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Jabra Go 6400 and Pro 9400 Bluetooth Headphones with Touchscreen Base Dock

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on July 1st, 2009

Jabra Touchscreen Base DockJabra is well known for its Bluetooth headsets. Now the company has released the Jabra Go 6400 and Pro 9400 Bluetooth headsets that come with a charging dock with a touchcreen display.

The 6400 features a standard Bluetooth range and looks exactly like a typical Bluetooth headset from Jabra, while the 9400 looks more like a receptionist’s headset that you can wear around your house at up to a 450-foot range.

E-blue Bluetooth iPhone speaker

Posted in iPhone Accessories by Conner Flynn on June 29th, 2009

E-blue Bluetooth iPhone speakerThe E-blue Bluetooth iPhone Speaker is a pretty useful accessory for your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS. It features a titanium drive unit and connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth A2DP. The E-blue Bluetooth iPhone Speaker measures 61 x 61 x 121mm and has a built in rechargeable battery. It will pump out a total of 4W.

Some specs include: Magnetic Shield, Built-in rechargable battery that can charge from any USB port, Battery Life: 8 hrs, Bluetooth Support profile: A2DP, Button: Power on & Connect / Power off / Volume Up / Volume Down, Distance: 10M, Driver Unit: Titanium Dome (1.5 inch), Power Rating: 4W, Power: 500mA, Dimensions: 61 (L) x 61 (W) x 121 (D) mm (approx.)

BlueAnt Q1 Voice Control Bluetooth Headset Review

Posted in Review by Shane McGlaun on June 26th, 2009

blueantq1-sbLast week I looked at a sun visor Bluetooth hands free kit from BlueAnt and found that it worked very well. The thing some drivers don’t like about the sun visor type of hands free device is that everyone in the car with you can hear your conversations. If you prefer an in-ear Bluetooth device, we are checking out the BlueAnt Q1 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset today. Read on for all of the details on the BlueAnt Q1.

BlueAnt S1 Sun Visor Bluetooth Car Kit Review

Posted in Review by Shane McGlaun on June 19th, 2009

blueants1-sb1I am not a big fan of Bluetooth headsets. I don’t really care for the way they look in your ear and I don’t like how they feel. Recently I bought a car with a convertible top and a manual transmission and I decided it was time for a hands free device. It’s nearly impossible to drive a 5-speed in traffic and talk on the phone without a hands free device. Today I am going to look at the BlueAnt S1 Sun visor Bluetooth car kit. Read on for all the details on the BlueAnt S1.

Motorola Endeavor HX1 headset announced

Posted in Motorola by Shane McGlaun on June 19th, 2009

motorolaendeavorhx1-sbBluetooth headsets are not all created equal. I have used some in the past that were barely capable of making clear calls sitting at my desk, much less in the car or outside where wind enters into the equation.

Motorola has announced a new Bluetooth headset today called the Endeavor HX1. The headset is billed as the first Bluetooth headset to combine Motorola CrystalTalk noise cancellation technology with a stealth mode allowing you to hear and be heard in the worst environments.

Sony’s aluminum VGP-BMS10 Bluetooth laser mouse

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on June 16th, 2009

Sony's aluminum VGP-BMS10 Bluetooth laser mouseIf you’re looking for something a bit more attractive in a laser mouse, check out this shiny aluminum beauty. The VGP-BMS10 Bluetooth mouse features an aluminum case and a sliding cover that also acts as an on/off switch, and will protect the buttons and wheel.

That’s really all we know. Ourselves, our readers and little children all have questions left unanswered. Such as…Mommy, is this where all of our recycled aluminum cans go? Sadly, probably not dear.

Maverick Nica headset ships this summer

Posted in Mobile Accessories by Shane McGlaun on June 11th, 2009

I’m never sure why so many products launch in the summer. I figure that for most people, especially if they have kids, the summer is when they are least likely to heave extra loot lying around to spend. Any parent knows that a kid can go through $100 worth of ice cream and juice boxes a day. Maybe all those single people are still buying.

Maverick has announced that its Nica Bluetooth headset will ship this summer. The device has a round design and no parts that fit into the ear canal. The maker says the design makes the headset more comfortable for extended wear and allows for the use of a larger speaker.

E-LEAD Bluetooth Lazy Pad

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on June 9th, 2009

E-LEAD Bluetooth Lazy PadE-LEAD Electronics has introduced its latest device. As the name implies it’s something for the laziest among us. The Lazy Pad is a combination Bluetooth keyboard and mouse seen at Computex 2009. If your own notebook or PC doesn’t have Bluetooth, don’t worry. The Lazy Pad can also be used via USB.

The built-in 500mAh li-ion battery will last up to 8 hours of continuous usage. But where’s the mouse part? The arrow buttons? Is that’s the case…Lame. So how lazy are you? Would you buy one of these?

Jabra launches budget BT2080 Bluetooth headset

Posted in Mobile Accessories by Shane McGlaun on June 8th, 2009

jabrobt2080-sbMany of the most basic mobile phones today are Bluetooth enabled. This allows users to take advantage of hands free kits and headsets that connect via Bluetooth allowing drivers to stay more focused on the road.

Jabra makes a full line of Bluetooth headsets and hands free kits for mobile phone users. The company’s latest headset is called the BT2080 and features Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR and eSCO. The device sports a dedicated on/off switch to prevent accidentally turning the device off when trying to adjust volume.

Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-905

Posted in Headphones by Conner Flynn on June 3rd, 2009

Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-905Nokia just announced the brand new Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-905, which they are hailing as “the best headset ever made”. I don’t know about that, but the BH-905 allows users to either make calls or listen to music, “with virtually any compatible phone or music device.”

It also features active noise cancellation technology from Wolfson Microelectronics (along with a switch for turning it on/off), 10 microphones (8 for canceling noise and 2 for capturing speech), a dedicated multifunction key for call management, and music/volume controls.

BlueAnt S1 hands free Bluetooth kit unveiled

Posted in BlueAnt by Shane McGlaun on June 2nd, 2009

blueants1-sbI recently bought a new car that is a convertible with a manual transmission. The problem is that I get too many phone calls and it is impossible to answer the phone and drive a manual transmission car in traffic and there is too much wind noise for speaker phone use.

BlueAnt has announced a new hands free kit called the S1 that might be perfect for my needs. The device clips to the visor of the car and can connect to two phones at the same time. Either phone that rings will be transferred to the S1. The phone can be paired with eight different phones.

Ford offers 2010 model vehicle owners free sync application

Posted in Ford by Shane McGlaun on June 1st, 2009

fordsync-abOne of the coolest options that Ford offers on most of its vehicles is the Sync Bluetooth system. Sync allows you to control your Bluetooth phone to make and receive calls and allows you to control your music collection as well.

Ford has announced that owners of 2010 Ford vehicles can now download a free Sync application called TDI (traffic, directions, information) that allows the Sync system to provide turn-by-turn driving directions using the drivers Bluetooth mobile phone.

Q-Sound Solar Bluetooth headphones are from the future

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on May 21st, 2009

Q-Sound Solar Bluetooth headphones are from the futureThis pair of headphones is clearly from the future. No doubt sent here to protect young John Connor’s ears and keep him listening to his tunes in style, so that he can one day be a kick-ass leader. At least, that’s what I’m guessing judging by how awesome they look. This is the Q-Sound headphone concept from Shepeleff Stephen and the design is simply amazing.

It looks great and also uses solar technology. That’s a solar panel running across the headband, where it will always catch the sun. The Q-Sound, being a concept, would also take calls or plug into a 3.5mm jack if you need it to.

Citizen AIBATO M Bluetooth watch controls your camera

Posted in Watches by Conner Flynn on May 19th, 2009

Citizen AIBATO M Bluetooth watch controls your cameraCitizen has announced a new Bluetooth watch, the AIBATO M. What’s interesting about this one is that it wirelessly connects to your cellphone and can, with selected handsets, remotely trigger the camera, browse emails and show call and message alerts. It comes in two colors. Black (with a rubber strap) and silver (with a metal strap).

The watches charge using an included desk-stand. A full battery is good for up to five days. It will give you audio and visual alerts and can even vibrate. Various Sharp and Softbank handsets are supported, but it’s unclear whether it will also work without the more complex camera control on other devices.

BlueAnt Q1 now available at Sprint stores

Posted in BlueAnt by Shane McGlaun on May 1st, 2009

blueantq1-sbI have mentioned before that I am not a big fan of Bluetooth headsets. I think when you are driving in your car they are great. However, when you are walking around the mall or are in a restaurant you should just hold the phone up so we don’t all think you are talking to us until we see the Bluetooth headset in your ear.

I talked a bit about the feature packed BlueAnt Q1 headset last month. In case you missed that, the Q1 offers voice recognition programming and allows you to answer and end calls with voice commands.