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Nokia’s bicycle cellphone charger now €30 in Europe

Posted in Nokia by Conner Flynn on February 2nd, 2011

Nokia’s bike-powered cellphone charger was supposed to arrive by the end of 2010 for about €15. Now the company is ready and is charging €30 to European bicyclists, which is twice as expensive as anticipated. The kit comes with a Nokia charger, phone holder, and bottle dynamo.

The charger also sports a 2-mm charger interface and provides 28 minutes of talk time for every 10 minutes spent riding between 6kph (4mph) and 50kph (31mph). Europeans can pick one up from Nokia’s online store. The rest of us will have to wait.

Use your bicycle as a shopping cart

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on July 1st, 2010

Now you can take your bike shopping and also take your shopping cart for a ride thanks to the transforming Ville concept folding bicycle. It’s a bike/shopping cart hybrid vehicle for eco-friendly shoppers. It is bicycle and grocery cart in one.

The idea is that thanks to the bike’s shopper-friendly design, you can take it with you inside the store, so you don’t have to have it stolen. The fact that it will actually hold your groceries is a bonus.

Yale students invent Spokeless Bicycle Wheel

Posted in Personal Transport by Conner Flynn on February 17th, 2010

Several students from Yale University have created a bicycle wheel that does away with the spokes entirely. Pretty awesome. All of our future bicycles will probably look like this one. They should all be patting themselves on the back.

But I’m sad to see the spokes go. Where will we put our baseball cards so we can make that weird noise? It also leaves less room for reflectors. If only bicycle spokes had had a spokes-person, perhaps they wouldn’t now be facing extinction.

Gyrobike trades training wheels for a gyrowheel

Posted in Personal Transport by Conner Flynn on October 4th, 2009

Gyrobike trades training wheels for a gyrowheelYou know the deal. When you’re just a little tyke getting the hang of riding your bike, you need training wheels. Well, the kids of the future are laughing at you. They are all using the Gyrowheel instead of training wheels, on a Gyrobike.

It allows the rider to stay balanced without training wheels and still learn to ride the bike. Think of it as invisible training wheels. The 12-inch wheel replaces the standard front tire, and has an adjustable-speed spinning disc that’s powered by a rechargeable battery.

Wii bicycle pedal accessory coming soon

Posted in Wii Accessories by Conner Flynn on August 13th, 2009

Wii bicycle pedal accessory coming soonThis leaked marketing slide spotted over on NeoGAF suggests that we may be getting a bike peripheral sometime soon. I wonder if they will port the arcade hit Paperboy to the Wii so you can peddle away and throw papers or maybe you can ride in the Tour de France.

We don’t know if the image is from Nintendo or from a 3rd-party accessory maker, but it looks a lot more useful than an inflatable horse. Obviously the $89.99 controller is geared toward bike-riding and fitness activities.

Kenyan students charge cellphones with pedal power

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on July 26th, 2009

Kenyan students charge cellphones with pedal powerThis DIY gadget is dubbed the “smart charger” and it’s from two Kenyan students who reside in rural areas without electricity. They also use bikes to get around. Jeremiah Murimi and Pascal Katana use a dynamo attached to the bicycle in order to charge cellphone batteries. The whole process costs practically nothing.

They used parts from old discarded radio and television sets to assemble the small charger. The user is able to plug the dynamo lead right into the device. An hour of pedaling can fully recharge the battery in about the same time it would take if it was plugged into an electrical outlet. The idea is that the user would avoid paying $2 each time for battery recharges by making a one-time smart charger purchase worth about $4.50.

Bio-Cycle is John Connor’s new ride

Posted in Personal Transport by Conner Flynn on January 21st, 2009

Bio-Cycle is John Connor’s new rideNo, this isn’t a pic from the annual anorexia bike races, where fashion models bike for charity. It could very well be John Connor’s ride to school after he puts those Terminators in their place and returns to the past as a teen.

It’s the Bio-Cycle by Jud Turner. A human skeleton designed bicycle. The skeleton’s hands hold the front wheel, while it’s legs are attached to the pedals and it’s body s the frame. Sadly there’s no where to sit. I love how it looks robotic. Come to think of it, this is probably what robots will do to us one day when they need bikes.

Create your own bike lane with LightLane

Posted in Personal Transport by Conner Flynn on January 15th, 2009

Create your own bike lane with LightLaneIt’s dangerous out there for a bike rider. Do you have any idea how many idiots are out there driving vehicles? Having a bike lane on the street that you’re traveling helps a lot. With a bike lane, drivers are more aware of you and you have your own designated space, which should keep you safe. Unfortunately, bike lanes are not on every street. What do you do?

Make your own, that’s what. Always have a bike lane with you. The LightLane is a concept that uses frikkin lasers to project an illuminated bike lane all around you while you are pedaling away. It keeps you visible to cars, which keeps you alive to bike another day.

Bicycle Rickshaw with stripper pole leaves a trail of dollar bills

Posted in Personal Transport by Conner Flynn on November 23rd, 2008

Bicycle Rickshaw with stripper pole leaves a trail of dollar billsIf you’re an enterprising entrepreneur or a stripper who can’t stay put, this is really the perfect vehicle for you and your pimp boss. Just don’t leave a trail of bills in your wake. Or clothes. It’s aptly named the Polerider and I will do my best to refrain from the obvious jokes.

The PoleRider was built by three professional industrial designers to withstand immense leverage loads without failing. So I’m assuming that means that larger women can earn a mobile living stripping as well. If you are into that sort of thing. The Polerider makes the rounds in NYC and you can rent it out by the hour complete with pole-dancing girl for $300 for the first, $200 each additional.

Double Bike is silly, should only be used by clowns

Posted in Personal Transport by Conner Flynn on November 11th, 2008

Double Bike is silly, should only be used by clownsLook at this ridiculous thing. You’ll break your neck getting off of this bike. It’s just crazy and insane. Therefore we love it. You’ll notice that there’s no chain attached to the lower wheels, which means that the upper wheels are generating all the momentum like another set of gears. You’ll also notice that they apparently welded a few bike frames together in order to create this monstrosity. I just wish I could see this dude wipe out after running over small rocks. Also, he really should have a latter mounted in this thing. Is it wrong to want to shove a broom handle in his spokes?

Self-stabilizing bike stabilizes drunk bikers

Posted in Personal Transport by Conner Flynn on November 4th, 2008

Self-stabilizing bike stabilizes drunk bikersBikes are a great environmentally friendly way to get around. But not so much when you’ve had a few drinks. That’s where this self-stabilizing bike comes in handy. It will keep you upright when you’ve had a few too many. It arrives in the world courtesy of researchers at Yokohama’s Keio University.

It’s equipped with two motors: one that moves the rear wheel about 2.5 meters per second while the other controls the handlebars. A linux controller keeps watch of everything via webcam and gyro sensor, steering the vehicle and adjusting its speed accordingly. Right now the bike is only able to stay upright when moving in a straight line, but before you know it they will have a system that can corner and work in the real world. So go ahead, drink up.

Nike Bicycle Glasses give you super vision

Posted in Apparel by Conner Flynn on October 22nd, 2008

Nike Bicycle Glasses give you super visionNike is developing a pair of glasses for bike riding that could very well save your life. The glasses will extend your peripheral vision so that you are able to see objects behind you. The Nike Hindsight glasses have a special lens on the sides that allows for a field of view greater than the human limit of 180º. It will give you an extra 25º of viewing on both sides, making you see things like some bugs no doubt see the world.

The lenses distort the images on the side but the human eye can only detect motion in that area anyway, so the image will remain clear to you. You’ll be able to see cars or pedestrians coming up from behind you. It’s still a concept at the moment, but I’m sure this is one we will actually see in about 5 years or so.

The folding back pack bike

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on July 9th, 2008

The folding back pack bikeWhether you just like to bike everywhere or you’re the 40 year old virgin, this concept sure would come in handy and you might even earn some respect for having a cool gadget type bike. The bike weighs just 5.5 KG and is 60cm in length and is stored easily in your back pack. As a bonus it even doubles as a hand cart.

Some of the bike features include a headlight, back light and turn signals. The whole thing looks pretty unsafe if you ask me. You’re not going survive any kind of impact. In fact, you’ll probably get severely hurt hitting a pot-hole. It’s just a concept for the moment.

Zigo bike also carries your rugrats

Posted in Personal Transport by Conner Flynn on July 1st, 2008

Zigo bike also carries your rugrats
We’ve seen some pretty weird bikes that want to keep the family traveling together, ever since the price of gas has gone crazy. The crazy Electric Bike Train comes to mind.

Well, here’s another idea. The Zigo bike has apparently taken dad from the equation all together, opting to put mom either behind or on the thing, while the kid or kids are in the danger zone up front known as the ChildPod. The ChildPod can be removed and transformed into a stroller lightning quick, and the Zigo can be used as a standard 2-wheeled bicycle once you attach the front wheel. It’s $995 worth of parts swapping with kids in tow.

Bikecaffe: Coffee vending bikes

Posted in Personal Transport by Conner Flynn on June 22nd, 2008

Bikecaffe: Coffee vending bikesI can’t think of a better business idea then putting a new spin on people’s insane need for coffee and making in convenient. That’s what the Bikecaffe is all about. The business was launched in the UK in March, and proved so successful that Bikecaffe’s founders, Will and Steve expanded into the rest of Europe.

The company’s trikes use gas-powered machines to brew the coffee and can produce up to 500 cups a day. For some reason, they serve the drinks in recyclable containers, despite the fact that they’re using gas to brew it. Brilliant idea. Instead of making the people come to you, you bring the coffee to the people. Let’s face it, people are everywhere.

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