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Solar-powered toothbrush eliminates toothpaste

Posted in Solar Powered by Chetz on November 28th, 2007

Solar powered toothbrushThis next evolution in the toothbrush will undoubtedly cause much hatred within the Crest and Colgate companies. A Japanese company called Shiken has made a prototype solar-powered toothbrush that would eliminate the need to squeeze out a bit of toothpaste every time you brush your teeth. The Soladey-J3X is a toothbrush that holds a titanium dioxide rod in the brush tip underneath the bristles. When you put the brush into your mouth you get the bristles wet, which also wets the rod which then releases electrons. The electrons then react to the mouth’s natural acid which breaks down the plaque that accumulates from the natural bacteria found inside that hole at the front of your face.

Solar powered capsule

Posted in Concepts,Solar Powered by Chetz on October 4th, 2007

Capsuli solar powered capsuleHere’s something that every emergency kit shouldn’t be without. The Capsuli is a concept design for a tiny rechargeable solar powered LED light that produces a great amount of light. Eight Capsulis are housed on a package that has a solar cell strip so they are powered up when needed. When you pop out a Capsuli you give the LED a slight twist and it turns on, immediately providing a burst of white light bright enough to see your surroundings. How many hours of light long would each Capsuli give off? A good question to be certain and one that isn’t answered on the original site along with an estimate of the price a Capsuli pack would be in the real world. We think it would be great fun to take 30 or 50 Capsulis, twist them on and then scatter them across a beach at night. Of course we care about the environment and we wouldn’t just leave them there…

Boblbee Waterproof, Shockproof, Solar iPod Dock

Posted in Chargers,iPod Accessories,Solar Powered,Waterproof by Darrin Olson on August 18th, 2007

Boblbee solar powered, waterproof ipod dock and chargerIt’s always refreshing to see an iPod accessory that actually looks useful; case in point: the Boblbee solar-powered iPod case. The Boblbee case completely encloses your iPod protecting it in a waterproof, shockproof cocoon of safeness. The case also acts as a charger drawing its electricity from the sun for you outdoor enthusiasts, miles away from any power outlets.

It’s not the most streamlined looking case and will definitely add some bulk to your MP3 player, but it will also potentially give you continuous, uninterrupted listening time outdoors, sun permitting. According …


Portable Universal Solar Charger from Brando

Posted in Chargers,Solar Powered by Darrin Olson on June 24th, 2007

Universal Solar Charger from BrandoBrando has a new portable solar powered charger in their catalog that appears to be a fairly handy device. It measures only 137mm long and weighs a mere 240 grams which makes for a nice and compact fold-out package.

The charger uses solar power to charge up an internal battery that then can be used to power or charge your gadgets. It has a number of adapters from the standard USB output port to fit different types of gadgets, but what’s probably most notable is the fact that you can vary the …

Solar Powered Surfing

Posted in Outdoors,Solar Powered,Wi-Fi by Chetz on June 5th, 2007

Meraki Outdoor Wifi Repeater with solar powerFor those of us looking to provide a low cost solution for wireless internet access, either for our own personal usage or for your family and friends, Meraki’s new Outdoor Repeater and Solar Accessory Kit is probably what you are looking for.

For $99 you get the Repeater which will transmit the signal up to 700 feet, perfect for downloading files while you’re at the park across the road or on the other side of the neighborhood. The Solar Accessory Kit lets the Repeater broadcast its signal without any electrical connection …

Freeloader Solar Charger

Posted in Chargers,Solar Powered by Reuben Drake on May 20th, 2007

Freeloader Solar ChargerThe Freeloader Solar Charger has an internal, replaceable battery that charges up from either the devices built-in solar panels or through a USB cable connected to a computer. With five hours of solar charging or 3 hours of USB charging the Freeloader has enough juice to power an iPod for 18 hours, a mobile phone for almost 2 days or a Sony PSP for two and a half hours.

The device is only just under 5 inches long, weighs about 6.5 ounces and looks like it would be a handy tool if your spending any extended …

Solar Car Battery Charger

Posted in Automotive,Solar Powered by Reuben Drake on March 6th, 2007

Solar car battery charge keeps from getting a dead batteryCar batteries are something that no one wants to let run down. Whether we might use it up fiddling with the GPS system too much or just generally mucking around the car, the towing bill that we will inevitably have to pay just takes all the fun out of it.

ICP Solar has come to the rescue and produced a solar panel that will help to charge your car battery. The new “Sunsei SolarCharger” will keep your car battery charged using energy from the Sun. Naturally the panel …


Voltaic Solar Backpack Recharges Your Gadgets

Posted in Apparel,Outdoors,Solar Powered by Chetz on January 2nd, 2007

Voltaic Systems Solar Powered BackpackTraveling can sometimes make it difficult to keep gadgets charged up, especially when hiking or spending time in remote areas. This backpack from Voltaic Systems has three durable, waterproof solar panels across the back of it which generate up to 4 watts of power, which is plenty to charge up your things.

Inside the backpack there are channels that run throughout the pack and shoulder straps to run wires through which can power and charge various items. A 2,200mAh Li-Ion battery and eleven adapters also come with the Voltaic Backpack to hook …

i-Blue757 Solar Powered GPS Receiver

Posted in Bluetooth,GPS,Solar Powered by Darrin Olson on December 29th, 2006

i-Blue757 Solar Powered Bluetooth GPS ReceiverTransystems have come out with another small GPS receiver to take with on your travels, but this one can gather it’s power from the sun. The iBlue757 GPS receiver has a built-in rechargeable battery that supplies up to 26 hours of up time on a 3 hour charge, but it also has an added solar panel to add countless hours of operation to this device.

It transfers data wirelessly via Bluetooth, so you will need a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or PDA with your mapping software to send this information to. The site …

SCIRC t1 Remote Solar Powered Webcam

Posted in Digital Imaging,Digital Video,Outdoors,Webcams by Darrin Olson on December 28th, 2006

Solar Powered Webcam SCIRC t1There are probably a number of places that would be available to view via webcam if only it didn’t need a computer and power in close proximity. DigitalXTractions has a solution to this problem by offering a webcam that runs on solar power and sends it’s images directly to an internet site through wireless phone lines.

The webcam has a 1.3 megapixel sensor that can capture either video or still pictures and send them to a site to be viewed through a wireless GPRS/EDGE cellular modem.

The actual camera is 7x4x3 inches and …

Solio Portable Solar Power Charger

Posted in Accessories,Outdoors by Paul Patterson on November 18th, 2006

SolioSolio is a handy universal power charger that is powerful enough to charge all of your handheld electronic products from smart phones and MP3 players, to digital cameras, game players, and GPS devices.

Solio can take a charge from either the wall socket or the Sun and store this energy within the Solio’s internal battery. The internal battery takes 8-10 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge and can store enough power to charge a typical cell phone or an iPod Nano at least two times. The fan-blade design allows it to achieve maximum surface area …


Sanyo Introduces Eneloop Solar Charger

Posted in Sanyo,Solar Powered by Darrin Olson on October 31st, 2006

Sanyo Eneloop Solar ChargerSanyo had introduced a handy little gadget to recharge batteries using solar power. The Eneloop solar charger will recharge 4 AA batteries using nothing but the sun. It also has a port to let you charge other devices with rechargeable batteries via a USB connection.

At the same time Sanyo has also released a small, hand held heater that is also rechargeable, and works similarly to the small little liquid packets you would put inside your gloves at the slopes, creating a small amount of heat radiant heat.

Along with the solar recharger from …

Roads That will Change the World

Posted in Solar Powered by Tam Yue on June 5th, 2014

Solar RoadwaysHere is a group that is trying to change the world by using the worlds roadways. How? They want to change all the current roads to “Solar Freakin’ Roadways”. Yes, you read that right. Watch the video, we think it is pretty amazing idea if they can pull it off. Good luck to them!

via trendinghot

Cloud-Connected Bike Lock

Posted in Security by Tam Yue on May 15th, 2014

skylockWe are sure all of you have seen the episode of the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard send the internet signal around the world to turn on the lamp in their apartment, right? And when Penny asks “Why?” the answer is simple “Because we can.” Duh.

That’s what makes the cloud-connected bike so super cool among all the bike locks. Because Skylockcan. These guys have invented a solar powered bike lock that you control with your smartphone through the cloud. There is no key to lose, …

Casio’s Bluetooth 4.0 G-Shock watch hits the FCC

Posted in Casio by Reuben Drake on July 26th, 2011

The Casio GB-6900 has passed through the FCC. The device features Bluetooth 4.0 that will last up to two years on a single battery assuming that Bluetooth communications are used for 12 hours per day. The device will feature Casio’s Touch Solar technology that will recharge the watch when it is exposed to sun or artificial light.

Casio’s prototype version of the device featured incoming call and email alerts, a finder function and wireless time synchronization via Bluetooth. Casio is also working on sports, heath, home entertainment and communications applications for the device.

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