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Pioneer unveils iPhone app that allows interaction with in-dash nav units

Posted in Pioneer by Shane McGlaun on September 22nd, 2009

avicfeeds-sgSome of the new vehicles on the roads today have navigation systems built in from the factory. Other vehicles don’t and the driver has to choose from in-dash navigation units or the type of navigation units that stick to the windshield. The in-dash sort is much better looking and Pioneer offers a while line of them.

Today Pioneer announced a new iPhone app that interacts with two of its high-end in-dash navigation devices including the AVIC-U310BT and the AVIC-Z110BT. Both of the navigation systems can interact with the iPhone app via Bluetooth.

Teclast T56 PMP does 1080P

Posted in Portable Meda Players by Conner Flynn on September 20th, 2009

Teclast T56 PMP does 1080PIf you want a PMP that outputs 1080p video, you’ve probably noticed that a PMP like that is hard to find. Even the ones that have HD in their name aren’t up to it. Now it looks like China’s Teclast could be the one to get in on the 1080p action first and beat some of the big players.

Well, if the new T56 PMP actually does what it says anyway. The device sports a 5-inch screen that boasts full 1080p output from its HDMI port, or a standard 800 x 600 resolution on the screen itself. No info on storage yet, but the rest of the specs are high-end across the board. Features like built-in GPS, an FM tuner, a memory card slot, and a unibody-type enclosure.

RoamEO Pup GPS Tracking System for pets

Posted in Pets by Conner Flynn on September 13th, 2009

RoamEO Pup GPS Tracking System for petsTo many people pets are just as loved as their children. So why not protect them from getting lost with the RoamEO Pup dog collar. It contains a GPS receiver so you can detect where your pet is if he/she wanders off to sniff far away butts and pee on far away trees.

The collar broadcasts to the LCD handset receiver which can track up to 2 collars at once. The signal from the collars is detectable up to 3 miles from the receiver. It comes with a built-in battery that will last between 18 and 30 hours.

APSI 100 GPS with removable PMP

Posted in GPS by Conner Flynn on September 10th, 2009

APSI 100 GPS with removable PMPThe most interesting aspect of the APSI C100 is that it features a large touchscreen display that can be removed from the dock and used as a portable media player. This gives you two gadgets in one and some bragging rights when your buddies are in the car.

The device can also be used as a remote to control your media system when connected to the dock in your car. Gini 3D software features all South Korea maps including accurate 3D renders of buildings and other structures. No info on pricing or if it will ever show up in this part of the world.

Garmin Edge 500 bike GPS

Posted in GPS by Conner Flynn on September 1st, 2009

garmGarmin Edge 500 bike GPSGarmin has released the Edge 500 cycling GPS device in blue and white, for cycling enthusiasts. The device offers data on actual positional and speed data as well as estimated calories burned and amount of climb or descent.

The Edge 500 can be also be paired with wireless sensors specific to Garmin or which support the ANT+ format. The Edge 500 boasts about 18 hours of battery life, and when its time, it can be recharged via USB. You can also send data to a Mac or Windows-powered machine through USB.

Amber Alert GPS intros GPS 2G device

Posted in GPS by Conner Flynn on August 26th, 2009

Amber Alert GPS intros GPS 2G device These days you can’t be too cautious about the safety of your child. And so Amber Alert has introduced their Amber Alert GPS 2G child tracking device. It will keep tabs on the little ones and give you peace of mind. The Amber Alert GPS 2G allows parents to limit their child’s boundaries with a pre-designated safe zone regardless of where they are.

The device also creates a “bread crumbing” trail of the children’s route by using a series of alerts and alerts you when they get to their destination safely. You’ll also get voice monitoring and the ability to monitor the vehicle’s speed.

Samsung’s ST1000 camera with WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS

Posted in Cameras by Conner Flynn on August 13th, 2009

Samsung's ST1000 camera with WiFi, Bluetooth and GPSSamsung has a world’s first, with the 12.2 MP ST1000, which they are calling the “first multi-wireless compact camera”. It sports a 3.5″ touch screen LCD with 1.2 million dot resolution, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS geotagging built-in.

Some other features include a 5x zoom, HD video recording (1280x720p), ISO 4800 sensitivity and a Smart Gesture UI that allows you to access things with a tap or hand gesture. We don’t have an official price or release date just yet, but rumors suggest that it will be around $600.

Navigarius GPS concept

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on August 12th, 2009

Navigarius GPS conceptThe Art Lebedev Studio always comes up with stunning designs that have a great chance to hit retail. The Navigarius GPS concept is another home run. This GPS will feature touchscreen controls for easy navigation, USB connectivity, a microSD memory card slot, cigarette lighter adapter for use in your car, and a detachable stand.

It’s perfect for your futuristic dashboard. And it’s nice to see a round screen among a sea of squares. The only place square GPS units will get you is squaresville baby. It’s nice to visit, but no one wants to live there.

Sony introduces NV-U3DV Nav-U GPS navigation device

Posted in GPS by Conner Flynn on July 22nd, 2009

Sony introduces NV-U3DV Nav-U GPS navigation deviceSony’s new NV-U3DV navigation system should turn a few heads with its large 6.1-inch screen. But that’s not the only thing it has going for it. It sports a 480×272 resolution which will give you bigger buttons and more map space, along with some other unique features like Position+ G, which uses an accelerometer, gyro-sensor, and pressure sensors which help it figure out the direction of the vehicle.

Aside from those features, it has all the usual stuff, even mobile TV in Japan, live traffic information, and various guides from PetaMap. No word on a release in the states just yet, but those in Japan can pick one up in August for around $700.

Garmin and BMW unveil new motorcycle GPS device

Posted in Garmin by Shane McGlaun on July 6th, 2009

garminbmw-sbWhen GPS devices first started to become popular as options on vehicles, they were mainly limited to high-end luxury cars. As the price of GPS technology has come down, more and more vehicles and motorcycles are adding GPS options and many are opting for portable navigation devices.

Garmin and BMW have announced the introduction of a new GPS device that is customized for BMW motorcycle owners called the BMW Motrrad Navigator IV. The device has custom BMW features including a custom mount, preloaded BMW dealer database, and audio and Bluetooth capabilities.

Dell to turn Netbooks into Navigation Devices

Posted in Dell by Conner Flynn on July 2nd, 2009

Dell Vostro 1220 available, starts at $799Soon Dell Netbooks, specifically the Dell Mini 10, will be available with a $69 Wireless 700 Card which will make the netbook navigation capable, just like your smartphone. The Wi-Fi enabled card would let you navigate just like with other devices.

The Wireless 700 card uses a combination of Broadcom’s GPS technology and Skyhook Wireless’ Wi-Fi positioning solutions. The integrated navigation software will provide 2D and 3D map viewing and will help save addresses for trip and route optimization. Users could also geo-tag photos to flickr and get weather updates for a specific location.

Navigon iPhone app available soon in U.S.

Posted in Apple by Shane McGlaun on June 22nd, 2009

navigoniphone-sbThe iPhone 3G and the new 3G S mobile phones are slick devices that are very popular. They both have integrated GPS capabilities, but Apple really didn’t go all out to take advantage of the navigation capabilities of the device.

Navigon has announced a new App that is available now in Europe and will be available soon in the U.S. called MobileNavigator for the iPhone. The app turns the iPhone into a fully functional portable navigation device.

Nokia E72, slim and sleek

Posted in Nokia by Conner Flynn on June 16th, 2009

Nokia E72, slim and sleekThe Nokia E72 made a brief appearance the other day in a leaked promo video. Now we have more details. The phone sports a stylish QWERTY keypad, a 5 megapixel camera, HSUPA (up to 2Mbps) and faster HSDPA (Up to 10Mbps).

The E72 also has a new optical Navi key, which acts like an optical trackpad for navigating through the menu, and applications. It also acts as an electronic compass to enhance GPS navigation. The Nokia E72 is expected to hit in the third quarter of 2009 with a 4GB microSD card in the box and a lifetime license for Nokia messaging.

TomTom’s Homer Simpson voice skin

Posted in GPS by Conner Flynn on June 16th, 2009

TomTom's Homer Simpson voice skinNovelty GPS products are few and far between. Sure, we have the Knight Rider GPS, but do you really want to be re-living all of those car chase scenes while behind the wheel? Probably not a good idea if you are easily convinced that your car has rocket boosters.

So how should the average guy use GPS? I’m glad you asked. The official Homer Simpson voice skin for the TomTom GPS of course. It features Homer’s voice saying things like “Take the third right. We might find an ice cream truck! Mmm…ice cream.”

Pioneer announces X710BT and X910BT vehicle nav units

Posted in Pioneer Electronics by Shane McGlaun on June 15th, 2009

pioneeravic_x910bt-sbThis morning I mentioned the new high-end Pioneer in-car nav device that sold for $1,600. That’s a lot of money for a car stereo to most of us. Thankfully, Pioneer has also announced a couple other nav units that are significantly cheaper, but not cheap by any means.

The two units are the Pioneer AVIC-X710BT and X910BT. Both units are dual din car radios with integrated navigation, stereo tuners and more. The navigation software offers several map view modes, simulated highway signs, and 3D icons for hotels and more.