirmed by developer

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on March 29th, 2009

The Watchmen Xbox 360Here’s some exciting news for gamers. Microsoft is apparently deep into the development process for the successor to the Xbox 360 console. Blizzard’s Rob Pardo has confirmed that his company has taken part in talks with Microsoft about this next console.

We all knew they would launch another console eventually, but the news suggests the company plans to replace its current 4-year-old system very soon. Pardo didn’t provide any hardware details, just that Blizzard is “actively in discussions with Microsoft” about the new gaming hardware.

New Microsoft ad cuts to the heart of the issue

Posted in Microsoft by Conner Flynn on March 29th, 2009

Video: Laptop Hunters $1000 – Lauren Gets an HP Pavilion
The ongoing war between Microsoft & Apple continues. In this new ad, Microsoft exploits Apple’s Achilles heel, being outrageously overpriced. It’s a brilliant ad that hits them right where it hurts. Because it’s true.

The ad shows a customer looking for a laptop for under a $1000. She searches both the Apple store and a conventional electronics store and finally settles on an HP laptop for under $700. Unlike their previous ads, this one works because it actually speaks to the consumer, and what matters to them. Getting a decent computer for a fair price.

Microsoft unveils blue-tinted Xbox 360, for developers only

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on March 25th, 2009

Microsoft unveils blue-tinted Xbox 360, for developers onlyWell hello hotness. What’s not to love about the new Xbox 360 dev kit unveiled at this week’s Game Developers Conference and due out in the summer? It’s ultra-sexy with its sleek black-and-blue tint finish and stylish etchings. It also features 1GB of RAM, twice what is found in the retail model.

Sadly, no matter how much drool pools up on your desktop, this hardware is only for those who make the games. But maybe they will take pity on us and offer one up to the masses soon.

NASA and Microsoft offer space images to public

Posted in Microsoft by Shane McGlaun on March 25th, 2009

wwtelescope-sbI have spent many summer nights in the back yard looking at the stars with my kids. They particularly like to look through the telescope and see the moon and other planets up close. If you don’t have a telescope or live in a city where there is too much light, Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope is a great alternative.

Microsoft and NASA have announced that the two firms will be working together to provide NASA images and data to the public under the Space Act Agreement. The firms will work together to develop the technology and infrastructure needed to offer the most interesting NASA content via Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope.

Nick’s Zune Warehouse

Posted in Humor by Conner Flynn on March 24th, 2009

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If you’re in the market for a Zune, why would you buy it from anywhere else? Nick’s Zune warehouse sells Zunes by the pound. They are totally dedicated to this, the most awesome portable media player ever. Remember this guy? Forget him. He missed out.

Come December 31st, you’ll be sorry you didn’t take advantage of Nick’s amazing deals. Nick’s an amazing pitchman, with the foresight to fill a whole warehouse with a highly desirable product. C’mon, help the guy out.

Microsoft Releases IE 8 with Accelerators, Slices and Standards

Posted in Browsers by Darrin Olson on March 20th, 2009

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8, its latest version in the browser battle. This latest version comes loaded with a set of new features designed to make browsing the internet more convenient, fast and secure. The latest IE browser is also the latest blow to rival Mozilla’s Firefox in the quest for online browsing dominance.

Microsoft added a number of security features to IE8, such as increased protection against malware, cross-site scripting attacks, click-jacking, and protection against installing malicious Active-X controls. In addition, they’ve added an InPrivate browsing mode which will track no history of your browsing activities, negating the need to delete the history after the fact.

Microsoft enters laptop cooling category

Posted in Microsoft by Shane McGlaun on March 10th, 2009

microsoftlaptopcoolingbaseFor many years, Microsoft has made a line of computer peripherals like mice, keyboards, and web cams. Microsoft has over the last few years reintroduced its line of SideWinder gaming peripherals and today the software giant announced that it was entering into a new peripheral category for notebooks.

Microsoft has introduced the Notebook Cooling Base that helps keep notebooks running cool. The device features a built-in fan and a cooling channel on a base that fits any notebook and is designed for use on the desktop or on a users lap.

Xbox 360 Elite to get the axe

Posted in Xbox 360 Elite by Conner Flynn on March 8th, 2009

Xbox 360 Elite to get the axeThe latest rumors suggest that Microsoft is considering putting the Xbox 360 Elite on the back-burner, while they take no more orders and allow stocks to dwindle. That way the Elite could be treated as a limited-availability option, on sale on at select European and US retailers. It is believed that retailers prefer only two SKUs, low-end and high-end.

Any remaining Elites on sale would more likely be special editions, like the red Resident Evil 5 package announced last month. Elite packages take longer to sell than the Arcade or Pro 360s, so this is what they want.

Xbox 360 red ring of death finally fixed?

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on March 2nd, 2009

Xbox 360 red ring of death finally fixed?Xbox 360 red ring of death have you red in the face? Not to worry. Group product manager Aaron Greenberg says that it looks like the guys at Microsoft have finally found a solution to this problem.

In an interview with Edge Online, Greenberg said that Microsoft is pretty confident that the red ring of death should be a thing of the past very soon. The answer was apparently found through repairs and updated technology. He says they’ve “put the worst behind us on this.”

I’m a PC and I’m 4 and a half!

Posted in Microsoft by Conner Flynn on February 8th, 2009

Video: Kylie
In the latest $300 million “I’m A PC” ad campaign, set to air Sunday night during the Grammy awards, 4 and a half year old Kylie uses Windows Live Photo Gallery to send a picture of her fish to her parents. So, now they’re using cuteness, which is a steep departure from their previous attempts. Some of the previous ads were downright creepy.

Cute is probably the way to go. How many 4 year-olds do you know that use a mac? I bet they aren’t as cute as this kid. How Apple will retaliate is anyone’s guess, but the ball is now in their court.

Xbox 360 Resident Evil bundle

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on January 26th, 2009

Xbox 360 Resident Evil bundleIf killing Zombies is your favorite pastime (And who hasn’t enjoyed a good head shot that permanently kills them dead?), you’ll want to pay attention here. Microsoft is coming out with a Red 360 console and matching controller to celebrate Resident Evil 5.

The bundle comes with Resident Evil 5, a Red Xbox 360, matching controller and a Resident Evil NXE (NEw Xbox Experience). No word on official pricing yet or hard drive size. Also no word on whether “red” means “Zombie blood red” or just red.

Xbox 360 modded car

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on January 1st, 2009

Xbox 360 modded carApparently, this modder hated the thought of leaving his console home alone while he was out and about in the world. Separation anxiety no doubt. Yes, this is an Xbox 360 Console and the Controllers Modded in a car! An Xbox 360 in a car, you ask? Yes. And look how well the car and the Xbox get along. It’s like they were meant for each other.

The XBox 360 has been embedded in to the dash while 1 controller rests in the steering wheel and the other sits comfortably in front of the gear shift. It’s a great idea, but the one fatal flaw is that at some point, you will have to park that car and walk away. At which time a thief throws a rock through the window and makes off with your console. It really is a beauty though.

Zune 30GB fail: Microsoft says to wait it out

Posted in Zune by Conner Flynn on December 31st, 2008

Z2K bug makes 30GB Zunes fail at 12AM, December 31stHere’s more news for all of you Zune 30 owners who feel betrayed by your now frozen PMP. Microsoft has finally acknowledged the snafu and here is their explanation:

There is a bug in the internal clock driver that causes the device to bite the dust on the last day of a leap year. But don’t worry, even though they won’t be releasing an update for the device any time soon, it should resolve itself when January 1, 2009 comes around. Do you feel better now?

Zune Pink may just be a software upgrade

Posted in Zune Phone by Conner Flynn on December 15th, 2008

Zune Pink may just be a software upgradeWe covered the Zune Pink project rumor regarding a Zune phone by Microsoft; however, the latest rumors indicate is that the mobile arena isn’t looking at a single Microsoft branded mobile handset, but an instead an entire software and services platform.

The news is that Project Pink may include Zune Mobile support, which may render into a Zune Mobile software package for Windows Mobile that could well be more robust media support than any previous Microsoft powered mobile phone, and could also predict a mobile downloads store.