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Apple’s iPad Will Not Tether to iPhone

Posted in iPad by Darrin Olson on March 7th, 2010

Apple iPad will not tether to iPhoneWhile the tech world is anxiously awaiting the launch of Apple’s iPad, a number questions still looming around the exact details of the device and its functionality. One of those questions which was queried directly to Steve Jobs himself was answered today, apparently by Steve Jobs himself.

The Swedish site Slashat.se reports they had sent a question directly to Apple’s CEO asking if the WiFi version of the iPad will support tethering to the iPhone, allowing 3G data access to the iPad. To this the answer came back simply as: “No. Sent from my iPhone.”

Vers Handcrafted Wood iPad case

Posted in iPad accessories by Conner Flynn on March 7th, 2010

So you’ll be getting your new iPad on April 3, but you’ll need some cool accessories to go along with it. This Vers case will make it look prettier while providing a kickstand for hands-free action.

As you can see it turns that bezel into a beautiful wood frame fit for any piece of artwork or any family photo. The case is made from hardwood and bamboo and is reinforced with steel for durability. It has openings for the 30 pin connector and volume controls and is top-loading.

It’s official: iPad launches April 3, Pre-orders March 12

Posted in iPad by Conner Flynn on March 5th, 2010

It’s official. The iPad is launching in the US on April 3. The 3G model is coming later in the month. Pre-orders start on March 12. We still don’t have an exact date for the 3G model, but we know it’s in late April. Pre-orders start a week from today.

In Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK, both the Wi-Fi and 3G models are launching simultaneously in “late April.” Will there be shortages? How many native iPad apps will launch with it? Still so many questions.

Sony ready to take on Apple

Posted in Sony by Conner Flynn on March 4th, 2010

According to the Wall Street Journal Sony is getting ready to take on Apple this year, with a long-awaited PSP phone and a netbook/eBook reader/PSP hybrid iPad competitor.

There aren’t many details just yet. We know nothing about pricing and specs, but word is that we can expect the PSP phone and the PSPad as soon as this year. The Sony Ericsson PSP phone has actually been in the works since 2007, but has had many delays.

TrendyDigital WaterGuard Waterproof Case for Apple iPad

Posted in iPad accessories by Conner Flynn on March 3rd, 2010

The iPad is nothing if you can’t take it by the pool and show off to your friends. But water is the natural enemy of iGoods. TrendyDigital can help protect your iPad with the WaterGuard Waterproof Case for iPad. It will cost you just $19.99 on Amazon.

It fits all versions of the iPad snugly and protects it from all things water. It also comes with an adjustable strap that lets you wear it around your neck or shoulders, which is bound to look odd.

Will there be an iPad shortage at launch?

Posted in iPad by Conner Flynn on March 1st, 2010

Peter Misek from Canaccord Adams says that the iPad could have some components supply issues that would limit the number of units available worldwide at launch to 300,000 units for the month of March. Apparently, there’s an unspecified production problem at the contracting company that manufactures the iPad.

They had hoped to have 1M units ready by launch. Apple had said during the iPad’s unveiling that the iPad would be available “worldwide” in “60 days” for the WiFi version and in 90 day for the 3G enabled version, so maybe this will only affect the WiFi version?

Shenzhen TESO iPad clone

Posted in iPad by Conner Flynn on March 1st, 2010

The iPad has yet to be released and clones are already hitting the market. Ironically, the Teso made iPad clone will be powered by the Windows 7 operating system, while featuring multi-touch, with the guts of a netbook inside. The device doesn’t even have a name yet.

Specifically, some specs include a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor, a 10.1″ capacitive touchscreen display with 1,024 x 600 resolution, 1GB of RAM, GPS, 3G and a 3,000mAh battery. Nothing on price yet.

iPad to hit pre-sale this week?

Posted in Apple by Shane McGlaun on February 22nd, 2010

If you are one of the many that plans on buying an iPad the day it hits the store a new rumor is circulating that you will like. According to the rumor, the iPad is going up for pre-sale soon.

The pre-sale date is said to be as soon as February 25, which is this week. The iPad is set to launch officially on March 29, about a month out now. The rumor comes from AppAdvice who cites a reliable source familiar with the matter.

Apple in talks to cut TV show prices for iPad

Posted in Apple by Shane McGlaun on February 11th, 2010

Sure, the iPad was a bit disappointing to many who waited so long to see the device finally revealed. Yeah the name of the gadget sounds like something a geeky girl might need once a month or so, but Apple is expecting to sell gobs of the thing.

Apple also apparently thinks that many of the users who buy will be using the iPad for watching TV and video. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is in negotiations with TV studios to reduce the price of TV show episodes for the iPad that is shipping soon.

Notion Ink’s Adam Tablet to have Flash, 1080p, twice the battery life of the iPad

Posted in Tablet PC by Conner Flynn on February 9th, 2010

What’s not to love here? Flash, a longer battery life, and 1080p for starters. This is how Notion Ink is hoping its Android-powered Adam tablet will win your heart. Apparently they’re toying with the idea of launching two different models, one 12.9mm thin and one 11.6mm thin, which suggests different display options.

CEO Rohan Shravan told SlashGear that with the Nvidia chip and Pixel Qi screen, the Adam will boast a battery life at least twice as long as the iPad. Then there’s the 1080p video where the iPad has only 576p, and as mentioned Flash. This could be your new favorite tablet.

Apple may lower price of the iPad

Posted in iPad by Conner Flynn on February 8th, 2010

We all love a bargain, and with the prices of Apple gear being what they are, you would love to save some money right? According to Credit Suisse analyst Bill Shope, Apple executives have said that the pricing will be “nimble” on the iPad. It depends on the demand.

Now that’s not the same as an official confirmation that there will be a price drop, but it makes a lot of sense. If they lower the $499 price point they might actually have competitors worried. A lower price would certainly help any fence-sitters make up their minds to buy.

Yinlips iPad clone with E-Ink

Posted in ebooks by Conner Flynn on February 6th, 2010

Many people love the idea of the iPad, but don’t like the LCD screen. If that’s how you feel then check out what Yinlips has in store. Their iPad lookalike features an E-Ink screen.

Of course there are some downsides. No color here and it won’t run any of those apps you love, but if you don’t mind the trade-off this device may be for you. It features a 6″ E-Ink touchscreen, 20 hours of battery life, and supports PDF, TXT, HTML, and some photo formats.

BodyGuardz Announces Clear Film Protection for iPad

Posted in iPad,iPad accessories by Shane McGlaun on February 3rd, 2010

If you are planning to buy yourself one of the cool new iPads that debuted this month when they start shipping, you probably have your eye on some accessories as well. BodyGuardz has announced that it is taking pre-orders on protective films for the iPad.

You can get different protective film packs that are designed to prevent scratches on the front and back of the iPad. The only downside to this film is that it won’t provide impact protection if you drop the iPad. The film is made from the same material that is used on the front of some cars as clear protection from rocks and dings.

Cocoon Innovations offers iPad compatible messenger bag

Posted in Baggage by Shane McGlaun on February 1st, 2010

iPad accessories are coming at a fast pace now that the device is official. We are seeing all sorts of gear with a lot of the stuff being sleeves and bags to protect the iPad while you are on the go. A new bag from Cocoon Innovations has been unveiled that will hold the iPad and lots of other stuff.

The bag is called the Gramercy messenger sling and it is designed to be worn over the shoulder. Inside the bag is a slot that will fit the iPad and is padded for protecting the device. The bag also features a GRID-IT system to store other gear that has elastic straps for holding things.

Make your own Lego iPad tablet

Posted in lego by Conner Flynn on January 31st, 2010

Are you an Apple fanboy who absolutely can’t wait to get your hands on Apple’s latest high tech/low capacity creation? No need to wait. You can have yourself a pretend iPad right now.

Made from Lego. This Lego iPad is the work of Joe Meno, editor of the Lego fan site Brick Journal. This is how the iPad looks in plastic brick form. Now you can have one months ahead of everyone else. While you are at it, you can add some much needed functionality, like say USB ports.