Drive someone nuts: USB Phantom Keystroker

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on January 18th, 2009

Drive someone nuts: USB Phantom KeystrokerApril fools day will be here before you know it. Get prepared now and be ready when the day comes. This USB Keystroker is all about messing up your victim’s keyboard and mouse movements. Just hook this USB Keystroker into one of the USB ports of his or her computer and it will start randomly locking the CAPs button of the keyboard, making keystrokes and jiggling the mouse around the screen.

The poor sucker will think their computer is possessed. It also allows you to choose from three levels of speed for it’s phantom activities. It looks just like a flash drive. Just plug it into any USB port in the back of a computer, where it’s hardly noticeable. At only $13 it’s almost too much fun not to purchase.