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Ion Audio’s iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet hits the FCC

Posted in iPad accessories by Conner Flynn on April 12th, 2011

Hey, we love anything that turns your iPad into a mini arcade system. So we cheered when we learned that Ion Audio’s iCade Arcade Cabinet for the Apple iPad, passed through the FCC today. Just slide your iPad into the $100 cabinet, connect to the iCade via Bluetooth, and you’re ready to relive your arcade days.

The iCade packs in an arcade-style joystick, six numbered buttons and two “enter” buttons. And you can download free games for the iCade from Apple’s App Store. The Atari Greatest Hits app is already configured to work with the iCade, and you can download additional games through the Atari Greatest Hits app. It takes 2 AA batteries.

Nanocade turns your netbook into an arcade cabinet

Posted in Netbook by Conner Flynn on January 31st, 2011

Netbooks are cool, but they aren’t arcade cabinets. Not typically. But with the Nanocade you can have both. It’s a kit from designer Rasmus Sorensen that lets you turn a netbook or mini-ITX motherboard and 10.1-inch display into a laptop arcade cabinet.

If you have a spare netbook to make this happen, the kit ships in March and it is easy to do. As long as you have the $349 plus shipping that is. It’s totally worth it.

ArcadeDock turns your Lenovo laptop into a retro arcade cabinet

Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on October 14th, 2010

The ArcadeDock Laptop Dock is an awesome mod. It’s a half-height arcade machine, with retro art, the necessary joystick and large buttons and a secret place for a touchpad-equipped keyboard. Basically it is designed to hold an IdeaPad Y560, and when connected via USB, it functions just like any arcade cabinet.

Pretty awesome. Though it looks pretty uncomfortable to play. Still, it’s worth any back pain you might endure to play a lenovo Ideapad through a Street Fighter 4 emblazoned arcade cabinet.

Freekade iPad Arcade Cabinet goes up for auction

Posted in iPad accessories by Conner Flynn on August 18th, 2010

We’ve seen some budget versions of an iPad arcade cabinet, but the Freekade arcade cabinet is much more professional. And it’s now available on eBay UK.

Right now it’s up to £82.00. It has a nice walnut effect on the side panels and a matte black finish, for that retro look. The cabinet hooks up to your iPad via Bluetooth and if you’ve jailbroken your iPad, you can even play NES, SNES and PSX emulators.

iPad Cardboard Arcade cabinet

Posted in iPad accessories by Conner Flynn on June 11th, 2010

In April we showed you an April fool’s iPad Arcade console. But now it’s real. This is a cardboard iPad arcade console created by Hideyoshi Moriya. It’s made of cardboard and has two arcade buttons and a joystick.

To connect the controller to the iPad an Arduino board sits inside the cabinet. It looks like the controllers respond nicely and can handle the iPad games pretty well. Now you just need some art on that cabinet.

Young Explorer PC is like an educational arcade cabinet for your kid

Posted in Computer Cases by Conner Flynn on April 11th, 2010

Here’s a great way to geek up your little tyke from an early age. The Young Explorer PC gives your kid his own Windows-powered computer with a plat panel LCD, 1GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive.

And it looks like an arcade cabinet. Maybe in the future schools will be full of little zombies sitting in front of these things. Maybe not for awhile though, since it costs $2,599.99.