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Out Run arcade game lets you game and drive

Posted in News by Reuben Drake on August 3rd, 2011

Gaming and driving? At the same time? Awesome. Garnet Hertz’s augmented reality-based OutRun project marries a concept car to Sega’s classic driving game with an electric golf cart, allowing players to navigate their way around real-life courses. It’s like driving an arcade cabinet.

Hertz outfitted the system with cameras and customized software that can see in front of the car to automatically reproduce the route on the screen. The map is displayed in the same 8-bit rendering as the original OutRun, with perspectives changing with the steering. It only hits 13 mph, but it’s awesome even at that speed.

PowerPutt Mini Golf arcade game tees off

Posted in Games by Shane McGlaun on October 30th, 2008

PowerPuttI’ve never played a round of real golf, but I play mini golf with my kids quite frequently. The embarrassing part about mini golf with my kids is that my son usually beats me. It’s tough on the ego to be trounced by a 7-year-old, even if he is like a mini golf Tiger Woods with three hole in one shots per game.

I can still beat my son in video games though and if I can find PowerPutt in a local arcade the tournament is on. PowerPutt comes from the company that developed Golden Tee and offers good graphics with the same sort of controls used by Golden Tee.