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Flipbac Grips For Your Camera

Posted in Cameras by Conner Flynn on April 29th, 2011

Those cameras with the raised grips are great for helping you keep hold of your device. You can still drop it of course, but the grips help. Those thin rectangle point and shoot cameras usually don’t have a grip and could benefit from one.

Well, the Flipbac Camera Grips will help you keep a hand on your small camera. The Flipbac grips come in three styles and all measure 38mm H x 22mm W x 6mm thick. They attach with a sticky 3M adhesive that is removable, so they won’t hurt your camera. Just $9.99 and they could save your camera from a nasty drop.

Miniature Canon camera flash drives

Posted in USB Flash Drives by Conner Flynn on April 26th, 2011

Canon cameras have a distinct look, so you recognize them right away. But why are these so small? Wait, those aren’t cameras, they’re flash drives. Aren’t they adorable. Now Canon fans have some storage options just for them.

There are several miniature models from Canon’s line-up. There’s the 5D MkII DSLR, the IXUS P&S and even the LEGRA HD. These hold 4GB of data. Pretty cute and unique storage idea.

Pentax Rainbow K-r

Posted in Cameras by Conner Flynn on April 20th, 2011

The Pentax Rainbow K-r is pretty loud as far as colors on a camera go. If you like rainbows and need a new DSLR, then you might want to check out these limited edition cameras before they’re gone. This version is designed in collaboration with Tower Records.

The style is much less serious than your typical digital camera. This one shouts fun. Maybe they got the idea when some guys at the factory had a paintball fight one night. Only 300 of these are produced so you might want to pre-order one. Only 300 of these were in the factory the next morning when the boss came in, so that’s it. $1,100

iPhone 4 to surpass Nikon D90 as Flickr’s most-used camera

Posted in iPhone by Conner Flynn on April 18th, 2011

Looks like the iPhone 4 is about to hit another milestone. It will soon be the most popular camera on Flickr. The site’s Camera Finder shows Apple’s phone ready to overtake the Nikon D90 and it has already passed Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II, Rebel T1i, and Rebel XSi.

Flickr notes that the graphs only track shots with metadata identifying the camera and might omit shots from any platform that has had the information omitted. Some editing tools also either have the option to clear out metadata or will do it by default. D90 users and other DSLR users are more likely to use editing tools than iPhone owners and that will certainly skew the results. Still, we don’t doubt the power of the mighty iPhone 4.

First images of the Nikon D5100

Posted in Nikon by Conner Flynn on April 4th, 2011

We can thank the guys over at Nikon Rumors for the first pictures of the Nikon D5100, which is the successor to the Nikon D5000. The Nikon D5100 will be officially announced tomorrow, but right now we can tell you that the LCD display will swivel to the side and there are new special effects during video including selective colors and miniature effects.

Other features include Full HD video 1920×1080p at 30p, a Stereo mic input, 4 fps, EXPEED 2 processor and an EN-EL14 battery.

Legotron Medium Format Camera

Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on April 4th, 2011

Cary Norton has been working on and has now completed a Lego camera called the ‘Legotron’. Yes, it is made with Legos as the name implies. He created a few prototypes first and soon after, the Lego Legotron was born.

The camera measures 7″ x 6.5″ x 7″ and features a 127mm ƒ4.7. The focus comes from sliding the internal box section back and forth with a focus range of about 3 feet to 18 inches. He’s already planning the next model and hopes to produce plans using the Lego modeling app. It looks awesome.

Is the iPod nano 7 getting it’s camera back?

Posted in iPod Nano by Conner Flynn on April 3rd, 2011

A new image may point to the iPod nano’s seventh generation regaining a camera. The part shows what looks like the current iPod, but with a cutout area that looks designed to fit a camera lens on the back.

If this is anywhere near the final product, it looks like Apple has found a way to include a camera in the touchscreen iPod nano redesign. You might remember that the last tall iPod nano actually had a video camera, but it was dropped in the new version, probably because of size and battery life problems. We don’t know if it will include still photography.

The iPad 2′s camera can now see through clothes

Posted in iPad by Conner Flynn on March 31st, 2011

We knew this day would come eventually and here it is. The iPad 2 can help you see through clothes. Jason Bradbury accomplishes this using a pair of cheap night vision goggles, cling wrap, and an iPad 2′s camera. The man is obviously a genius.

He then takes a photo of himself through his clothes. And it works. Crave gives this as an explanation: “The idea is based on an inadvertent side effect that some camcorders with low-light functions experienced about a decade ago. The cameras worked by emitting infrared light via special LEDs. The camera, when in “night vision” mode, would then record video in infrared instead of visible light. Some cameras, though, generated an “X-ray effect,” allowing the viewer to see through the clothes of the person being videotaped.”

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP7

Posted in Panasonic by Conner Flynn on March 27th, 2011

Panasonic has upgraded their Lumix line of digital cameras with the DMC-FP7. It features a powerful 16 megapixel sensor, 4x optical zoom and a 3.5-inch touch screen display. It also has some nice features for image editions and retouch. The Reality Retouch mode is great for your vanity since it lets you get rid of wrinkles, reduce shine etc. While makeup mode lets you add mascara, eye-shadow and coloring.

It will cost you $230. Think of it as a cheap face-lift for those who only see your photos. When they see you in real life they may not even recognize you.

Fujifilm XP30 now available

Posted in Fujifilm by Conner Flynn on March 24th, 2011

We first saw the Fujifilm XP30 back at CES last January. It’s another tough camera that features dust, water, freeze and shock protection. You know, in case you want to jump from a dusty cave into a pool of water, which turns out to be freezing and accidentally bang it on a rock on the way down.

It’s freeze proof to minus 10 degrees, water proof to 5 metres and shock proof so it can withstand a drop of 1.5 metres. Built-in GPS will be able to log your location, which can be displayed either as longitude and latitude coordinates, or by place name. As a bonus, the XP30 also has an embedded list with around half a million places of interest across the globe. So you will have plenty of places to visit.

Altek Leo A14 smartphone has a 14 megapixel camera

Posted in Cameras by Conner Flynn on March 17th, 2011

Altek has released the Leo A14, a smartphone with a great camera. The Leo A14 has a 14 megapixel shooter on the back with a bunch of good features. If you are looking to replace your phone and camera with one device, this might be it.

The Leo A14 runs on Android 2.1, with an 800MHz processor, a 3.2″ WVGA capacitive touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and microSD card support. The phone’s camera lens extends out like a compact digital camera, has autofocus, Xenon flash and a 3X optical zoom.

Olympus offers indestructable TOUGH TG-810 camera

Posted in Cameras by Conner Flynn on March 2nd, 2011

Olympus has announced that they will be releasing the world’s first 100kg crushproof camera. The TOUGH TG-810 has been designed to take a serious beating and survive. It’s waterproof up to 10m, shockproof from a height of 2m and freezeproof to -10C. It features a 3-sensor GPS & Electronic compass, and even a built-in manometer to make sure users don’t dive too deep.

The TOUGH TG-810 has a 14 megapixel, 5x wide optical zoom lens, a 3D shooting mode, 720p HD video recording capability, underwater scene modes, face detection, shadow adjustment technology and more. The TOUGH TG-810 will be available in April for $399.99.

Samsung launching five new NX lenses

Posted in Cameras by Conner Flynn on February 21st, 2011

Samsung is launching five new lenses for its NX Series of mirror-less cameras, bringing the number of lenses to 10 for that system. These lenses will feature Samsung’s i-Function that allows the user use one physical control to set various parameters of the camera. For example, if you like taking photos without using a flash, Samsung has a few “fast” lenses: the 16mm f2.4 pancake, the 60mm f2.8 and the 85mm f1.4. That last is great for taking portraits indoors.

If you want a “do-it-all” lens, the 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 should work good for you outdoors. There’s also the 16-80mm f3.5-4.5 if you don’t want an extreme zoom.

Olympus Tough TG-310 lives up to its name

Posted in Olympus by Conner Flynn on February 10th, 2011

Olympus is offering the Olympus Tough TG-310. This ultra-rugged compact digital camera is waterproof up to 10 feet, shockproof up to 5 feet and freezeproof up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. It also features a 3D Photo Mode which will capture images of a scene from two different angles.

Other features include 720p HD video recording, a 14-megapixel sensor, 3.6x wide-angle optical zoom lenses, dual image stabilization, Eye-Fi card compatibility, and In-Camera Panorama. It will run you $200 and it hits store shelves on February 18th.

Olympus announces SZ-10 superzoom, VR-330 and VG-110 compacts

Posted in Cameras by Conner Flynn on February 8th, 2011

Olympus has announced the SZ-10, which features a wide 18x 28-504mm zoom lens, a 14-megapixel image sensor, 3-inch LCD display, TruPic III+ image processing and support for Eye-Fi wireless cards. The SZ-10 will cost you $249.99 when it ships in March.

The VR-330 is priced at GBP159.99 ($258) in Europe. It lacks the newer image processing of the SZ-10, but for the price you get a 12.5x zoom lens and the same 14-megapixel image sensor. Both cameras offer 720p video capture, HDMI-output, and a dynamic 3D mode. There’s also a version of the VR-330 that ditches the 3D mode and sells for $199.99, called the VR-320 and it will ship in February here in the states.