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Novero TheTalkyOne and other gear debut

Posted in Mobile Accessories by Shane McGlaun on March 3rd, 2010

Novero makes Bluetooth headsets for mobile phones that are attractive to look at and work well. The company has announced three new products this week with the typical odd names Novero prefers. The new gear includes TheTalkyOne, TheTravelOne, and TheCarOne.

TheTalkyOne is the most interesting of the items and is a Bluetooth speakerphone designed for use in the car and the home. It can speak text messages out to the user and can pair with two phones at once. The device has 180 hours of standby time and 15 hours of talk time per charge.

Rapoo 2900 wireless keyboard with touchpad, Bluetooth

Posted in Keyboards by Conner Flynn on March 2nd, 2010

Looking for a wireless keyboard? Why not check out the Rapoo 2900? It looks like a real charmer sitting there, looking debonair on it’s stand. It features a built-in touchpad, a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, docking charger, and a Bluetooth/USB dongle.

It’s smaller than it looks when you compare it to a full-sized keyboard and it will cost you about $86. Once you start using it you won’t be able to stop saying Rapoo over and over again.

Novero Lexington Bluetooth headset is for dudes

Posted in Bluetooth by Shane McGlaun on February 17th, 2010

MWC is always a hotbed of new products ranging from hardware and components to handsets and accessories for mobile phones. This year a bunch of accessories have been seen including the latest Bluetooth headset from Novero that is aimed at men.

The headset is called the Lexington and has an understated black with brushed steel design. The device has a stainless steel clip to connect it to a shirt pocket when not in use. Novero ships the Lexington with a charging carry case.

Cardo unveils scala rider G4 Bluetooth intercom

Posted in Bluetooth by Shane McGlaun on February 2nd, 2010

Motorcycle riders who ride with a passenger often need to talk to the other person to pass the time or to take a break. Without an intercom, the only way to do this is by yelling really loud or tapping the other person on the shoulder.

Cardo Systems has unveiled a new Bluetooth intercom system for motorcycle riders called the scala rider G4. The device allows up to four people to use the intercom in full duplex mode. The intercom has a wireless range of up to a mile.

Steering Wheel Bluetooth MP3/FM Car Kit

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on January 19th, 2010

This isn’t the first Bluetooth Steering wheel attachment that we’ve seen, but the Steering Wheel Bluetooth MP3/FM Car Kit is a good idea to keep your hands free, thus keeping you a tad safer.

The device features Bluetooth, wireless audio, and functions just like a wireless headset. It even plays MP3s and can broadcast them to your car’s speakers using its FM transmitter.

CES 2010: Marvell Plug Computer 3.0 with WiFi, Bluetooth and Linux

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on January 5th, 2010

The new Marvell Plug Computer is packing a 2GHz Armada 300 processor, WiFi, Bluetooth and a hard drive. But alas, it isn’t for all of you consumers. So you and your smudgie fingered hands can’t have one.

The unit is marketed as a development platform for building embedded devices. Nothing on price yet, but remember this isn’t for you. It’s for developers. You are just browsing. That’s it. Nothing else to see here. Move along.

HDBT-990 Wristband Communicator

Posted in Watches by Conner Flynn on January 4th, 2010

Think of the HDBT-990 Wristband Communicator as a cellphone watch de-volved. It’s as if the industry has given up on the idea of a cellphone watch and focused instead on the communicator from Star Trek I. This is basically just a Bluetooth headset on your wrist.

One that costs $85 and lacks any style at all. If this is the future, then the future is ugly and awkward. Freeze me now and wake me up when I can call someone on my wrist in style.

Magic Mouse draining Bluetooth keyboard batteries?

Posted in Apple by Conner Flynn on January 3rd, 2010

Looks like several users on Apple’s Discussion Boards are claiming that their Bluetooth keyboards have been devouring batteries like crazy since they started using a Magic Mouse. Even after switching to rechargeable batteries and running all updates, the problem continues. Most of these users claim that they need new keyboard batteries weekly. That ain’t good.

The theory is that the Magic Mouse is preventing the keyboard from going into sleep mode, which makes sense. After one user swapped his Magic Mouse with a Logitech model, the problem was solved. Another user claims that Apple Tech Support says that this is a known Bluetooth driver issue and that a fix is on the way.

Jaybird SB1 Sportsband Bluetooth headphones

Posted in Headphones by Conner Flynn on January 3rd, 2010

Jaybird is known for classing up headphones and their “SB1 Sportsband” set of Bluetooth headphones are the classiest designs we’ve seen yet from the outfit. They just look perfectly sleek.

The headphones deliver roughly eight hours of stereo music, along with moisture-protected music controls, and can even handle your calls. You’ll be happy to know that they’re shipping now for just $89. Not a bad price for something this good looking that’s also functional. They also appear comfortable.

BlueParrot B250-XT wireless headset debuts

Posted in Mobile Accessories by Shane McGlaun on December 30th, 2009

If you are looking for a headset that will work with your Bluetooth equipped mobile phone and will work with your PC for VoIP calls as well there are lots of options. Most of them are the typical Bluetooth headsets that many wear in the car.

If you want a headset that is more oriented towards working in the office and extended wear VXI has a new device called the BlueParrott B250-XT. It looks like a headset that phone operators might wear with an over the ear, single side style.

Bluetooth rollable keyboard coming soon

Posted in Keyboards by Conner Flynn on December 28th, 2009

Wireless keyboards are perfect to use with your HTPC setup, but the livingoom is a messy place full of dangers for any keyboard. There’s spilled drinks, the danger of leaving your keyboard on the couch and having someone sit on it, etc.

Well, this rollable Bluetooth keyboard should make those problems a thing of the past. It comes fresh from the FCC in red or pink and is made of a rubbery material. It won’t break in half if you sit on it and it is safe from spills. It’s also super portable.

Belkin unveils Bluetooth Music receiver for iPhone

Posted in Belkin by Shane McGlaun on December 16th, 2009

belkinbluetoothiphoneThere is no shortage of accessories on the market for the iPhone and the iPod. There are a plethora of docks and cradles that let you play music through your car or home stereo. Most of the docks require the iPhone to be plugged into them though.

Belkin has announced a new Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver that uses Bluetooth to wirelessly stream music from your iPhone to the home stereo. The device has a wireless range of 33 feet and works with all generation iPhones and the 2ng generation iPod touch.

Ford adds address book download app to SYNC platform

Posted in Cars by Shane McGlaun on December 14th, 2009

fordsync-sgMost of the new Ford cars and trucks have the SYNC system built-in that allows the use of a phone without having to hold the device. The SYNC system makes the car into a big hands free device.

Ford has announced that owners of SYNC equipped vehicles can now get a free app called SYNCMyPhone that will allow them to sync their contacts book with the car. The app installs on a computer and lets the user move up to 1200 contacts to a flash drive.

Vertu unveils V collection Bluetooth headset and more

Posted in Mobile Accessories by Shane McGlaun on December 11th, 2009

vertuv-sbWe all know that Vertu has some very nice looking phones that tend to focus more on style and fashion than performance and features. If you are the sort that likes the Vertu line, you may be wishing there were accessories to go along with the handsets.

Vertu has announced the V collection that includes a slick Bluetooth headset, a memory card reader, and a pen. The Bluetooth headset stores in a case that looks more like a pen than a headset. It has an articulating earpiece and works with any Bluetooth device.

BlueAnt unveils F4 Communications System for motorcyclists

Posted in BlueAnt by Shane McGlaun on December 8th, 2009

blueantf4-sbThere are tons of Bluetooth headsets for car drivers to use for hands free calls. I’m not user if there are as many available for motorcyclists though. BlueAnt has announced a new communications system for motorcycles called the F4.

The system will allow riders to make and receive phone calls while riding and supports A2DP technology. The system can stream stereo music form a Bluetooth device. It can also act as an intercom system for double eiders.