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Best Buy to host 3DS midnight launches

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on March 21st, 2011

Gamer anticipation is reaching critical mass as it is now less than one week until the Nintendo 3DS launches. Sure the line-up of launch games leaves us a little cold, but more games will come in due time and at least we will get to hold the 3DS in our hands.

Those who live in New York have another reason to be excited about the 3DS launch. Nintendo is throwing a midnight launch event. It starts at 9:00 PM EDT at the Best Buy in Union Square. There will be plenty of hands-on 3DS demos, food, music, and giveaways. Probably a bunch of people in costume too. Sounds like a good time. Additional Best Buy locations will also be selling the device at midnight, but maybe with not so much fanfare.

BlackBerry PlayBook launching on April 10th?

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on March 2nd, 2011

According to BGR, multiple sources have said that RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook will hit store shelves on April 10th. They also have news that the BlackBerry Tablet OS will reach Gold Master status on March 31st, so it will be delivered as an update when you first boot up your device.

It matches what we’ve been hearing and RIM did promise a release for the first quarter of 2011, though we still don’t know which carriers will be providing connectivity on the tablet. Hopefully we will learn more soon.

Nintendo 3DS launches in Japan

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on February 27th, 2011

Sadly we can’t head out to our local GameStop for another month yet, but the Nintendo 3DS had a launch in Japan today. Reports indicate that the entire initial shipment of 400,000 gaming handhelds were sold. Some of the lines were up to 2,000 people long.

But those lines were only at a few places as most Japanese retailers sold out when the 3DS went on pre-order over a month ago. The device is already a success, though that isn’t surprising. We all love our Nintendo.

PlayStation Phone to have a spring launch?

Posted in Sony Ericsson by Conner Flynn on December 28th, 2010

According to Asahi Shimbun, the PlayStation Phone is expected in the spring of 2011 for a North American and European release. That timeframe fits with what we have been hearing and while we don’t know what Sony Ericsson has for CES, they’re planning some new Xperia-branded models for MWC. I guess we will find out soon.

We also still don’t know how any of this ties into the standalone PSP2, or how gaming titles will be purchased. We still don’t know a lot of things, but hopefully soon we will learn.

Verizon won’t offer Windows Phone 7 at launch

Posted in Verizon by Conner Flynn on September 16th, 2010

Verizon Wireless has confirmed to BusinessWeek that it will not be offering Windows Phone 7 devices when Microsoft launches the platform later this year. Windows Phone 7 won’t hit Verizon until 2011, leaving all of the Android heavy lifting to the Droid, at least through 2010.

AT&T is already a launch partner for Windows Phone 7, and Microsoft says that T-Mobile and Sprint are also on board, even if we don’t have exact details about when Windows Phone 7 devices will be offered on those carriers. Some are speculating that Windows Phone 7′s delays on Verizon Wireless may have to do with a rumored fall-out of the partnership over the KIN social phone launch.

Nintendo 3DS may hit Japan on November 20

Posted in Nintendo 3DS by Conner Flynn on September 13th, 2010

We can thank Japanese accessory creator keysfactory for a slip that may have revealed Nintendo’s plans in regard to the 3DS release date. A designer with the firm posted some Twitter updates (now deleted) that 11 add-ons for the game console would ship on November 20 and, apparently the 3DS itself. Nintendo has implied an end-of-year launch in at least Japan but hasn’t given us a firm date so far.

It’s not confirmed, but the details line up with Nintendo’s recent launch history. The Wii, DSi and DSi XL were all released on a Saturday, and Nintendo often prefers weekend launches.

Acer Stream launch confirmed for August 9th

Posted in Acer by Conner Flynn on July 26th, 2010

The Acer Stream product page had already been spotted over at Expansys, with the new Android smartphone showing up there with an early August release date, but now it’s all officially official. The Stream will arrive on August 9th 2010, for £399 including VAT ($615), although the product page is showing August 7th as the due date.

For that price you will be getting yourself a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen, HSDPA, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, Bluetooth 3.0 and WiFi b/g/n, all a form that is just 11.2mm thick. The OS is Android 2.1 with some Acer tweaks, and there’s also an HDMI output.

Sprint Epic 4G could arrive on August 20

Posted in Sprint by Conner Flynn on July 25th, 2010

How do we know? Simple. We know this because the phone has appeared on the Samsung TV site schedule with that date. No psychic powers here. History has shown us that Samsung did the same thing with AT&T’s version (the Captivate), and T-Mobile’s Vibrant, so it isn’t hard to figure out.

This phone should arrive on or around August 20 if you are interested.

New iPhone launching in June?

Posted in iPhone by Conner Flynn on May 26th, 2010

There aren’t many details yet, but according to the guys over at BGR, some AT&T employees have confirmed that the iPhone 4G will be launched in June. That seems pretty fast since it’s scheduled to be unveiled in early June.

But maybe Apple wants to just get it over with at this point since the cat was let out of the bag awhile ago. If this is true you won’t have to wait long at all.

Microsoft confirms Natal launch in October

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on May 11th, 2010

Now we get a fresh confirmation on when exactly Natal will be launching. According to Microsoft’s Syed Bilal Tariq, there will still be an October launch date for Natal. Microsoft’s marketing manager for Saudi Arabia says that the Natal launch: “is going to be somewhere in October and we will be in a position to confirm the date at E3, which is in June, but definitely it is going to be October 2010.”

So there ya go. Soon you’ll be able to play all kinds of Motion controlled games on your Xbox 360, while looking a bit less silly than those using a wii. And it’s about time.

iPad 3G models launching on April 30th

Posted in iPad by Conner Flynn on April 20th, 2010

I know you’ve been waiting for your iPad 3G and if you’ve placed a pre-order for you’ll be happy to know that the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G model will arrive on April 30th.

If you like to get out and pick yours up at a brick-and-mortar Apple retail store, you can do just that on the same day starting at 5:00PM. In order to work over 3G, users need a data plan for an additional monthly fee. You can get 250MB/month service for $15 and an unlimited monthly service for $30.

Apple confirms Best Buy iPads at launch

Posted in iPad by Conner Flynn on March 29th, 2010

It’s almost time Apple fans. There has not been such a demand for pads of any kind since the great monthly visit of ’03. The iPad launches this Saturday, April 3. If you haven’t already pre-ordered, you can try your hand at getting one at retail this weekend.

Apple has confirmed that all 221 of its Apple Stores will have the tablets on sale, and has also confirmed that most Best Buys will have them. Stores will open at 9:00am, so you better be there.

Apple Tablet rumored for an early January launch

Posted in Apple by Conner Flynn on September 30th, 2009

Apple Tablet rumored for an early January launchIt’s been a long and wild ride with the Apple tablet rumors and it isn’t over yet. iLounge has itself a reliable source that has revealed more information on the upcoming Apple Tablet.

According to the source Apple is all set to reveal the touch-screen tablet on or before January 19, 2010. Some other tidbits are that Apple has created at least three prototypes. Version 1 has a 7” screen, which was too small. The latest version has a 10.7” screen. It runs iPhone OS, and it looks like an iPhone 3G, complete with a curved back.

Financial Times confirms Apple Tablet September launch

Posted in Apple by Conner Flynn on July 27th, 2009

Financial Times confirms Apple Tablet September launchAccording to the Financial Times, Apple is all set to launch the Apple tablet in September, along with some fancy new iPods. Word is that Apple is working with record labels and book publishers on new iTunes features for the new device. Companies like EMI, SonyMusic, Warner Music and Universal Music Group. They’ve apparently codenamed the project “Cocktail”.

If you believe the Financial Times’ sources, the device will have a 10-inch touchscreen and run iPhone OS. The tablet will be able to connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi and looks like it will also have a book marketplace.

Palm Pre stock levels for launch day at Best Buy leaked

Posted in Palm by Conner Flynn on June 2nd, 2009

Palm Pre stock levels for launch day at Best Buy leakedLooks like Best Buy’s Pre stock for launch day is pretty meager. Distribution is strange to say the least. This shot comes from a poster over on everythingpre’s forums, who posted a bunch of alleged inventory screen shots.

They suggest that Florida and Texas stores are particularly well-off, with several stores expected to get 18, 20 or more, while Illinois stores suggest that you need not bother at all. So, is this fake or not? It could have something to do with how close each store is to Best Buy’s distribution centers. We have no idea. If this is accurate, you can always start driving to Texas or Florida.

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