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Cuby iPod Shuffle Dock / Speakers

Posted in Dock,iPhone Accessories,Shuffle,Speakers by Darrin Olson on June 26th, 2007

Cuby dock and speakers for the second generation iPod ShuffleMeasuring only 59mm tall and weighing 95 grams, a Japanese company has come up with a dock that can match the second generation iPod shuffle in its tiny-ness.

The Cuby dock will hold the iPod shuffle similar to how its standard dock connects through the headphone jack where it can charge the iPod sync up files via a USB connection. The dock also has two tiny speakers putting out 0.5 watts. The Cuby from Princeton will retail for around $33 in Japan and is expected to be available …

Dock your iPod in a $600 Victrola

Posted in iPod by Conner Flynn on September 8th, 2008

Dock your iPod in a $600 VictrolaHere’s something retro and neat. Dock your new music thing into an old music thing. It’s the Phonofone II, Limited Edition in Black and it’s designed by Tristan Zimmerman with only 200 of the devices available for sale. It looks like yet another iPod speaker dock in the shape of a Victrola but this time it’s different, I swear. It uses no power except the power of your iPod Classic or iPod Touch to amplify music through the horn part of the Phonofone II at 55 decibels.

So it’s like actually blending the technologies of past and present. Ok, not really. The iPod Nano or shuffle won’t be powerful enough to amplify the Phonofone II unless you use an inline headphone amplifier. It’s like Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs collaborated, with Steve setting the price. The Phonofone II sells for $600.

Creative TravelSound portable speaker, now for the iPod nano

Posted in Speakers by Darrin Olson on May 23rd, 2008

Creative Travelsound portable speaker for the iPod nanoCreative has launched a new addition to it’s line of portable speakers with the TravelSound for the iPod nano. This one-piece speaker attaches to the docking port of Apple’s nano and pumps out the sound to share with others. This new TravelSound speaker appears very similar to the TravelSound i50 that we saw last fall for the iPod nano, and the design is no doubt inspired by it.

The new TravelSound portable speaker is relatively small and lets the 3rd generation nano fit right into the design giving it an overall thickness of less than an inch with 3.9 inches in total height. It also comes with a little plastic stand, and if you can keep from losing it since it’s not attached, will provide a safer rest for the speaker with your iPod in it.


Optimus Prime Transformers iPod dock

Posted in iPod Accessories by Conner Flynn on March 27th, 2008

Optimus Prime Transformers iPod dock
This is what you get when you combine two things that we have enough of, Transformers and iPod docks. But it does have far more personality then your typcal iPod dock. It features built-in speakers and can actually transform to and from a robot.

The trailer section of Optimus Prime is the dock. Sorry, Shuffle owners, the iPod Shuffle is not compatible with this system. It stands 6″ tall in robot mode and will kick the ass of any other iPod dock you leave it alone with. I think my only complaint would be the total lack of color. The iPod Transformer Dock will cost you $149.95 and is available from Amazon.

Expect iPod Shuffle Speaker

Posted in iPod,iPod Accessories by Conner Flynn on January 16th, 2008

Expect iPod Shuffle Speaker
Speakers for iPod Shuffles are harder to find, compared to speakers for iPods, Nano’s and even iPhones. Expect is here to help, with an update on the Cuby iPod Shuffle Dock. They have released some cool looking iPod shuffle speakers for the 2GB iPod Shuffle. They come in either pink or silver. Enjoy your tunes and charge all at once. It is powered via USB or batteries for a more mobile experience.

It’s made to fit the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle and is designed to be nice and compact. It’s kinda cute too. You just snap the Shuffle into the speaker dock and you’re all set. It will only cost you $27.

Creative Travelsound i50 Shuffle speaker dock

Posted in Dock,iPod,iPod Accessories,Shuffle by Chetz on August 24th, 2007

Creative TravelSound i50 iPod Shuffle DockTake a look at this smooth looking Travelsound i50 iPod Shuffle dock/speaker from Creative. Mount a Shuffle on the top and clip it to your stuff to have a portable, rechargeable 2 channel 700mW speaker output wherever your go.

The i50 measures 128×47×15mm, weighs only 85g and is powered by an internal lithium polymer battery that charges via USB (and can charger your Shuffle at the same time) to give as much as 15hrs of continuous sound-sharing playback from the speaker dock.

The Travelsound i50 is currently selling in Japan for $69 each.


Pure-Fi Anywhere iPod Speakers

Posted in iPod Accessories,Logitech,Speakers by Chetz on August 16th, 2007

Pure-Fi Anywhere compact iPod speakersLogitech has put out a nice upgrade to the mm50 iPod speaker dock with the release of the Pure-Fi Anywhere speaker system. The Pure-Fi Anywhere speakers consist of a set of 2-inch Max-X drivers along with 3-inch pressure drivers for a nice base sound to give your iPod a noticeable public voice.

The speaker system can give you up to 10 hours of playback on rechargeable batteries or can be plugged in and charge your docked iPod while its playing. The speaker system supports all dockable iPods and will also play from other …


Klipsch iFi – Spendy Speakers for your iPod

Posted in iPhone Accessories,Speakers by Darrin Olson on August 6th, 2007

Klipsch iFi Speakers for your iPodThere are quite a few accessory speakers systems for the Apple iPod, but few have the dock and speakers packaged together for this kind of price, and we’re not talking real cheap. This $449.99 iFi speaker system from Klipsch comes with a docking station with adapters for your iPod, a powered subwoofer, two satellite speakers and an RF remote control that can run the system and your iPod from just about anywhere in your house.

The company says the iFi works with most iPods using the adapters, including the iPod mini, iPod Nano, …

iPod Shuffle Speakers

Posted in iPod Accessories,Shuffle,Speakers by Reuben Drake on July 5th, 2007

iPod Shuffle SpeakersHere’s a nice little set of speakers custom made for the iPod Shuffle. They come in five exact-match colors that the Shuffle comes in and provide a measly .5W output from each, but do allow you to share the music.

These little portable speakers are from a Japanese company called Corega and are custom made to fit the Shuffle connecting through the headphone/data transfer jack. When docked, you can connect to a computer with a USB cable which will also charge the shuffle. The speakers themselves can be powered through the USB connection or through two …

Interesting iPod Accessories

Posted in Accessories,Apple,iPod by Chetz on December 19th, 2006

The iPod has created such a flurry of excitement that the number of iPod accessories and compatible devices have been overwhelming. Here is a compilation of some of the more interesting iPod accessories that the Slippery Brick editors have come across this year. We’ll add more as they come in.

T.P. iPod Dock

iPod Accessory - Toilet Paper Roll DockHey, you can play games in the bathroom, so there is no reason why you should not be able to listen to your music in the John, too. The …

boynq iCube II adds color & style

Posted in iPod Accessories,Speakers by Conner Flynn on November 23rd, 2007

boynq’s iCube II speaker and docking system

boynq’s iCube II speaker and docking system gives off some retro vibes, thanks to hot colors and nicely detailed design. The award winning company is known for such attention to detail. Even the packaging for the one above is eye catching, matching the product. It’s from boynq’s Pour Femme collection, which I believe translates to “for her”.

They do have a more manly option as well. The “Pour Homme” version of the iCube II. Truth is they are both eye candy, with subtle curves mixed with the right sized knobs. The large knob in the center even lights up. The connections are of course located in back. Line in, line out, iPod USB connection and the DC power in. It will allow you to charge and sync your iPod, connect the iPod shuffle and other audio devices and connect to your home stereo.


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