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Loewe Individual 3D TV is customizable

Posted in 3D by Conner Flynn on July 4th, 2011

The Loewe “Individual 3D” TV is all about customization. You can choose the color of the TV’s insets for instance. There is metallised chrome, neon pink, ebony, blue, and more to choose from. You can also choose how to integrate the TV into your room, if you want to put it on the wall, on a screen lift, or on one of Loewe’s racks.

It also has nice specs like being a 3D TV that will work with Loewe Active 3D glasses, and it will convert 2D content into 3D. There is also a built-in DVR with a 500GB capacity, an LED display, and a Loewe Subwoofer and Sound Projector for 7.1 sound from a single speaker.

Loewe’s 3D television with 500GB of memory

Posted in 3D by Conner Flynn on May 4th, 2011

German manufacturer Loewe is getting into the 3D television market, with its first 3D screen. It features great industrial design and is handcrafted and sculpted. The Full-HD LCD 3D television screen has LED backlighting and a 400Hz picture quality.

This set also offers a 500GB DR+ hard drive, so you can record and replay all of your 3D content easily. The screens are also available in just about any color finish you like.

Loewe Art SL HDTV claims to be the greenest of them all

Posted in HDTV by Conner Flynn on May 7th, 2009

Loewe Art SL HDTVIf you are the environmentally friendly type, the Loewe Art SL HDTV has just been introduced and you’ll want to check it out. It’s touted as the greenest HDTV from the company to date. And it doesn’t sacrifice specs and design.

This 1080p LCD display comes with an Eco Mode that lets you control how much power it uses and the automatic light dimming uses up to 20% less than when it runs normally. In standby mode, the Loewe Art SL sucks just 0.7 watts. As you might expect, these power saving features don’t come cheap.