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Blackberry Curve and Javelin get integrated Bluetooth headset

Posted in Mobile Accessories by Shane McGlaun on July 23rd, 2009

mogotalk-javelincurve-sbIn many states a Bluetooth headset or hands free kit are a requirement when using your phone and driving. In other areas headsets are merely a safer and more convenient way to talk while driving. The problem is that often we don’t have our Bluetooth headsets on us when we need them.

A new Blackberry Curve and Javelin specific Bluetooth headset is now available from Mogo Talk. The headset piggybacks on the Blackberry devices and charges there as well. A new back cover has the 5mm thick headset and charger integrated into the phone.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager coming to Mac

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on July 20th, 2009

BlackBerry Desktop Manager coming to MacMany of you Mac users have been waiting for this news. RIM has been known for ignoring Mac support for its devices, but apparently no more. We’re talking a full-fledged Desktop Manager that supports Mac OS 10.5.5 and above.

We’re not yet sure when it launches. All we know is that it will be sometime in September. The bottom line here is that you will be able to do stuff like sync iTunes, add and remove apps, perform firmware updates, create backups and restore from them, and manage multiple BlackBerrys at the same time. That’s pretty big.

BlackBerry OS 5.0 to get tabbed browsing

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on July 16th, 2009

BlackBerry OS 5.0 to get tabbed browsingLife got much easier with the advent of tabbed browsing for desktop browsers. It’s something we take for granted, but how great is it that we don’t have to open up a bunch of windows on our computers? It would be great if you could do this on your BlackBerry.

Well, RIM is all set to introduce a similar feature in their upcoming operating system, the BlackBerry OS 5.0. In fact RIM has been working on getting tabbed browsing right since around 2007, so let’s hope they’ve finally nailed it. We’re hoping that it doesn’t affect BlackBerry speeds very much.

BlackBerry to offer wireless music downloads

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on July 13th, 2009

BlackBerry to offer wireless music downloadsAccording to the Telegraph, music download site 7Digital will be launching a service for BlackBerry this September. It’s based around an application that will be available in BlackBerry’s App World. Customers will be able to download music directly to their phone for 79 cents a song. “Most” tracks will be DRM-free.

RIM CEO Jim Balsillie sure seems excited about it. He sees the market as experiencing the “birth of digital music 2.0.” We don’t know about that, but it sure is exciting for BB owners.

Sprint launching BlackBerry Tour on July 20th?

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on June 28th, 2009

BlackBerry Tour announced: $199.99 this summerA few weeks ago, we knew that the highly anticipated BlackBerry Tour for Sprint was on the way and coming very soon. The only release date we had was “later this summer”. Now we have some inside news from insiders at Inside Sprint.

According to them, the Tour will be available on July 20th. It might be a good idea to mark your calendars and save up your $199.99. We think the date seems right. They wouldn’t want to wit much longer to unleash this one.

Obama endorses Blackberry storm 9500 clone, BlockBerry

Posted in Mobile Phones by Conner Flynn on June 18th, 2009

Obama endorses Blackberry storm 9500 clone, BlockBerryAh, those crazy Chinese and their clone factories. Is anyone really dumb enough to believe that this is a real Blackberry? Or that Obama endorses it?

Obama appears in this phone’s poster with a slogan “Obama have Blackberry, I have blockberry”. BlockBerry being haff-comm’s Huawei K3-based WinMo 6.1 handset. This “Storm 9500″ features a 460MHZ processor, a 3.2-inch touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and supports 3G and EDGE.

BlackBerry Tour announced: $199.99 this summer

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on June 16th, 2009

BlackBerry Tour announced: $199.99 this summerNew BlackBerry models are few and far between, especially the CDMA kind. Well, we have some good news. Sprint has announced its plans for carrying the Tour 9630. In fact, it was just minutes after Verizon did so. It will launch “later this summer” for $199.99.

That’s after $150 worth of rebates and a two-year contract. To refresh your memory, the Tour 9630 weighs just 130 grams and has a 256 MB internal Flash memory, 35 key backlight QWERTY keyboard, 3.2 MP camera with flash and autofocus, Bluetooth 2.0.

Verizon announces BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on June 4th, 2009

Verizon announces BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230The BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 certainly took its time making an appearance on Verizon Wireless. It starts from the 19th of this month onward. Better late than never I guess. It will cost you $129.99 after a $70 mail-in rebate, with a 2-year contract.

As for specs, here’s a refresher: OS 4.6.0, 324MHz processor, external display, vertical QVGA internal display, SureType keypad, 2 megapixel camera with flash, GPS, etc. I don’t think it will generate very much excitement.

BlackBerry Curve 8900 hits AT&T on Friday for $199

Posted in Curve by Conner Flynn on May 20th, 2009

BlackBerry Curve 8900 officially hitting AT&T in "early summer"Last we heard, the Curve 8900 was scheduled for a vague “early summer” release. Well, AT&T has just announced that the Curve 8900 will be available both online and in stores starting this Friday. That’s a whole lot less vague and just two days away.

If you are adding a line or are eligible for a fully discounted upgrade, you’ll need about $200 not including tax. To recap, some features include WiFi, GPS and a 480 x 360 resolution display and the joy of owning a BB.

Gmail pushed to select BlackBerrys

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on May 5th, 2009

Gmail pushed to select BlackBerrysOn the heels of RIM adding a push API, Google is enabling some BlackBerry users to get their Gmail and Google Calendar stuff on their handsets. Don’t jump for joy just yet. There are some shortcomings that limit its usefulness. Like the fact that users have to be connecting to BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances, and those instances have to be backed by Microsoft Exchange.

Also, only 250 users per Enterprise Server instance can get their mobile Gmail on, changes made to appointments on a handset cannot be pushed back to Google Calendar. Plus, searching for Gmail messages still requires a separate app. Updates and improvements are on the way, but until then this is what you get.

RIM CEO confirms a new Storm

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on May 4th, 2009

Blackberry StormI’m sure this comes as no surprise, but RIM CEO Jim Balsillie just told Reuters that the company is working on a successor to the BlackBerry Storm. He said that the company believes there is a large consumer segment for such a device and according to Jim Balsillie, the current Storm is a “huge success in terms of sales and adoption.”

We would agree on both counts. He also noted that “we have next-generation devices with [touch] and the whole roadmap.” Balsillie did not give any specific details, of course. And he didn’t say when such a product might hit the market.

Blackberry users hit 1 million downloads for Slacker Radio application

Posted in Mobile Phones by Shane McGlaun on April 30th, 2009

slacker-sbI am not a big fan of streaming music personally, but in theory services like Slacker sound cool. Rather than buying individual tracks, Slacker lets users create personal radio stations. The service is available for mobile phones and computer users.

Slacker has announced that its application for the Blackberry line of smartphones has now been downloaded a million times via the Blackberry App World. Using the application Blackberry users can listen to personal or programmed radio stations over a wireless network.

Zoho Mobile branches out to Android, BlackBerry, Symbian

Posted in Mobile Phones by Conner Flynn on April 28th, 2009

Zoho Mobile branches out to Android, BlackBerry, SymbianThe online collaborative applications suite, Zoho, is expanding its mobile territory to Android, BlackBerry, and Symbian. It was initially for the iPhone and Windows Mobile. The new Zoho Mobile includes all the new platforms and is accessible from http://mobile.zoho.com/.

You’ll get Zoho Mail, Zoho Calendar, Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Show, and Zoho Creator. Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, and Zoho Show files are in read only mode while Zoho Mail lets users compose, and send email and can access their Zoho Creator applications. The company plans to expand the feature functionality and the portfolio of Zoho applications.

Alltel users get Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230

Posted in Alltel by Shane McGlaun on April 24th, 2009

blackberrypearlflip8230-sbWhen it comes to smartphone most of them have the same bar or PDA style form factor. Those preferring to use a clamshell style phone don’t have many options with the current crop of smartphones. Clamshells are preferred by some people because they are more compact.

Alltel has announced that the Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230 handset will be available on its network starting in early May. The handset is a full Blackberry smartphone with the clamshell style and a SureType QWERTY keyboard underneath.

Pip-Berry 3000

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on April 19th, 2009

Pip-Berry 3000The Blackberry does some things that Apple can’t. User defined homescreens. A clever modder skinned a Pip-Boy theme for the device, which is cool. Even cooler, it actually functions, where the iPod Touch mod is just for show.

If you have a BlackBerry and want this, you can pick it up over at Crackberry in green and blue. The creator, sadosdemetrios, would appreciate your donations. Who would have thought that Vault Boy would make it to so many other devices?