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TomTom Offers Americans New Connected GPS Device

Posted in GPS by Nino Marchetti on January 8th, 2009

TomTom GO 740 LIVE

TomTom announced today it is bringing one of its European GPS units to American shores sometime in the second quarter of the year. It is called the GO 740 LIVE.

The GO 740 LIVE, said TomTom, is a connected GPS device, meaning it automatic delivers content designed to help drivers navigate the roads. It wirelessly receives real-time traffic speed and incident reports every two to five minutes. Traffic delays can be heard audibly on the device as well as displayed on the screen. A built-in SIM card and GPRS modem also delivers to the 740 Google Local Search, local gas prices and weather forecasts among other things.

New Garmin GPS unit helps your golf game

Posted in GPS by Nino Marchetti on January 7th, 2009

Garmin Approach G5

Garmin, in expanding its line of outdoor recreation GPS devices, feels now is the time to unveil a GPS unit for those among us who golf. It is called the Approach G5 and there is not yet any pricing information available.

The Garmin Approach G5 sports a three-inch touchscreen display and is designed specifically for the golf course. It is said to show golfers the precise distance to the center of green or other key course features, helping to improve a golfer’s score. It comes preloaded with thousands of courses in the United States.

Pharos Traveler 137, coming this quarter for $599.95

Posted in Pharos by Conner Flynn on January 6th, 2009

Pharos Traveler 137, coming this quarter for $599.95Pharos’ new Windows Mobile-based offering features a 3.5-inch display with wide VGA, and 3.5G data. You’ll get 512MB of Flash, 256MB of RAM, AGPS, 7.2Mbps HSPA on T-Mobile USA and European bands, WiFi, 3-megapixel cam to round it all out.

Sounds like an X1 without a keyboard. The device weighs just 4.9 ounces and will hit retailers this quarter for $599.95. Ouch! That’s kinda expensive. I don’t think it will be replacing many iPhones. I think it may tank. Hard.

Lok8u announces Nu•M8 GPS child locator watch

Posted in CES 2009 by Conner Flynn on January 6th, 2009

Lok8u announces Nu•M8 GPS child locator watchLok8u has made the trek from the UK all the way to Vegas so they could show off their Nu•M8 GPS child locator at CES. It’s the “innovative new best friend for parents and children.” Yippee. Try telling your kid that after he’s been beat up for wearing such a hefty nerd watch.

The device is touted as the first of its kind, created specifically to be worn by children with the technology “cleverly concealed within a child’s digital watch.” Um, okay. I think everyone who sees this watch knows that something is up. The watch will also send an alert if it’s ever “forcibly removed,”, thereby forcing your child to wear their $218 watch.

Dillyeo Daily Deal

Daily Deal: ViaMichelin X970 Portable GPS

Posted in Dillyeo Daily Deal by dillyeo on December 8th, 2008

The ViaMichelin X-970 arrived in the US around a year and a half ago. It comes fully loaded with 64MB of RAM, a 400-MHz processor, and a SiRFStarIII GPS receiver technology. On a 2GB SD card Navteq maps covering the U.S. and Canada are stored and supplied. The X-970 also includes 3.6 million points of interest, including the Michelin Green Guide, an aggregation of tourist information with everything from price ranges to hours of operation to historical context.

The X-970 also has Real time traffic capability, Bluetooth capabilities, and is compatible with many mobile devices for handling phone calls on the road, hands free. Despite what has been described as a difficult learning curve, and despite some of it’s less impressive, more frustrating features, the pros definitely counterbalance the cons. Also, for what it costs right now on Dillyeo, I can’t really find a better GPS value on the internet, though you might want to check that out for yourself.

“The Guide” umbrella helps tourists

Posted in Outdoors by Conner Flynn on November 9th, 2008

“The Guide” umbrella helps touristsHere’s a perfect accessory for tourists who get lost while visiting rainy cities. It’s an awesome alternative to GPS devices, that will help you find your way and keep you dry at the same time. It’s like having your own tour guide with you in the city, featuring a map of the city with such spots as cafes highlighted, along with restaurants and hot spots. The design shown is by Cansu Cender and features a map of Istanbul, Turkey. It can easily be of help in any other cities and it would be great to see these sold at tourist shops. Very nice idea.

LEGO security bracelet for kids

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on October 30th, 2008

LEGO security bracelet for kidsThis concept security bracelet for kids comes from a project led by Rodrigo Torres. The idea is that if you combine a security bracelet with LEGO, kids will be more apt to wear it and be tracked for safety reasons. It’s got several features that will get your kid to keep it with him/her.

First off, they can design it the way they like with LEGO bricks. Throw in some games, photos, speaker and the a Lego man in front, and your kid is suckered into being tracked while having a fun device of their own. Heck, I want one myself. I don’t care if it’s tracking me. Sadly, it remains but a concept at the moment.

GPS Golf Guru goes color

Posted in GPS by Shane McGlaun on September 30th, 2008

GPS GolfGuru ColorI have never understood the appeal of golfing myself and have never been to a real golf course. I take my kids to play put-put on occasion and typically, my 7-year-old beats me. As close as I care to get to a real game of golf is on the Wii.

For those of you who like real golfing, a new GPS tool is now better equipped to improve your game. The gadget is called the GPS Golf Guru Color Guru and offers a color GPS screen that is 320 x 240 pixels. The device stores information on 300 courses and up to 30 features per hole.

Pioneer drops 5 New GPS navigation systems

Posted in GPS by Conner Flynn on September 29th, 2008

Pioneer drops 5 New GPS navigation systemsPioneer intros not one, not two, but four new GPS navigation devices at once. Collectively they are the HRZ099, HRZ088, HRV022, and HRV011. They all share the same specifications including a 40GB storage capacity, 1Seg TV, 7-Inch LCD Screen and they can play WMA, MP3, AAC, and DivX file formats. As you might expect, hey are also compatible with iPods.

The Pioneer HRZ099 is the High-End model of the litter, equipped with a 800 x 480 resolution. The others are 480×234. The Pioneer HRZ099 and HRZ088 also feature a built-in Amplifier with a maximum output of 50W x 4ch. Aside from these 7-Inch GPS devices, the company also introduced a 5.8-Inch GPS which sports 8GB of Flash Memory, a built-in amplifier (50w x4), 1Seg TV tuner, an SD card slot and USB Port. It can also reproduce DVD/WMA/MP3/DivX/WAV/MPEG-4 files.

Garmin Edge 705 Team Edition cycling computer available

Posted in Garmin by Shane McGlaun on September 23rd, 2008

Garmin Edge 705T Cycling ComputerI used to ride a bike frequently, when I was like 12 and couldn’t drive. Since then I try and not get out in the Texas heat on a bicycle with moronic rednecks flying by seeing how close to you they can get with their giant cow trailer pulling mirrors. I do know several people who like cycling though.

For those of you who are really into cycling Garmin has announced that its Team Garmin Edition Edge 705 is now available. The cycling computer comes in orange representing the uniform color of the Garmin-Chipotle cycling team.

GPS navigation system & game console

Posted in GPS by Conner Flynn on September 22nd, 2008

GPS navigation system & game consoleKinwei Technologies of Shenzen is a GPS navigation system manufacturer who also loves games. Old school games. The KW-GM4306TG is a GPS navigation system and a gaming console in one. And no, this won’t replace your DS or PSP. Apparently the device only supports 8 bits games, circa 1985.

It sports a 4.3-inch TFT LCD Touch screen with 480 x 272 pixels resolution, powered by a Samsung ARM9 400MHz processor. The OS is Microsoft Windows CE.NET 4.2 and you even get a crappy controller for the games. Inside there’s a 64MB SDRAM ROM and 256MB NAND flash, and a high sensitive SiRF III antenna with 20 channels. It also has an AV-in port so if you get a rear view camera you can connect it to use the 4.3″ screen.

Flickr bikes coming to a city near you

Posted in Yahoo by Conner Flynn on September 16th, 2008

Flickr bikes coming to a city near youThis is one of a small fleet of GPS and cameraphone equipped bicycles that Flickr has deployed in select cities around the world. It’s purple, solar powered, pedal powered, GPS powered and it probably needs a little basket with a bow to complete the girl’s bike look. The bikes have handlebar-mounted cameraphones (Nokia N95s, based on the metadata in the Flickr photos) that will snap a shot every 60 seconds while the bike is in motion. Then the photos get uploaded with the geodata, to a special Flickr account.

I have no idea what the purpose is, other then publicity. I suppose they could partner with Nokia etc and start selling these bikes. They are likely to be a nice collectible in a few years, so if you have one keep it safe. And try not to get into too much trouble snapping pics of drug dealers and uploading them.

Slim LiveView GPS PT-10 offers extremely timely tracking

Posted in GPS by Nino Marchetti on September 8th, 2008

LiveViewGPS PT-10

A company by the name of LiveViewGPS is claiming today to be offering the world’s smallest portable Live GPS tracking device. It is called the PT-10 and you’ll find it available for around $350.

The PT-10 from LiveViewGPS, measuring 3.5- x 2.08- x 0.75-inches, lets you track it live from any Web enabled computer via updates every 10 seconds when moving over 10mph, or every 20 feet when walking. The compact size and quick updates seem to make this the type of product one can use to keep track of loved ones, such as children, or items like cars.

Sony adds new GPS models to nav-u line

Posted in GPS by Nino Marchetti on August 27th, 2008

Sony nav-u NV-U94T

Sony took the wraps today off an expanded line up of its nav-u personal navigation devices. These new models – the NV-U94T, NV-U84, NV-U74T and NV-U44 – price around $400, $350, $300 and $250 respectively and will be available in September.

Sony says new features of these four just added nav-u GPS units include more brand icons, search functionality and photo viewing features. The top dog of this group is the NV-U94T, adding “a photo viewer, audio/video player and stereo Bluetooth technology for streaming audio and making hands-free phone calls using compatible devices.” You can get full details on these models after the jump.

Navigon packs lots of features into 7200T GPS unit

Posted in GPS by Nino Marchetti on August 27th, 2008

Navigon 7200T

Navigon is unveiling its latest high end GPS unit just in time before it goes on sale in October. It is known as the 7200T and you’ll find it pricing around $450.

The Navigon 7200T sports a thin design and touchscreen interface. Key features of this GPS device include free real-time traffic updates, voice recognition which routes one to an address based upon saying it, 3D points of interest, 3D views with road signs and lane guidance for many highway interchanges and exits, lane maps with arrows and road geometry, Bluetooth speakerphone integration and POI data from Zagat.