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iPhone 4 Bottle and Can Opener Case

Posted in iPhone Accessories by Conner Flynn on January 2nd, 2011

There are two things that a man should never be without. Beer and your phone. What could be better than popping open that bottle of beer with your iPhone 4? This new case will help you do just that. It comes with a bottle and a can opener.

The rubberized slider case will make sure you are never thirsty. It even has a supporting app, which will play sounds or display pictures as you open your drinks. The Be A Head Case iPhone 4 Bottle and Can Opener will cost you $24.99.

Water Bobble filtered water bottle

Posted in Sports by Conner Flynn on February 24th, 2010

Try saying that ten times fast. As a prosperous nation, we take many things for granted. Like clean drinking water. Well, we may take it for granted, but others around the world don’t have it as easy as we do.

Things like this can help them. Or anyone who is unsure about the cleanliness of their water. A $10 Water Bobble. It’s a patented filtered water bottle with its own filter and yes it looks like a baby bottle. Just fill it up and the filter does the rest.

Yoomi self-heating bottle

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on November 25th, 2009

Yoomi self-heating bottleCaring for a baby is no easy job, so anything that can make parent’s lives just a little easier is welcomed. That’s just what the Yoomi baby bottle aims to do. These bottles are self heating. Just push a button and within 60 seconds you’ll have the warm bottle you need to feed your infant.

It was actually invented by a husband and a wife team who wanted an easier way of heating bottles and keeping their sanity. The bottles will cost you £22 or about $36. A pack of two teats sells for £4.50 or about $7.

Justin Timberlake’s “Play” cologne looks like an MP3 Player

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on August 23rd, 2009

Justin Timberlake's "Play" cologne looks like an MP3 PlayerI have no idea why you would want to smell like Justine Timberlake thinks you should smell, but his “Play” cologne for Givenchy tries to take advantage of your love for gadgets by mimicking am MP3 player. The bottle was designed by Serge Mansau, who has created bottles for other Givenchy fragrances.

It features Play/Rewind/Forward touch buttons, but it’s all a fake. Rest assured that you will repel girls with your pop star smell and the poorly designed bottle is not even worth bragging about to your friends, who will dwindle in numbers as they each seek to escape the scented cloud of funk that is you.

Camper’s Kit in a Bottle

Posted in Outdoors by Conner Flynn on June 4th, 2009

Camper's Kit in a BottleCoghlan’s Camper’s Kit in a Bottle is just what you need in these tough economic times, if you want to go camping but don’t want to break the bank buying all of the camping accessories. We checked it out for you to see if it’s something you really want to check out.

The Camper’s Kit in a Bottle includes: 1 liter shatter resistant polycarbonate bottle with carabiner attached, camper’s multi-tool, sheath, flashlight, first aid kit pack (includes first aid guide, multi sized bandages, gauze pads, alcohol pad, moleskin, travel towel and steel needle) and a poncho.

Calvin Klein MP3 speaker bottle

Posted in Speakers by Conner Flynn on February 18th, 2009

Calvin Klein MP3 speaker bottleLooking for a gimmicky new scent other than your usual BO? Calvin Klein has you covered. Their “We are One” campaign, which starts next month, has Calvin Klein offering bottles of CK One & CK Be with a removable MP3 speaker in the base.

This will allow you to smell better, more loudly. Or something. The limited-edition 100ml collector’s bottle and packaging for Calvin Klein CK one and CK Be are decorated with the “we are one” slogan in multiple languages, spreading the spirit of unity. While spreading foul smelling fragrances everywhere.

Wine bottle’s package turns into a beautiful lamp

Posted in Lamps by Conner Flynn on December 10th, 2008

Wine bottle’s package turns into a beautiful lampWhat if, every time we bought something, that item’s packaging could be re-used as another product? That way, we give the landfills a bit of a break. That’s the idea behind this Cava wine bottle packaging by Spanish design firm Ciclus.

Just drink up all of your wine from the bottle contained inside, and the outer layer of the packaging turns into this cool looking lamp. It’s a win win. In the package, you also get the fixture and bulb that you’ll need to complete your new cool lamp.

Custom made Prescription Beer Goggles

Posted in Apparel by Conner Flynn on November 25th, 2008

Custom made Prescription Beer GogglesSome of us wear Beer goggles all of the time and just aren’t that choosy. To these people everyone is attractive. Until the next morning. Others wear Beer goggles only after they’ve had way too many beers. Same result in the morning. Why? Because your Beer goggles wear off.

You shouldn’t be more discriminating, you just need to never ever take your Beer goggles off. That way you won’t be disappointed. That’s where UrbanSpectacles.com comes in. They will manufacture prescription Beer goggles. Every girl will look great, plus you’ll be fashionable. All you need to do is send them your empty beer containers and they will use them as housing for prescription lenses, in the desired tint.

Budweiser beer bottle telephone

Posted in Telephones by Conner Flynn on July 4th, 2008

Budweiser beer bottle telephone
Alright, so this is only cool to those who are easily amused and you know who you are. If this was your new phone, then you’d have to call your friends and tell them, “Dude I’m calling from a Bud bottle.” And of course hilarity would ensue. The best part is if you ever have a brawl in your living room, you can hit somebody on the head with your phone and hopefully it won’t leave you holding only shards and the neck of the bottle. Dial the number, then knock that other drunk bastard out just as his mom answers and you tell her to pick his sorry ass up. Yeah this phone is made for drunken fun, frat parties, and of course it’s perfect white trash decor.

Whiskey Bottle belt buckle puts it all up front

Posted in Apparel by Conner Flynn on July 3rd, 2008

Whiskey Bottle belt buckle puts it all up front
Stylish and perfect for any July 4th celebration. Walk into any BBQ wearing this baby and they know you’re all about getting plastered. After a few burgers and hot dogs of course.

It’s like you’re saying that there’s really no reason to hide your love of spirits any longer. And those around you will know that they’ll be cleaning up your vomit later. No need to risk your pants falling down when you go for a drink either since the whiskey bottle is removable. No doubt there will be other reasons your pants will fall to your ankles. It’s available for $19.50. Make the most of it, they won’t be inviting you again.

Snap Capp: Can on bottom, bottle on top

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on May 27th, 2008

Snap Capp: Can on bottom, bottle on top
In our attempt to never ever have flat soda again, humanity has come up with another way to keep your drink carbonated. The Snap Capp is a little less classy then the resealable can. It’s more like the mullet of the beverage world, all business on top where it’s keeping your drink fresh, with a party on the bottom.

It’s cheap, and it keeps your drink fresh with a lid. What more can you want out of life? Fits standard 12 or 16 ounce cans and comes in several colors. A pack of 3 with cost you $10.