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The iPad app Store is now live

Posted in iPad by Conner Flynn on April 1st, 2010

In other iPad news, the app store is now live. If they don’t have it already, then soon you will be able to choose from all of the fart, beer, and boobs related apps you can handle for your new iPad as well as some truly useful ones.

This comes days before the device has been released to regular joes without media credentials. There are many to choose from and of course they are more expensive. You can find a full list here. Let us know what you think. Are there any that you absolutely plan on getting?

Official Netflix Streaming iPad app

Posted in Netflix by Conner Flynn on April 1st, 2010

The Netflix Streaming app is now official. Aside from Hulu, it’s probably one of the most anticipated apps for the iPad for watching shows and movies. There aren’t many details, but if you’ve used or seen Netflix Watch Instantly on other devices, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Just download the free app and instantly watch TV shows & movies streaming from Netflix as often as you like. It’s part of your unlimited Netflix membership. It let’s you do all of the usual things like browsing movies and managing your Queue.

New eBay app for iPhones can list products lightning fast

Posted in iPhone Accessories by Conner Flynn on March 30th, 2010

These two new apps for either sellers or those who want to buy/sell locally are pretty cool. The Classifieds app uses the iPhone’s GPS to remember your location and will only display items near you based on what you’re searching for.

The second app is also free and is being called a “power tool” by ebay. The item being sold can be listed in under 60 seconds, which is incredibly fast for sellers. Put these two apps in your ebay arsenal and you’ll be happy you did. Now if only ebay would lower their fees, you might make some decent profit from that rare and ugly vase you just listed.

Yahoo iPad app screenshots

Posted in iPad by Conner Flynn on March 28th, 2010

Some screenshots of Yahoo’s iPad app have surfaced, and it looks way better than their website and uses the iPad’s screen space well. In just a few days the iPad will start shipping, so it’s time to start thinking about apps.

This one will be on your list just because it looks so nice. They did a great job with the UI. I hope others are paying attention. Not at all what you would expect from Yahoo.

iHome iA5 app-driven Alarm Clock for iPhone

Posted in iHome by Conner Flynn on March 25th, 2010

Yeah we hear ya. Yes this is yet another alarm clock speaker system for your iPhone or iPod touch. However the iHome iA5 App-driven Alarm Clock Speaker System was specially designed to work with the company’s iHome+Sleep app, which allows users to adjust the clock’s time, alarm, and EQ settings right from the iPhone itself.

By equipping the speaker system with the app users get up to 18 additional software alarms and nap alarms, and can browse local weather information. Owners can also set snooze or program wake alarms that can play movies or songs. A line-in jack allows for connecting additional audio devices.

Apple adds “Gift This App” option to app store

Posted in Apple by Shane McGlaun on March 23rd, 2010

One thing that has been missing from the App Store since it debuted was a way to pay for apps to give as gifts to other users. The only way to do it was to get the user a gift card before. Apple has added a new gift option to the App Store.

The option is found in the drop down menu beside the buy button. When you hit the Gift this App option you enter the persons mane and email that you want to give the app to.

Updated Lightsaber iPhone app lets you duel via Bluetooth

Posted in iPhone Accessories by Conner Flynn on March 18th, 2010

Apps really allow you to do just about anything. Even have a lightsaber duel. If you own an iPhone, you’ve probably already downloaded the lightsaber app, but now there’s a new lightsaber app coming next month.

It will allow you to have Bluetooth lightsaber duels and you can choose from 11 new Star Wars character’s lightsabers. Pretty neat. May the force and your iPhone be with you, always.

Kindle app finally arrives on Mac

Posted in kindle by Conner Flynn on March 18th, 2010

Amazon’s Kindle has released apps for both the iPhone and the PC. And now its arriving on the Mac. The Kindle app is free, and hooks you up with Amazon’s bookstore where you can buy books or check out previews of books.

With these apps, Amazon has done the smart thing and taken the ebook store as far as it will go, which is a good thing since the iPad will shake things up. I wonder what the ereader market will look like in one year.

Netflix app streams nicely on Windows Phone 7

Posted in Netflix by Conner Flynn on March 15th, 2010

The guys over at Engadget just had a quick look at Netflix for Windows Phone 7 Series, one of the third-party apps Microsoft is showing off at MIX10. It looks like what you would expect, lots of red with the Netflix logo.

But unlike some other mobile Netflix apps, this one has Watch Instantly support and it looks pretty decent, which is a score for the capabilities of Microsoft’s Silverlight-based dev platform. We wish it was available right now. Video below.

GuitarBud: Plug your Guitar into your iPhone

Posted in iPhone Accessories by Conner Flynn on March 11th, 2010

If you are any kind of budding musician, then chances are you have used some of the iPhone’s musically inclined apps. Well, the GuitarBud plug cable system lets you hook up your electric guitar to your iPhone, which allows it to work with a bunch of compatible apps.

It will work with stuff like Voice Memos to record a quick riff and JamAmp which simulates a guitar amp, tuner and training tool. Some other compatible apps include StompVox, Riff Raters, GigDaddy, iStrobosoft, Rectools Pro and Guitar FX Deluxe.

iPhone App Magnets for your fridge

Posted in iPhone Accessories by Conner Flynn on March 11th, 2010

iPhone fans will want to recreate the iPhone’s interface on their fridge or other metal surfaces using these cool geeky iPhone App Magnets from Jailbreak Toys. There are 18 different magnets to choose from, measuring 7/8 square. You get an iPod icon along with email, weather, calendar and more.

So you can turn anything into an Apple device. They won’t launch any programs when touched, but it should be $13 well spent to geek up your home or office. All of your other Apple fan-boy friends will be jealous.

First Google Buzz iPhone app

Posted in Google by Conner Flynn on March 3rd, 2010

Buzzie, the first iPhone app aimed at users of Google’s new social networking tool Google Buzz is now in the iTunes App store. The app allows non-Buzz users to tune into Buzz conversations in their local area without logging into the service.

Once logged in, you can start conversations, or join in with your followers. You can also mark your Buzz as private or public and decide whether you want to publish your location, which is selected using the iPhone’s GPS.

Do you want a Netflix iPhone app?

Posted in Netflix by Conner Flynn on March 2nd, 2010

Netflix coming to the Nintendo Wii Game cosoleA recent Netflix survey asked an interesting question. “How likely would you or someone in your household be to instantly watch movies & TV episodes on your iPhone via a Wi-Fi network?” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings did say that Netflix streaming would come to the iPhone “eventually”. Apparently they are gauging the interest and getting ready.

Hopefully they can offer just such an app without running into too much trouble from the studios who are always worried about their rights.

Facebook 1.2 for Windows Mobile released

Posted in Facebook by Conner Flynn on February 22nd, 2010

Seems like everyone is addicted to Facebook now. If you are one of those millions, then you might want to check out what Microsoft has in store for you if you are a Windows Mobile user.

Specifically Facebook app version 1.2. Some of the main feature updates include the ability to “like” a comment, or to add to current comments. Why not go ahead and download Microsoft’s latest app from the marketplace and get more out of Facebook on your phone?

Kindle for BlackBerry e-reader app now available

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on February 18th, 2010

Amazon is now adding BlackBerrys to the list of Kindle-compatible devices, while reminding us that it’s working on Mac and iPad versions of the software. The app is a free download for Americans and offers the same functionality as the PC and iPhone versions.

There’s also an in-app book store and you can create bookmarks and view annotations from other portable Kindle readers. Better go download it and get your reading on you digital bookworms.