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Yahoo Mail, Messenger, and Search now available in the Android Market

Posted in Android by Conner Flynn on July 1st, 2010

Do you like Yahoo search and want it on your Android-powered phone? If so, then check out the new Mail, Messenger, and Yahoo Search apps from Yahoo, which are now available in the Android Market.

Yahoo Mail offers push-email, contact book integration, and even the ability to add photo attachments from your phone’s camera or gallery. Yahoo Messenger also includes push notifications, allowing you to continue to receive notifications, even when it’s running on the background. Head on over to the Android Market and get some Yahoo.

i-Buddy: Instant Messaging just got creepy

Posted in Instant Messaging by Conner Flynn on December 18th, 2007

i-Buddy: Instant Messaging just got creepy

You know that little pixellated figure that pops up on screen every time a contact logs on? Kinda cute right? And you feel safe and warm, knowing that human contact is on the way. After all, it gets lonely on the computer. Well, set your engines for creep factor 10. Engage.

This rather ominous and somewhat tubby i-Buddy wants to be your new friend. Just sit i-Buddy on your monitor or desktop and it will respond to incoming MSN messages. His head will glow and his wings will flap. You can almost feel the tension as this thing seems to be looking at you, no matter where you are in the room, like some velvet Jesus painting, but twice as sinister. You aren’t sure what he wants from you, but you are positive he can rip thoughts from your mind if he so wishes. The i-buddy manages to be even stranger then the Availabot we showed you in October. And he was a tiny man who went flaccid when the IM contact leaves.