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Century External HDD Enclosure With Cooling Fan And LCD Display

Posted in External Hard Drives by Conner Flynn on June 12th, 2011

Century has unveiled a new external HDD enclosure that features a cooling fan and an LCD display. It goes by the name of Century CLS35EU3BF. This 3.5-inch SATA HDD enclosure has an 8cm fan that is powered by a USB 3.0 cable.

The LCD display gives you important information about the drive, like temperature and the fan speed to make sure all is as it should be. The Century CLS35EU3BF USB 3.0 external HDD enclosure will cost you about $62.21.

Logitec Master Series of Japan USB 3.0 External HDD

Posted in External Hard Drives by Conner Flynn on May 24th, 2011

Logitec Japan has unveiled their latest version of the “Master Series of Japan” external HDDs. They are available in 1TB, 2TB, or 3TB storage capacities and these external HDDs now support the high speed USB 3.0 interface.

These storage devices are also compatible with both Mac and Windows systems. If you are in Japan you can buy the Logitec “Master Series of Japan” external HDD series right now for between 8,980 Yen ($109) to 24,800 Yen ($303).

Clickfree C2 Rugged External HDD Can Take A Fall

Posted in External Hard Drives by Conner Flynn on May 22nd, 2011

Storage Appliance Corporation has announced the new Clickfree C2 Rugged portable HDD. This storage device passes U.S. Military Standard Transit Drop Test (MIL-STD 801F Method 516.5 Procedurte IV) and will continue to work even after accidental drops from 48-inches. That’s pretty tough.

It has a sturdy rubber outer sleeve as well as inner shock absorbers. If you are accident prone, make sure you pick one up. The Clickfree C2 Rugged uses a patented EASY Run feature to automatically start, search, organize and backup a computer’s data as soon as you are connected to a PC or Mac, which is another nice feature.

I-O Data HDCA-UT3.0K 3TB External HDD

Posted in Storage by Conner Flynn on May 1st, 2011

I-O Data has launched the I-O Data HDCA-UT3.0K external HDD. This storage device delivers 3TB of storage space and a USB 3.0 port, which is backwards compatible with the USB 2.0 interface we all know and love.

It is also compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Probably the most interesting feature is that it can also be used to record TV shows if you have a TV with a USB HDD recording mode. The new I-O Data HDCA-UT3.0K 3TB external HDD will cost you 27,720 Yen (or $314).

Hitachi offers up new SimpleDrive and SimpleTech 2TB external HDDs

Posted in Hitachi by Shane McGlaun on November 17th, 2009

hitachiduopro-sgIf there is one common truth about external storage solutions it is that you always use more capacity than you think you will. This is especially true of you are the type who produces and consumes lots of digital media. Hitachi has announced several new external storage devices boasting 2TB of space.

The external solutions include the SimpleDrive USB 2.0 storage solution selling for $249.99. It works with both Mac and Windows computers. Hitachi also crammed 2TB of storage inside its SimpleTech line of solutions. The SimpleTech Pro Drive has USB, FireWire 400/800, and eSATA connectivity to go along with its 2TB HDD for $299.99.

Western Digital My Book Studio with E-Label display launches

Posted in Western Digital by Shane McGlaun on October 6th, 2009

wdmybook-sgExternal storage solutions have lots of uses in today’s home. With the huge amounts of digital content the average consumer uses today, we need a place to back that data up. Western Digital has announced a new My Book Studio external hard drive that has an e-label display built-in.

The cool part about the display is that it can show the volume label and how much space is left on the drive even when the drive is not plugged in. The device is designed for Mac users and has FireWire 800 interface and 256-bit hardware encryption.

Freecom announces rugged portable hard drive

Posted in Storage by Shane McGlaun on March 19th, 2009

freecomhdd-sbThere are a myriad of uses for external hard drives from transporting data to and from the office or home to backing up important data on your computer. One thing that most of the external hard drives have in common is that they are not rugged enough to be taken on the go without risking damage.

Freecom has a new drive called the ToughDrive Sport that it claims to be the toughest external hard drive yet. The drive can withstand drops of up to two meters in height and is protected against adverse weather like rain. The drive is meant to be carried on the go and has a loop in one corner.

Rocstor to show line of Eagleroc external HDDs at CeBIT 2009

Posted in Storage by Shane McGlaun on March 2nd, 2009

Rocstor External HDDAfter CES comes and goes the next big consumer electronics show happens in Germany and is called CeBIT. CeBIT 2009 will be kicking off this month and a slew of new computers, computer accessories and consumer electronics devices will be debuted at the show.

Among the new devices will be a line of external hard drives from Rocstor called Eagleroc. The Eagleroc drives are available with versions supports USB, FireWire 400, FireWire 800 and eSATA. Some of the drives use small 2.5-imnch notebook HDDs and some use larger 3.5-inmch drives.