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EA Sports Active for the Wii

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on February 21st, 2009

EA Sports Active for the WiiElectronic Arts wants to have more Wii cred, so they are unveiling the new EA Sports Active exercise package, and they hope that it soars past the Wii Fit as the best-selling fitness title on the console. EA claims that you will benefit from a more serious workout with Sports Active compared to Wii Fit.

EA’s exercise routine will focus on cardio and strength improvement challenges, and can be played by a single person or as a group. There’s also a new peripheral. A specially designed leg strap that will hold the Nunchuk while you hold the Wiimote in your hand. This lets the software track both upper and lower body movement with more accuracy.

Riiflex Weights for Wii Fit

Posted in Wii Accessories by Conner Flynn on January 21st, 2009

Riiflex Weights for Wii FitYou knew it had to happen. They actually intend to make us do serious exercise with this Wii-Fit thing. A patent-pending peripheral called “riiflex” will turn your Wiimotes into dumbells thanks to some 2lb and 5lb cases. The design is pretty interesting. These even feature a trigger port for access to all the Wiimote’s buttons.

They are available for preorder deposit. While the price is still undecided, they estimate that these weights will cost you around $30 per unit. I’m sure they are already planning a way to include the nunchuk. One question. Do serious weight-lifting meatheads even use the Wii?

jOG forces Wii gamers to move around more

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on January 7th, 2009

jOG forces Wii gamers to move around moreSure, you’ve flicked your wrist again and again playing Wii Tennis. You’ve swung your arms about while playing baseball. Now, prepare to run…jOG. The jOG for Wii (also compatible with PS2) only allows gamers to use their joysticks if they’re physically jogging at the same time.

The device works by connecting to your controller through a cable and then being attached to your pants. After that, if you want to use the controller’s joystick, you better be jogging fatty. The jOG-S21 will be available in the near future and will cost around $25. Below you’ll find a video demonstrating how the jOG works.

Hands On with the iTami FiTrainer virtual coach

Posted in Exercise Gadgets,Review by Darrin Olson on January 7th, 2009

iTami FiTrainer headsetReviewing a technology gadget is usually is fair amount of work anyway, but trying out the FiTrainer from iTami turned out to be a little more than I had bargained for. The FiTrainer is essentially a customizable, virtual fitness coach with direct access to your current level of exertion and your ears.

The device is essentially a pair of somewhat-large headphones with a built in heart-rate monitor, music and voice prompts to continuously keep you in the “right” zone for your workout. Users enter in the type of workout and their age and then start exercising. The voice inside the headset guides you through the rest.

Canine treadmill takes the dog for a walk while you play video games

Posted in Pets by Conner Flynn on January 2nd, 2009

Canine treadmill takes the dog for a walk while you play video gamesHaving a dog can be awesome. You are like a God to man’s best friend. Animals are even said to help keep you stress free. But they are pretty high maintenance, with the feeding and the walking. It can really cut into your gaming time.

Thankfully, this dog treadmill will help. No longer will you need to pause your game and go take Fido for a walk. He can do it his own damn self, while you continue fragging zombies. The Canine Treadmill comes in three sizes for three sizes of dog, and is priced at $550, $700 and $900, respectively.

Wii puts 10 Brits in Hospital Per Week

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on December 22nd, 2008

Wii puts 10 Brits in Hospital Per WeekThe latest Wii nonsense happening in the World has nothing to do with Wii-tards shattering TVs, or boyfriends recording their hot girlfriends getting fit. No, the latest Wii news is happening in Britain where The Sun is reporting that 10 Wii users per week in the UK are being hospitalized.

According to Doctors, patients are reporting excruciating pain in their shoulders and knees. They are calling the phenomenon Wii-itus and Wii-Knee, supposedly caused by making sudden movements in the tennis game and in Wii-Fit. But more likely, these are probably just out of shape gamers who are not used to moving. According to Doctors, some potential problems later in life for Wii-itus sufferers include rheumatism, arthritis, inflammation of the shoulder or wrist and a desire to play a different console. Any console that will allow them to lay in bed with a good cheeseburger.

iPhone Hand Grip charger makes you work for a full battery

Posted in iPhone Accessories by Conner Flynn on November 17th, 2008

iPhone Hand Grip charger makes you work for a full batterySometimes going green can be a real pain. Take this green concept for instance. This iPhone hand grip charger will give you Hulk hands before you even get a full battery. Great for a hand workout, but you’d have to be pretty dedicated to your iPhone to stick with it.

This concept is called “You can work it out” and it was designed by Mac Funamizu, who must have huge beefy clown hands and an always working iPhone. Apple should offer some accessories like this ala Wii Fit. Various exercise gadgets to power up Apple products owned by the obese. It would be green and lean. That’s the slogan right there.

EA Sports Active for Wii

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on November 16th, 2008

EA Sports Active for WiiWith both Wii fit and Wii Sports being hits, expectations are high for EA Sports Active. EA Sports Active is a family game but specifically targets women who want to stay fit while having fun. The title will be the first in a new line of EA SPORTS fitness and sports products in development. The game targets both the upper and lower body plus some cardio.

It’s meant for two players and will give you motivation with real-time feedback on your workout. Stuff like calories burned. You can of course modify the intensity levels to suit your own skills. EA Sports Active comes with two leg straps that hold the Wii’s Nunchuk controller to track lower body movement and a resistance band for upper body strength training exercises. The game will be available in Spring 2009 for about $59.99.

Taxi Walker Pedometer shows you how much you save by walking

Posted in Exercise Gadgets by Conner Flynn on October 21st, 2008

Taxi Walker Pedometer shows you how much you save by walkingThe Taxi Walker Pedometer from Japan gives you the usual calorie and distance measurements of a standard pedometer, but what’s interesting is that it integrates a meter displaying how much money you are saving by walking rather then taking a taxi the same distance. A good gadget to have in this economic climate.

Apparently, it’s fully programmable, and will calculate cab fares depending on your geographic location. You can even set it to make sound effects whenever a cab fare increases. The device is available in yellow, orange, white, or black for $29.00. Yeah, but will it yell at you in a foreign accent and honk an imaginary horn?

Nintendo’s pedometer is for the DS

Posted in Nintendo DS by Conner Flynn on October 3rd, 2008

Nintendo’s pedometer is for the DSSo, we have more info on that pedometer we told you about the other day. It’s not just a crap Wii-Fit add-on that threw our way to pacify us. It’s called the Life Rhythm Counter and is apparently for a fitness game on the DS (and new DSi?). The price is about $17, and interestingly the title lets you transfer Wii Miis to the DS. It traps their souls in there or something. Looks like it will be out in November.

Home Swimmer: Unleash your inner Michael Phelps

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on September 18th, 2008

Home Swimmer: Unleash your inner Michael PhelpsSo you wanna swim like Michael Phelps, but your pool isn’t exactly Olympic size. That’s where the Home Swimmer comes in handy. It’s like a treadmill for the pool. It will keep you in place so you can feel like your pool has no boundaries, which will give you a great workout and let you practice for the gold at the same time.

Looks like it’s pretty simple to use. Just attach any flabby person to the tether, suspend a Big Mac two feet in front of him and the fun begins. It’s only $89.99. I suppose you could just, you know, swim around on your own, but I guess some people need to be tethered to get fit.

Entertrainer gets you in shape with punishment

Posted in Exercise Gadgets by Conner Flynn on September 9th, 2008

Entertrainer gets you in shape with punishmentThis device is like a 12 sided nerd die with a drill instructor inside. So, maybe a drill instructor mage, tired of your fat dwarf ass. Time to level down pudgy. The idea is that you only get to watch the television when you work out. Because you are a couch potato. If you don’t work hard enough, the TV gets turned off.

The heart rate monitor keeps a check on the heartbeat, and when there is any sign of slack, the TV volume is decreased 20%, and any further slacking will lead to punishment. This motivational device is priced at $39.95. This would be awesome for those fat guys who watch football. They won’t want to miss their game so they are quite motivated to work off that beer belly.

Dumbbells made with CDs are a great geek workout

Posted in Exercise Gadgets by Conner Flynn on August 12th, 2008

Dumbbells made with CDs are a great geek workout
Geek or not, if there’s one thing we all have plenty of it’s Cds. And if you want some exercise, but don’t happen to have any dumbbells around, just create your own with all of those CDs collecting dust. The one pictured is 10lbs. All you need are 150 CDs, a threaded rod and bolts and you’ve got a 10 pound weight. The rest is up to you my flabby friend. This should give you an idea of what mailmen had to go through back when all those AOL CDs were arriving at your house. Sure some got all muscular, but others threw out their backs.

Treadwall for those going nowhere

Posted in Exercise Gadgets by Conner Flynn on August 3rd, 2008

Treadwall for those going nowhere
The Treadwall is great for those who love the outdoors but have no mountains to climb. It’s also pretty nifty for those who hate the outdoors but want a good workout while pretending they are scaling K2. Perfect for bloggers to get away from the computer and get some exercise too. It looks kinda fun.

The whole thing is set up on a moving belt and your only job is to climb nowhere. The speed is in part determined by your weight and power you use pulling up, so the better you get, the faster it is. But at $10,000 I think I’ll go climb a building or two and take my chances.

VR Treadmill lets you run outdoors…while indoors

Posted in Exercise Gadgets by Conner Flynn on July 28th, 2008

VR Treadmill
For those who believe that they can only get an effective workout outdoors, here’s something that will trick you into getting in shape without hitting the front door. What we have here is basically a fancy treadmill with a curved VR display on top.

It’s a great distraction from your workout, but imagine the video game possibilities. You could actually run around while fragging people. Better yet, jog around the halls of the Starship enterprise or on Mars. Doctor Who fans could pretend that they are being chased by Daleks. Oh yes. It has the potential to get everyone exercising. Especially nerds. At last nerds will be fit and rule the world.