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Star Trek USS Enterprise webcam

Posted in Webcams by Conner Flynn on April 12th, 2009

Star Trek USS Enterprise webcamHere’s the final frontier in geek accessories for your computer. Let your geek flag fly high with this USS Enterprise-themed USB webcam. Perfect for making video Captain’s logs to send to other nerds. It won’t fight other webcams shaped like Klingon or Romulan ships, but it does feature an adjustable focus, and the red engine lights light up. So that ought to mesmerize you for all of a minute.

The cable even features the Star Fleet Insignia. Nothing on a release date or price, but it will be available in lieu of time spent with girls very soon.

Mobile phone-controlled vacuum cleaner

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on April 8th, 2009

Mobile phone-controlled vacuum cleanerSouth Korean telecom company KTF just announced a cleaning robot that can be controlled by a 3G cellphone. The Roomba can’t do that, now can it? The robot is called the CW100 and is the result of a collaboration with Microbot.

It’s a “smart” vacuum, like the Roomba. It can be controlled by phone, which the Roomba can’t, unless modded to do so. It uses an onboard video camera to send live images to the mobile phone, so if you see an untidy spot, the user can remotely control it using the keypad and clean it up.

Sony Ericsson’s W205, the newest walkman

Posted in Sony Ericsson by Conner Flynn on April 7th, 2009

Sony Ericsson's W205, the newest walkmanSony’s got a brand new walkman phone dubbed the W205. It will do all the usual stuff like displaying the album art with ID3 tags of the tracks that are playing. Some other features are the Opera browser, speaker phone and Bluetooth. I have to admit it looks pretty good with the 1.8 inch display screen.

The phone also sports a 1.3 megapixel camera with 2.2 X digital zoom and a video recorder. Sadly it’s available only in black. You’ll get a sufficient 5 MB of memory with up to 2GB memory expansion with a M2 card.

iPod Touch may get a digital camera

Posted in iPod Touch by Conner Flynn on April 6th, 2009

iPod Touch may get a digital cameraI’ve always said that if you want to know what a company is up to, check their job listings. Okay, I’ve never said that. I’m saying it now. Just yesterday I looked around and saw that Canon was hiring people for all sorts of camera related stuff, so I know it works.

Apple has published a job posting that mentions “integration of camera modules across iPhone and iPod”. So it looks like the iPod is going to get a digital camera. Maybe. Pretty cool!

Turn your iPhone into a document scanner

Posted in iPhone Accessories by Conner Flynn on April 5th, 2009

Turn your iPhone into a document scannerThis simple cardboard stand makes capturing document images with your iPhone super easy. Typically if you try to scan a document by holding your phone, what you will get is a blurry image. This is a simple and low-tech solution.

The stand/dock was created by University of Cincinnati DAAP student Kyle A Koch. It holds the phone and the document in the perfect position to get a good picture. Like all good cardboard things, it arrives to you flat packed for just $16. Not bad.

Ritz Camera announces closing of 300 stores nationwide

Posted in Digital Cameras by Shane McGlaun on April 3rd, 2009

ritzcamera-sbThe economy is bad and consumers are holding onto the cash that they would normally be spending on items like computers and cameras. The poor economy has been the main reason that companies like Circuit City, KB Toys, and other major retailers have gone out of business in America.

Recently the nationwide Ritz Camera chain announced that it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company has now announced that it will be closing over 300 of its stores around the country. The camera chain has about 400 stores that will remain open around the country.

Sony Handycam TG7VE

Posted in Sony by Conner Flynn on April 2nd, 2009

Sony Handycam TG7VESony has added yet another handycam to their army of such devices, with the launch of the Sony Handycam TG7VE, which can record up to 6 hours of Full HD video on the built in 16GB, which can be increased with an optional memory stick.

Some features include a 2.7 inch LCD display, Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens, 10 x optical zoom and 120 x digital zoom. If you’ve been having trouble detecting faces on your own, there’s even built in face detection and automatic geotagging by GPS.

Game-800 pocket emulator

Posted in Portable Meda Players by Conner Flynn on March 31st, 2009

Game-800 pocket emulatorThis media player does it all. It will crank out music, videos and pictures, but it’ll also play your favorite old school video games. The device features a 320×240 LCD screen and has a software emulator on board that lets it play NES, Famicom, GameBoy, GameBoy Color and Sega Mega Drive games.

There’s even a text-to-speech eBook reader that can read any TXT file out loud in Chinese or English. Oh and a handy digital camera too, which must be low quality. You’ll get 4GB of onboard storage, which can be expanded up to 8GB total using an SD memory card.

Panasonic DMC-GH1 availabile April 24 in Japan

Posted in Cameras by Conner Flynn on March 27th, 2009

Panasonic DMC-GH1 availabile April 24 in JapanThe GH1 is looking seriously sexy in red and will be available April 24 in Asia for about ¥150,000. That’s roughly $1,500, which is a bit steep. It may be cheaper when it hits our shores, but that’s still a disappointing price.

The GH1′s video capture mode (The only thing that’s really different from its predecessor, the G1) does things that many others, like Nikon and Canon can’t: the cinema-friendly 24fps framerate at 1080p (60fps at 720p), as well as continuous contrast-based autofocus with a silent-focusing lens.

Samsung S8000 and M8000 handsets leaked

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on March 26th, 2009

Samsung S8000 and M8000 handsets leakedIt looks like Samsung was ultra serious about releasing about a million touchscreen devices this year. Two more handsets have been leaked and despite the fact that they look exactly the same, they have some differences.

Both pack in a 240 x 400 resolution touchscreen and both have a home button. Their exteriors make them look like twins, but under the hood is where the differences are. We don’t know much about the S8000, but we do know it features a 5-megapixel camera with dual LED flash and autofocus. The M8000 also has the camera but is marketed toward the music-listening crowd with a music key on the screen and a 3.5mm headset jack.

Mintpass’s mintpad almost ready to unleash its minty-ness

Posted in Portable Meda Players by Conner Flynn on March 24th, 2009

Mintpass's mintpad almost ready to unleash its minty-nessThe mintpad may look like a puny PMP, but inside it’s got a scheduler, camera, chat, music player, video player, voice recorder, even a web browser with flash support. It’s finally ready for official export out of South Korea. They’ve already prepared a 64-page full English manual and 20-page product brochure.

Right now they are working on the languages for a number of regions, including the US. That should be finished between April and May. No word on price yet, but it has a $150 price point over there. All indications are that it will leave you feeling minty fresh. We can’t wait to check one out.In the meantime check out a video below.

New pocket video recorder by Amadana

Posted in Cameras by Conner Flynn on March 16th, 2009

New pocket video recorder by AmadanaJapanese manufacturer Amadana recently rolled out the SAL pocket video recorder that records video in MPEG4 format and captures 3MP pictures with its CMOS image sensor. The device measures 54mm x 95mm x 12mm and weighs just 85 grams.

This portable gadget also offers up 2GB of internal memory. You can transfer video and picture files to your PC or laptop via USB port. No word on pricing yet. Looks like the Amadana SAL pocket video recorder will only be available in Japan.

SuperHeadz Plamodel DIY 35mm camera

Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on March 12th, 2009

SuperHeadz Plamodel DIY 35mm cameraBuilding your own camera is one of the coolest DIY projects you can do. Sadly cameras are such complex beasts that if you are building anything other than a pinhole camera, it’s pretty impossible. Or is it?

SuperHeadz is offering an alternative in the form of a model camera that you can build from parts and then customize yourself. It’s like those old snap together model kits you had as a kid. But instead of a Ford or a Chevy, you’re building a plastic camera. Pretty neat.

Samsung S7220 Ultra b

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on March 8th, 2009

Samsung S7220 Ultra b
The Samsung S7220 Ultra b is a 3.5G handset with a 5MP shooter and GPS support. It weighs in at just 88 grams and comes equipped with a standard 2.2-inch 240 x 320 pixel OLED panel, and WiFi. Its 5MP camera also adopts flash and autofocus, panoramic capture function, smile detection, macro capabilities, image stabilization, and red-eye reduction.

The Samsung Ultra b / S7220 will also handle MP3, AAC and MPEG4 file formats and can be synchronized with Windows Media Player on a PC or laptop. Some other features include an FM radio, stereo Bluetooth, microSD expandable memory, USB 2.0 connectivity, flight mode and Java support.

GE unveils waterproof G3WP camera

Posted in GE by Shane McGlaun on March 5th, 2009

GE G3WP CameraSummer is coming and the hot days of lying by the pool and having pool parties will be here very soon. Summer fun usually involves someone with a camera taking pictures. The problem with taking pictures near water is that the average camera can’t get wet.

GE has announced a new digital camera called the G3WP that can not only get wet and survive, but can actually be used under water to depths of 10 feet. Power for the camera comes from an internal rechargeable battery and it has several other features that you expect in a modern point-and-shoot camera.