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Microsoft SideWinder X3 gaming mouse review

Posted in Review by Shane McGlaun on May 8th, 2009

sidewinderx3-1PC gamers are a picky lot that eschew traditional keyboards and mice for products catering to the specific needs of gamers. Typically gaming mice offer high levels of sensitivity, lots of buttons, macro capabilities, and a high price tag. Microsoft has added a new low price gaming mouse to its SideWinder line up called the SideWinder X3. Today we are going to take a hands on look at the SideWinder X3 and see is low price means low performance. Read on for more details on the Microsoft SideWinder X3.

Windows Marketplace sneak-peek

Posted in Windows by Conner Flynn on May 6th, 2009

Windows Marketplace sneak-peekLooks like Microsoft is in the final stages of getting their Windows Mobile 6.5 OS update ready for public release. Window’s Marketplace mobile application is almost ready for launch. And so, Microsoft has given a few lucky Windows Mobile users a sneak peek at the Windows Marketplace.

The “coming soon” notification has been replaced by a functional mobile application store. The Pandora application is also ready for download.

Microsoft Zune to get exclusive animated comedy series

Posted in Microsoft by Shane McGlaun on May 5th, 2009

citycouncil3050-sbWhen Microsoft launched its Zune DAP it hoped that the device would dethrone Apple as the leader in the digital music category. That failed to happen and Microsoft languishes in third spot in sales behind Apple and SanDisk.

Microsoft has announced a new exclusive animated series for the Zune that the software giant hopes will lure digital content fans to the Zune platform. The series is called City Council 3050 AD and the pilot episode will debut in Seattle later this month.

Microsoft gives Windows 7 away free for a year

Posted in Windows by Conner Flynn on May 3rd, 2009

Windows 7 Starter Edition headed for NetbooksOn May 5th, general users will have access to Windows 7 for one full year. It is already available for download for MSDN and TechNet subscribers. This is only the Release Candidate version and will expire on June 1, 2010. The Release Candidate is basically the near finished product and the final stage in testing.

Supposedly it will have all the features of the final version. We still don’t know when the final version will be released but according to rumors it’ll be late 2009 or early 2010. Windows 7 features a bunch of new features including a new taskbar, libraries, jump lists, and more. Windows 7 will also come packaged with the newest Internet Explorer (IE8).

Microsoft and Verizon reportedly working on an iPhone competitor

Posted in Microsoft by Conner Flynn on April 28th, 2009

Microsoft and Verizon reportedly working on an iPhone competitorHere we go. Yet another iPhone killer. How many does that make? If the Wall Street Journal’s report is to be believed, Verizon is currently in talks with Microsoft regarding a project with the codename “Pink”. Pink will be a Microsoft-designed iPhone rival with a multimedia focus and, very likely a big touchscreen.

According to the report, Microsoft’s version of the iPhone will also feature a tweaked version of Windows Mobile OS with “new software capabilities.” Microsoft is apparently involved with the design of the phone, while a third party will build it.

Windows 7 Starter Edition headed for Netbooks

Posted in Windows by Conner Flynn on April 20th, 2009

Windows 7 Starter Edition headed for NetbooksThe upcoming Windows 7 Starter Edition seems kinda lame when you consider that it can only run three applications at a time, but if you are using it with a netbook, it makes a little more sense. Most people use netbooks to browse the Internet and maybe check their email, with some MP3s playing in the background.

And since more applications are becoming Web-based, those applications can be stored online instead. We will be keeping an eye on Windows 7 Starter Edition to see just how well it fares. Of all the Windows 7 editions, this one is the oddest.

The legal copy in Apple’s “Legal Copy” ad

Posted in Apple by Conner Flynn on April 20th, 2009

The legal copy in Apple's "Legal Copy" adThe Mac VS. PC war is still raging, albeit in a quiet nerd way, not a full out battle with explosions. You’ve probably seen Apple’s new Hodgman ads. The “legal copy” ad is the most interesting. Whenever Hodgman says how easy PCs are to use, a bunch of fine print explodes upwards. The folks over at MacJournals have actually transcribed every word of it. Nearly two full pages. Here’s an excerpt:

To remove unneeded bloatware first open uninstaller, select applications to remove, and uninstall. To remove optional components, click start, go to all programs and open control panel, select remove components, select components you want to remove, select next, when done, select finish. Once initial prep is complete, PCs may then be easy to use under certain controlled conditions and when properly maintained. In order for PCs to achieve optimal performance on a regular basis and for long periods of time, routine maintenance should include (but is not limited to) the following: download and install updated anti-virus software, run anti-virus software, check for system updates, clean out registry, defragment hard drive, free up disk space, remove temporary Internet files, empty the recycle bin, remove unnecessary programs, run error check utility and fix file system errors.

Apple responds to Microsoft’s Laptop Hunter ads

Posted in Microsoft by Conner Flynn on April 17th, 2009

New Laptop Hunters ad: Kid chooses Vaio over a MacIf you thought Microsoft’s Laptop Hunter ads did a good job dissing Apple, wait until you hear Apple’s response. In a statement to Macworld, spokesperson Bill Evans does the usual praising of his brand, waxing poetic about security, stability, design. Then lays the smack down:

“A PC is no bargain when it doesn’t do what you want,” Apple spokesman Bill Evans says. “The one thing that both Apple and Microsoft can agree on is that everyone thinks the Mac is cool. With its great designs and advanced software, nothing matches it at any price.”

Microsoft introduces Zune originals for spring

Posted in Zune by Conner Flynn on April 15th, 2009

Microsoft introduces Zune originals for springSpring has sprung so why not celebrate the season with a new spring-themed Zune Original? Unless you are waiting on the Zune HD. Microsoft is offering a collection of custom engravings inspired by the spring season.

There will be six new pieces of art in total for this collection, all by artist duo APAK and individual artists Carolina Melis and Linn Olofsdotter. The patterns are free and apply to any of the flash or hard drive-based Zunes. The spring Originals don’t replace any existing artwork and sit alongside the Artist, Tattoo and Zodiac collections.

New ZuneHD images

Posted in Zune by Conner Flynn on April 15th, 2009

New ZuneHD imagesThere’s no way to know for sure if this new image is the real deal. However, some sources of Zunited’s have chimed in to say that it is an authentic ZuneHD. The specs seem too good to be true.

Some of those specs are: multi-touch capacitive OLED screen in a 16:9 aspect ratio, 3D Xbox game support, playback of “HD media” available from Zune Marketplace, TV-out from what looks like a mini-HDMI port on the left-side, HD Radio, choice of 16GB or 32GB of storage, wireless sync, multi-touch “browser”.

SideWinder X3 gaming mouse

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on April 14th, 2009

SideWinder X3 gaming mouseMicrosoft’s latest Sidewinder mouse is geared toward the entry-level gaming crowd, retailing for just $40. It looks plain and fairly boring. For your money, you get some performance though. It features a 2,000 DPI laser sensor that can be changed to 800 DPI or 400 DPI whenever the need arises.

You also get eight more buttons crammed into the ambidextrous layout. This USB-powered gaming mouse will be bundled with the Intellimouse software for Windows PCs for quick and easy macro programming. You’ll be able to get one when the Microsoft Sidewinder X3 hits retail shelves this May.

Zune HD is real

Posted in Zune by Conner Flynn on April 12th, 2009

zunehd_engadget_main_1Yesterday images of the Zune HD were leaked to engadget and since then we’ve learned that it’s the real deal. The images above are promotional shots from Microsoft’s forthcoming marketing campaign.

We don’t know much, but the name is a dead giveaway that the display will be “HD”. Can we expect it to have 1280×720? Or are they just using it as a fancy marketing word?

Another Microsoft Laptop Hunters commercial

Posted in Microsoft by Conner Flynn on April 5th, 2009

Remember Lauren the actress from the first Laptop Hunters commercial? Well, she’s got her PC and is probably happily using it while a new guy by the name of Giampaulo goes shopping. If you thought the first ad hit the nail on the head and lit a fire, Giampaulo doesn’t mince words.

He calls himself “technically-savvy” and thinks that the unibody MacBook he looks at is “so sexy,” but ultimately he rejects it because he wants to pay for “computing power,” not the “brand.” Sound familiar? Many people feel that way.

Microsoft SideWinder X8 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Posted in Review by Shane McGlaun on April 3rd, 2009

sidewinderx8-1Back in September of 2008 we talked about the Microsoft SideWinder X8 gaming mouse. The gaming rodent was delayed and didn’t show up on store shelves until recently. Today I am going to take a hands on look at the SideWinder X8 gaming mouse, which is the first gaming mouse to use Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology. Read on for all of the details.

Bill Gates’ Doom video from 1995

Posted in Microsoft by Conner Flynn on April 2nd, 2009

The above video for your enjoyment features Bill Gates, dressed in a black trench coat and carrying a shotgun, inside of the Doom game. Apparently it was a promotional type clip used to introduce Windows 95 and DirectX at the Microsoft Judgement Day event in 1995.

Basically Bill is in the game and wants to share his feelings about how Windows 95 and DirectX is ideal for playing PC games. DOS is too hard to use to play the games. At one point a Doom character shows up and gets blown off the screen(Not very convincingly) with Bill saying “Don’t interrupt me”.