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Broomba autonomous broom only sweeps your wallet clean

Posted in Holiday by Conner Flynn on July 21st, 2009

Broomba autonomous broom only sweeps your wallet cleanNow calm down Harry Potter fans. You won’t be able to play Quidditch on this thing. And no, you don’t invite this into your home in order to entice your witch wife to take a long ride far away from you. In fact, this broom won’t even clean your floor like a Roomba.

It will just scare guests next Halloween, by moving around the room to “spooky” music and “frightful” cackling sounds. Only $39. When it drives you so nuts that you snap it in half over your knee, I imagine it will feel very satisfying.

Ceiling track broom is useless but cool

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on February 25th, 2008

Ceiling track broom is useless but cool
This is one of the coolest ways to get out of housework that I’ve seen yet. Who cares that it does a crappy job. Fact is, you are getting out of doing housework. It was designed by Servet Kocyigit as an art piece in 2005. It’s named Blue Side Up and if you only have a small strip of floor that gets dirty, or if that is all you care to clean, this is the perfect solution.

Of course, one big drawback to this is that you would never be able to close the doors in the rooms where the broom sweeps. Pretty neat. But a dangling monkey with some scrubbing tools would be far more entertaining, zooming around your home. Of course, then you would have to clean up after it. So, I guess this idea is as good as it’s likely to get.