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Darth Vader and R2-D2 USB hand warmers

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on December 9th, 2010

Use either the dark side or the light side to keep your hands warm this holiday season. These star wars USB hand warmers feature a brushed aluminium case that provides a cozy temperature of 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) for about four hours on a two hour USB charge.

Or you can just wear gloves. These are manufactured by Takara Tomy and are limited to Japan. They come in two designs. Darth Vader and R2-D2.

Getting cozy with the USB Hand Warmer

Posted in USB by Nino Marchetti on December 14th, 2007

usb-hand-warmer.jpgThe never-ending flow of gadgets which use USB for power can sometimes cause my head to hurt. Especially when I see ones which promise to warm parts of your body. One of the most recent to journey down this road is the USB Hand Warmer, priced at around $11.

The USB Hand Warmer, as the name implies, warms your hand. You plug this little device into your computer’s USB port to draw the 5v necessary to power it. You wait it appears close to half an hour for it to heat up to 50 degrees. You can then unplug it if you so desire and you have a heater to wrap your cold hands around.

Brando USB Can Cooler/Warmer

Posted in Coolers,USB by Reuben Drake on July 14th, 2007

USB can cooler and warmer from BrandoIt appears that finding a good and efficient cooling mechanism for a single canned beverage at your desk is a little hard to come by. We’ve seen the little USB Mini Fridge and that little “cold plate“, but neither can get anything real cold, real fast.

This USB Can Cooler and Warmer from Brando looks like a noble attempt but its unclear just how good of a job of warming or cooling it really does. It’s completely USB powered which is nice and it can warm things up to what …


Use a USB warming mouse instead of fire

Posted in Mouse by Nino Marchetti on March 7th, 2008

warming-mouse.jpgA few weeks ago the heater broke here in part of the office and the women wisely decided to move to a warmer part of the building until it was fixed. Us men however toughed it out for two days until the problem was fixed. It sure would have gone by a lot easier though if we had this USB Infra-Red Warmer Mouse ($23) to keep us going.

The USB Infra-Red Warmer Mouse has an infrared red generator built inside which gradually warms up the mouse surface after being plugged into a USB port. It keeps the temperature at between 40°C ~ 45°C and can be turned off if, for example, your thumb’s skin starts to burn.

A bunch of USB junk this device is

Posted in USB by Nino Marchetti on March 6th, 2008

usb-crap.jpgHow many USB ports do you have on your computer? Got at least a few freed up by not connecting your USB boxer or Mr. Burns Web cam? $15 will get you multi-functional USB device to round out your ports and USB collection.

The USB Desk Assortment and Gift Set consists of a center base and four arms which sprout out of the center to offer different functions. You’ve got total combined offerings of, in no particular order, a USB 1.1 hub, a pen holder, a cup warmer, a mini lamp, a mini vacuum and an open port.

USB Snowbot will assimilate your cold geek heart

Posted in Robots,Toys,USB by Conner Flynn on November 9th, 2007

USB Snowbot will assimilate your cold geek heart

I’ve seen alot of cool robot toys and desk accessories over the years. I have to admit, I have never seen the combination of robot and snowman. It pleases me.

Not only is this robot bent on taking over the human race, it apparently has the winter season in mind for it’s objective. It’s got articulated arms and an eye scanner like a cylon from Battlestar Galactica, which can change color. You can also control the speed of the scanner with a knob. They say that it also has Authentic Snowbot Sound.

USB Heating Gloves

Posted in Apparel,USB by Darrin Olson on July 29th, 2007

USB Heating GlovesWinter is still a little ways off here in the US but I’ve worked at some places that keep the air conditioning on a little strong on these hot days where these could have come in “handy”. Not unlike the USB slippers these USB gloves will warm your hands by simply plugging them into any USB port on your computer, game console or even through an adapter in your car. The gloves are made of wool and are able to rise 10 degrees in temperature in a matter of 5 minutes depending on …


USB Slippers that Warm Your Feet

Posted in Foot Apparel,USB by Chetz on November 30th, 2006

USB Slippers Foot WarmersMany times I have been sitting in a room working away on my PC wishing my feet were not so cold. If only there were a way to warm them up, maybe with electricity that I don’t have to plug into a wall outlet? Maybe with electricity from my computers USB port?!?!

Well, after intensive searching I’ve found my solution. These USB slippers are the answer to the cold feet problem of computer geeks everywhere. They are two independently adjusted foot warmers that plug into the USB port on your computer and heat …

Cool your Bawls With the USB Beverage Cooler

Posted in Coolers,USB by Chetz on September 25th, 2006

USB Beverage Cooler

It’s not uncommon for me to be staring “blinklessly” for hours into my monitor, whether gaming or writing code. I’ll reach without looking away for the cold drink I brought in, seemingly minutes ago and haven’t opened yet, only to find out that it’s somehow slightly warmer than room temperature.

This USB beverage cooler would solve all my warm beverage problems. Working like a hot plate to make things cold, and running off of your USB port of your PC or notebook, you can keep your Bawls or anything else you want cool like …

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