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Seagate intros FreeAgent Go Dock+ with powered USB hub

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on June 24th, 2009

Seagate intros FreeAgent Go Dock+ with powered USB hubSeagate has been pretty busy lately what with the announcement of their revamped FreeAgent drives. Now we come across this new $40 FreeAgent Go Dock+.

What’s interesting is that it doubles as a powered three-port USB hub. The device should prove convenient if you’re into the whole FreeAgent Go thing. Pretty nice. It almost looks like it was designed by apple.

Lego robot dock assimilates iPods

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on June 17th, 2009

Lego Robot dock assimilates iPodsYou ask us, this is a pretty cool use of Legos. And if companies don’t want to build robot iPod docks, then damnit, we will make our own. The creator actually built this bot-dock about 2 years ago, and only recently decided that it was time to share it with the internet.

The dock is a cannibalized iPod mini dock, and the robot/base is a mashup of several lego kits. (The AT-AT on the right claw gives it away. That, and the LEGOLAND sticker which came with Lego Soccer.) You can find more pics on flickr.

Atari 2600 iPod dock

Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on June 16th, 2009

Atari 2600 iPod dockPut together two iconic classics and you can never go wrong. In this case it’s the iPod and the Atari 2600. The homemade dock puts the iPod connector where the cartridge used to go,(you’re probably using your cartridges as wallets anyway).

How could this be better? With the iPhone of course. With an LCD in the middle so you could play iPhone games properly with controllers. When iPod and Atari 2600′s meet, it’s like geek destiny. It’s a love that will endure forever.

Miffy bunny DAP with adorable dock

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on June 2nd, 2009

Miffy bunny DAP with adorable dockMeet Miffy. This little bunny is all set to give Hello Kitty a run for her money. Apparently Miffy is from Dutch children’s books or something, and has now been made into an mp3 player. The grassy dock is what really sells you on the cuteness.

It’s made by MobiBLU. We don’t have a price or capacity yet, but it should be available this month. Choose this over the evil Hello Kitty, won’t you?

LG Home Theater Combo awaits your iPod

Posted in LG by Conner Flynn on May 13th, 2009

LG Home Theater Combo awaits your iPod LG is making it easy for iPod owners to get into home theater with the LG HB954TBW Blu-ray 5.1 Home Theater Combo that features a unique slide-out iPod dock. It will accept all iPods, but we aren’t sure if it spits iPhones out or not.

We just think that pop out iPod tray is cool and keeps it all tucked away when not in use. It was introduced at CES 2009 and the system is selling in Korea and includes 5.1 speakers, amplification and a Blu-ray player. It will cost about a grand, which isn’t bad at all.

SATA HDD dock with one touch backup

Posted in Storage by Conner Flynn on April 26th, 2009

SATA HDD dock with one touch backupSome of Brando’s gadgets are pointless, while others are useful. This would be one of the useful gadgets. A SATA HDD Dock with One Touch Backup. This device allows you to plug in any 2.5″ or 3.5″ SATA hard drives to your PC via USB or eSATA.

With the one touch backup function you can easily copy files and data from your PC to an external HDD. The device supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista as well as Mac OS. It will only cost you $49.

Brando’s SATA HDD dock, stereo speaker, USB hub combo

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on April 6th, 2009

Brando's SATA HDD dock, stereo speaker, USB hub comboBrando is known for its whacky USB gadgets, so it isn’t much of a surprise to see them offering this combination SATA HDD dock / stereo speaker / USB hub. While it won’t tell you the temperature at your desk, it’s sure to come in handy.

Some features include compatibility with 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch SATA hard disks, two USB 2.0 ports, USB audio, three watt stereo speakers, and volume control. If you are a fan of Brando’s gadget combo creativity, it will only cost you $59.

Turn your iPhone into a document scanner

Posted in iPhone Accessories by Conner Flynn on April 5th, 2009

Turn your iPhone into a document scannerThis simple cardboard stand makes capturing document images with your iPhone super easy. Typically if you try to scan a document by holding your phone, what you will get is a blurry image. This is a simple and low-tech solution.

The stand/dock was created by University of Cincinnati DAAP student Kyle A Koch. It holds the phone and the document in the perfect position to get a good picture. Like all good cardboard things, it arrives to you flat packed for just $16. Not bad.

Remote Control car with iPod speakers

Posted in iPod Accessories by Conner Flynn on April 2nd, 2009

Remote Control car with iPod speakersWe’ve covered many an iPod speaker dock, but to my knowledge this is the first one that actually moves. The Bless Automatica Remote Control Car with iPod Speakers is just what it sounds like. An RC car pimped out with a pair of speakers that you can plug your iPod into.

It truly is music on the go with this iPod speaker set. Just get your music going and take it for a spin. The car can not only hold a set of speakers but can also be used as a CD holder or tray to deliver items to people via remote.

The E-Pod iPod dock

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on March 17th, 2009

The E-Pod iPod dockThe latest conceptual iPod dock is called the E-Pod Dock and has a lot of functionality. It’s compatible with your iPhone, iPod touch and iPod classic and functions as a speaker, movie projector and an alarm clock.

Forget its compact size, it will offer you quality hi-fidelity audio. Quite a device. As long as we’re dreaming, how about if it tweets everything you are watching and listening to. One thing is for sure, it would look good on any late night talk show host’s desk.

Philips portable DVD player with retractable iPod dock

Posted in Philips by Conner Flynn on March 10th, 2009

Philips portable DVD player with retractable iPod dockIt seems counterproductive to be buying a portable DVD player, what with Blu-Ray and all of the other options available to you, but if you are eyeing a new DVD player, check this out. The most interesting feature of the DCP951/37 from Philips is the retractable iPod dock.

Its compatible with the iPod Touch, iPod Nano and the iPod Classic. The DCP951/37 will give you only a 640×220 resolution, but on the other hand it can play almost all standard video discs and also has an SD card slot. You’ll also get MP3 support, 2 x 3.5mm stereo headphone jacks and a built-in battery that will give you almost 3 hours of playback.

Vestalife Butterfly iPod speaker dock

Posted in iPod Accessories by Conner Flynn on February 25th, 2009

Vestalife Butterfly iPod speaker dockVestalife certainly has a thing for bug inspired electronics. True to form, they’ve released the Butterfly iPod speaker dock that doubles as a charger. It sports a few speakers at the top, while the iPod docking station is in the middle. Yeah. Not much to write home about. At least their other efforts incorporated neat insect designs.

It will work with most popular iPod models, features LED volume indicators, auxiliary-in jack and a USB port for PC synchronization. Oh and did you notice it was fugly? This one has an automatic shut-off feature to save batteries. As long as your iPod is a model from 2004 onward, it will be compatible with the Butterfly iPod speaker dock.

Golden AT-AT Walker iPod dock

Posted in Star Wars by Conner Flynn on February 24th, 2009

Golden AT-AT Walker iPod dockSure, that AT-AT walker from the other day was awesome and all, but what if you like your AT-AT audio to be a bit more modern? And gilded? Then this one is likely to be more up your alley.

It’s basically an AT-AT toy with an electronic turntable glued to the side and spray painted gold. For some reason a golden Darth Vader and Yoda are riding up front, while the iPod sits in the butt area. Surely this is what happens when the Empire goes all gangsta on your ass. You get a slow drive-by walk-by with this beast poppin a cap in you.

Scosche passPORT adds iPhone 3G compatibility to your iPod dock

Posted in iPhone Accessories by Conner Flynn on February 23rd, 2009

Scosche passPORT adds iPhone 3G compatibility to your iPod dockMost iPod docking stations don’t support charging capability for your iPhone 3G, iPod Touch Gen 2, and iPod Nano Gen 4. It’s because of USB voltage differences. Scosche has come up with a converter named the passPORT Home Dock, that allows users to charge their iPhone 3G on these iPod docking stations.

The passPORT Home Dock makes it fully compatible with the older iPod docking stations. To clarify, this converter/adapter is not a stand-alone dock and will not add audio/video functions by itself. You can find one at Scosche.com and Amazon.com for $39.99.

Dual external USB SATA drive dock

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on February 22nd, 2009

Dual external USB SATA drive dockThis one is yet another useful gadget from the folks over at Thinkgeek. The Dual External USB SATA Drive Dock allows you to dock two SATA hard drives, either 2.5″ or 3.5″ HDD’s with your PC or MAC, via USB or eSATA.

Some specs: Connects to one or two 2.5″ or 3.5″ internal SATA hard drives, USB or eSATA connectivity, Plug and Play, Transfer rates up to 480Mbps with USB 2.0, Transfer rates up to 3Gb/s with eSATA. The device is available for $79.99.