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Samsung digital frames are also a second PC monitor

Posted in Digital Photo Frames by Conner Flynn on October 16th, 2008

Samsung digital frames are also a second PC monitorLooking like typical Samsung LCD digital photo frames, these have an interesting and more useful feature. You can use them as a secondary PC monitor and you won’t need a special video card. The 8-Inch Samsung SPF-85H LCD will cost you $142 and 10-inch Samsung SPF-105P LCD costs $204.

Thanks to some hocus pocus called UbiSync PC, you can display computer imagery on them via the USB port. The 8-inch version will give you 800×600 resolution, while the 10-inch has a 1024×600 screen. Both models offer 1GB of internal image storage and a memory card slot if you want to use them as a plain old digital photo frame. Pretty cool.

1.3 Mega Pixel camera/Digital USB microscope

Posted in Microscope by Conner Flynn on October 16th, 2008

1.3 Mega Pixel camera/Digital USB microscopeIf you’re a science geek and like to watch stuff squirm under the microscope for hours on end here’s a neat 1.3 Mega Pixel camera/Digital USB microscope. Just plug it into your USB port and watch magnified objects at up to 200X. Either take 1.3 mega-pixel still shots, or 1.3 mega-pixel AVI movie clips for storage and later viewing.

I don’t know that you’ll win a nobel awards or cure any diseases, but you’ll probably cure your own boredom. It saves pictures up to 1280X1024 in JPG, or in AVI format at 30fps under 600 LUX Brightness. It will cost you $95.99. So start checking out the creepy crawlies that live on your hair and taking skin and blood samples.

Digital Concepts Crayola digital camcorder

Posted in Camcorders by Conner Flynn on September 11th, 2008

Digital Concepts Crayola digital camcorderThe Digital Concepts Crayola camcorder gets your kids into the videography game. Designed by Crayola, purveyors of magical color sticks that come in boxes and can draw rainbows and unicorns, as well as kid-friendly keyboards. It’s designed for rugrats 5 and up, with features that are brightly colored and simple for tiny hands. It’s also more durable than adult camcorders, with a 1.5-inch preview screen, sound effect buttons, built in microphone, and an SD slot for storage.

The software is also kid-friendly so girls can make movies with their Barbie dolls and boys can make action flicks. The software includes photo editing center, story maker, puppet show, photo frames and jigsaw puzzles. Sounds like a crayon-crazy blast and should keep your little ones occupied with their own gadget, which keeps yours safe.

Transcend’s T.photo 720 digital photo frame

Posted in Digital Photo Frames by Conner Flynn on August 31st, 2008

Transcend’s T.photo 720 digital photo frameTranscend just unveiled it’s new and attractive Digital Photo Frame, known as the T.photo 720, which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. It boasts a sharp high-resolution (800×480) TFT panel with 2GB of internal memory. The device also sports several new features, like the MyShow custom slideshow creator, Automatic Orientation Sensor for landscape or portrait viewing, and NaturaTone intelligent skin color enhancement that will give you superb image quality.

Some other features would be a desktop clock and calendar, clock/radio, and MP3 player and alarm clock. No word on pricing or availability yet, but it’s sure to be popular.

Digital Bra stays on, sounds off

Posted in Apparel by Conner Flynn on August 20th, 2008

Digital Bra stays on, sounds offI’m really not sure what this proves, but if you modify a woman’s bra I’m there. Sarah Layne has created what she calls a “Digital Bra.” She wanted a bra that could send out feedback noises. Hey, after a few beers and coppin a feel, I would have given her some feedback. Am I right guys? Anyway, the noises couldn’t be heard until she touched the bra with the piezo disks. The fingers would have these piezo disks, which are microphones, attached and the bra speakers. Put them together and it creates strange sounds.(No. Not “Oh baby. Yeah that’s it”.)

The sounds may help you understand more about your body and you may just have a good time even if you don’t learn anything. Sarah used 2 amplifiers, 6 speakers, 2 piezo disks, netting, cloth material, plastic, cardboard and Velcro. She plans to create an updated version of the bra and some digital underwear to really spice things up. Like I said, I don’t know what it proves, except that Sarah likes to play herself like an instrument. You go girl.

Robotic Stonehenge Clock is always busy

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on August 4th, 2008

Robotic Stonehenge Clock is always busy
This awesome “digital” clock was created by Software architect Steve Norris and uses a robot arm and 14 numbered cards to display the current time. Steve obviously does not fear the coming robot apocalypse and isn’t afraid to help it along. The video shows a time update from 12:09 to 12:10.

The upside for humans is that you have an awesome clock that you want to look at, the downside for the robot is that it’s always busy. Never a minute to itself to plot our downfall as it dutifully gives you the time, which I guess is another upside for humans. The robot uses a CrustCrawler Smart Arm and a Parallax Propeller chip to do it’s thing. Consider a kind of visual interpretation of what all clocks do. Just cooler.

Leaf AFi 10 camera has 56 Megapixels

Posted in Cameras by Conner Flynn on August 3rd, 2008

Leaf AFi 10 camera has 56 Megapixels
We recently told you about the Hasselblad H3DII50 – 50 Megapixel Camera. The Leaf AFi 10 Camera wants you to know that it is currently in the lead at 56 megapixels should you be able to spend the spare scratch. By spare scratch, I man $43,675. It sports True Wide Frame 56×36 mm, 56 megapixel digital imaging sensor, captures images at about 1 second per frame, 6 x 7 cm touch screen and it can shoot up to ISO800.

Another nice feature is the high-quality auto focus digital (AFD) Schneider-Kreuznach lenses with the option of an advanced Leaf digital camera back. The lenses have been specially created for use with 30+ Mega Pixel digital camera backs. You’ll get the optimal focus sharpness while making good use of high-resolution CCD sensors. The 6 x 6 medium format digital camera that can be used as a hand-held and with a tripod.

Comics coming to the Nintendo Wii

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on July 24th, 2008

Comics coming to the Nintendo WiiSettle down now. I didn’t mention Batman or Spiderman, now did I? A Japanese joint venture between several comic loving entities will be distributing digital comic books to the Nintendo Wii through the Internet. Again, settle down. The service will be available to those in Japan only.

In fact, the digital content delivery service has already begun, and they are working on being able to transfer the data to the DS Lite platform down the road. This means that it’s only a matter of time until we can get actual Marvel or DC comics delivered to our Wii. And that is the most awesomest thing ever. But for now, just settle down.

Philips alarm clock with LCD digital photo displays

Posted in Clocks by Conner Flynn on July 17th, 2008

Philips alarm clock with LCD digital photo displaysChances are you’re looking for a clock that will wake you up more gently then the Dumbbell Alarm Clock. This alarm clock from Philips should do the trick.

It features gradually increasing alarm volume, so that the clock wakes you up very gently while playing your favorite tunes, using a radio station or a buzzer alarm. It does double duty as a multiple display digital photo frame, each of the five pictures displaying at 128 x 128 pixels on 1.5 inch displays. You can even make them rotate in a slide show. Some other features include a calendar and voice recorder that you can record important information on.

Photo Safe II: Massive digital camera storage

Posted in Digital Cameras by Conner Flynn on July 17th, 2008

Photo Safe II: Massive digital camera storageMost of us think that our 4,8 or 16GB SD card for our digital camera is large. How would you like to have 160GB of storage space for your camera? That’s huge! Well, today Digital Foci announced Photo Safe II, which is a portable photo storage device that takes some of the burden from your laptop, Mac or PC.

It’s basically a battery operated HD. It also has a built-in card reader and automated copy function which could really come in handy. The device supports all of the popular card formats, including CF (Extreme III, IV, UDMA), MMC, SD/HC Card, miniSD, Memory Stick, MS PRO, MS Duo, MS PRO Duo, and xD-Picture card. Just insert a card and hit the copy button, the entire card will be copied at a speed 3.5 minutes per GB. I comes in 80GB and 160GB versions, which cost $139 and $189.

Maxx digital DVD player looks a tad familiar

Posted in DVD by Conner Flynn on June 29th, 2008

Maxx digital DVD player looks a tad familiar
As far as originality, you won’t find any here. When they designed this Maxx Digital portable DVD player, they simply re-did the PSP for some reason I can’t fathom. Not that it’s not a good looking PSP. It is. It’s just a PSP, not a DVD player design. I just don’t like all my stuff to look like PSP’s, that’s all I’m saying.

The PDV-8500BLK features a nice 8.5-inch LCD widescreen, and will play videos in DVD, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, CD, CD-R/RW, VCD and SVCD formats. It’s also got support for JPEG, MP3 and MPEG4 files via a built-in SD, MMS/MS card reader slot. Strangely it doesn’t play video games at all. And no UMD discs. It will cost you $120.

Digimech clock has gear driven display

Posted in Clocks by Conner Flynn on June 24th, 2008

Digimech clock has gear driven display
We all love interesting clocks. And by interesting, I mean bizarre. UK designer Duncan Shotton’s Digimech clock looks like a simple LED clock at first glance, but it’s actually a complicated mechanical machine that creates digital illusions. The vertical slides slowly move into position inside of a black masking box and the time is revealed.

Time marches on while the sliders climb to the top, until the 9th digit hits. Then it drops the slider all the way back to the original position. The slider are moved by 3 servos. It’s a very original and large clock that blends digital and mechanical in an interesting way. Check out the video below.

Digital Door Viewer is the new peephole

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on June 23rd, 2008

Digital Door Viewer is the new peephole
The old style peep hole leaves a lot to be desired. I mean, you have to get up and actually go to the door, in order to see who’s there.(Or if you’re snooping on your neighbors.) And that’s all it does. No more. Just place your eye in front and look. Well, now the peep hole has been given an upgrade.

It will let you know who is outside through a motion sensor and you can take a look from anywhere in your home. The device comes with an SD memory card slot and will store up to 11 hours on a 4GB SD card. This way, you will know who came by while you were away. It will run you $195.

Intempo Rebel records FM radio songs, flips the bird to the RIAA

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on June 20th, 2008

Intempo Rebel records FM radio songs, flips the bird to the RIAA
Here’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. This device lives up to it’s name by recording all of your favorite songs directly from FM radio. It’s like they just flipped off the RIAA, or else they were not bright enough to realize that this would draw their attention. It will save your tracks as MP3 files onto an SD card, without the annoying advertisements and DJ talk. Isn’t that what you’ve been waiting for? It also has a USB port, line-in jack, and headphone plug. I would say grab one fast, as this is too good to be true and too up in the RIAA’s bidness. It will cost you £69.99.

Dumbbells get smart

Posted in Sports by Conner Flynn on June 12th, 2008

Dumbbells get smart
The dumbbell hasn’t had an upgrade in a long time, if ever. Well, now suddenly they are getting smarter. What if you could have an entire set of dumbbells in one compact design? That’s the idea behind this concept by Sang-Hoon Lee.

You can digitally adjust the weight of the dumbbell. There are tiny balls inside the dumbbell that spin. The faster the balls spin, the heavier they weigh, thereby beefing you up so you don’t look like a girly man. You can adjust the speed of the balls, which adjusts the weight, simply with a dial and pushing buttons. The set comes with a charger cradle..