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Google Glass Prompts Fight in San Fran Bar

Posted in News by Darrin Olson on February 26th, 2014

Woman claims attack for wearing Google GlassA woman posted on her Facebook page that she was attacked by fellow patrons as a result of wearing her Google Glass in a local San Francisco bar on Friday. Sarah Slocum posted that while wearing the device she was confronted by two women and then had the wearable device ripped from her face by a man.

“OMG so you’ll never believe this but… I got verbally and physically assaulted and robbed last night in the city, had things thrown at me because of some *** Google Glass haters …”

wrote Slocum.

From witness reports, it appears many people were interested and excited to see the new technology in action however others nearing the “last call” expressed concern about being video recorded in public which prompted a fight outside the bar between another man and Slocum’s male companion. …

Alien squid fights a giant robot in Japanese tourism videos

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on March 26th, 2009

Alien squid fights a giant robot in Japanese tourism videosHow do you get tourists to visit your land? Make it very clear that there is a chance that a giant robot and squid will battle it out during your stay. That’s apparently what the city of Hakodate, Japan was thinking. They’ve been producing official tourism videos unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

They’re action-packed and feature famous landmarks as giant robots battle a mechanical squid hijacked by aliens. It’s pretty awesome. I don’t know if I’ll visit anytime soon, but I sure enjoyed the flick. First video below.

ALCNON humanoid bot picks on bots not quite it’s own size

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on November 13th, 2008

In the video above, this gigantic ALCNON humanoid robot picks a fight with a miniature opponent, showing off a combination of his swift punches and dance moves. The little bot is pretty scrappy and comes at him again and again, sadly to no avail. It’s all pretty sad, yet strangely satisfying.

Despite ALCNON having a name that sounds like a substance abuse meeting, he’s presumably pretty adapt at picking on robots his own size, not that you’d know it from this video. He sports a creepy cyclops eye, and two pincers for hands. ALCNON was a big star at the recent ROBO-ONE robot battle in Japan.

Snowball Blaster: Bringin’ a gun to a Snowball fight

Posted in Weapons by Conner Flynn on October 30th, 2008

Snowball Blaster: Bringin’ a gun to a Snowball fightThis portable toy blaster can pack and launch softball-sized snowballs, making you the new undisputed king of the snowball fight. It will give you “rapid, long-range assaults during neighborhood snowball confrontations.” Just place the snow in the forming chamber, close the lid, and you’ve got three perfectly spherical snowballs.

To shoot, place one snowball in the muzzle, aim the launcher, and pull back the slingshot mechanism. It’s powered by elastomers (Fancy talk for slingshot rubber?) and made of durable, cold-resistant plastic. You even get targets for shooting practice. Boy are your friends gonna hurt! The 50′ Snowball Launcher is available for $29.95.

Nintendo rocks a pink ribbon to fight breast cancer

Posted in Nintendo DS by Conner Flynn on September 26th, 2008

Nintendo rocks a pink ribbon to fight breast cancerIt happens to all popular gadgets and now it’s the Nintendo DS’ time. The Limited Edition Pink Ribbon to help fight breast cancer, which doesn’t just affect women, men can get it too. In shocking Wii white with a pink ribbon, you won’t get any games or accessories, but five dollars of the $129.99 purchase will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, with Nintendo promising a minimum donation of $100,000. If you haven’t already jumped on the DS bandwagon, this is your chance to do so and do some good.