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Yuento Hand Shredder lets you shred by hand

Posted in Office Gadgets by Conner Flynn on April 7th, 2010

We’ve seen plenty of hand cranked gadgets, but not a one of them has been a paper shredder. Well, the Yuento Hand Shredder needs no electricity. If you want to shred your sensitive documents, just crank away. And if your company has been up to know good and doing bad things, you may get quite a workout.

Otherwise, this cross-cut shredder has a single sheet paper slot only, so it’s just for light shredding duty. There’s also a removable waste drawer to keep things neat. Only $62. It might just exercise your puny limbs.

SUPERBattery charges your gadgets with crank-power

Posted in Chargers by Conner Flynn on January 18th, 2009

SUPERBattery charges your gadgets with crank-powerJust in case of an emergency, it’s good to have a way to charge up your gadgets. Sometimes there’s just no available power source available though. With this SUPERBattery device from Datexx you won’t have to worry. It has you covered.

All you have to do is plug your gadget into the handy hand crank charger and start cranking. 2 minutes of frantic crank churning should give you about 6 minutes of talk time. The kit includes a hand-cranked 600mA rechargeable battery pack, built-in flashlight and an AC adapter which supports over 1,200 different mobile devices. It’s a pretty handy device. Who knows, it might even save your life.

Cellphone Voice Changer for prank calls

Posted in Mobile Accessories by Conner Flynn on May 26th, 2008

Cellphone Voice Changer for prank callsDo you ever have the urge to mess with your friends, but don’t, because your voice would give you away? Well, check this out. With the help of this simple and cheap device, you’ll be able to make a phone call without being recognized. It works just like other hands-free headsets. Just plug it into your cellphone, and you are good to go.

One drawback is that there aren’t many voice options. The device comes loaded with five voice modes, a robot voice, an old man for when you want to tell hippies to get off your lawn, a child, and a duck for when you want to do your own rendition of Disco Duck in someone’s ear. I’m not sure how long the fun would last, but the price is $29.99.