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Japan gets red Playstation 2 console

Posted in PS2 by Conner Flynn on June 3rd, 2008

Japan gets red Playstation 2 console
Once again Japan gets all the cool things. Like this latest, the Cinnabar Red PlayStation 2. It should be available on July 3rd, for the equivalent of $155 US. Perfect if you love rocking red, or if you have some sort of Hell theme happening. In fact, it would probably be at home in Hellboy’s house. Hell. Damnation. The damned. Red is the color of anger you know. I think it’s affecting me in a strange way.

Sony announces release dates for PlayTV

Posted in PS3 by Conner Flynn on May 8th, 2008

Sony announces release dates for PlayTV
SONY just announced release dates for the long-awaited PlayTV add-on for the PS3 and Go!View video service for the PSP. PlayTV will allow the PS3’s hard drive to record TV shows thanks to it’s dual TV tuners. The included software has a 7-day programming guide, and recorded programs can be viewed remotely over Wi-Fi or transferred to the PSP.

SONY’s Go!View video service for the PSP will be subscription-based or on a pay-per-view system. Users can download TV content to their PSP from a dedicated website.

Charge your gadgets while you exercise

Posted in Exercise Gadgets by Conner Flynn on May 8th, 2008

Charge your gadgets while you exercise
Pssst. Hey. You. The guy with all the gadgets and the huge gut. Put down the comic book and the PSP, give me a sec. Wanna charge your gadgets and get some exercise at the same time? Maybe get a girl? Check this out.

This pedal-charging device from Japan is like a Power Stepper but even better. Apparently, it will produce enough electricity to power mobile phones, media players, or any number of other gadgets. Just don’t tell anyone you have it, otherwise you will be charging stuff like a hamster in it’s wheel.


DIY gamepad attachment for Sony UX UMPC

Posted in UMPC by Conner Flynn on May 7th, 2008

DIY Gamepad attachment for Sony UX UMPC
Dan Middle bought Sony’s UX UMPC and found it to be severely lacking when it came to portable gaming. He did what any of us would have done, he took things into his own hands by hacking a cheap USB gamepad. The end result is a set of controls that make available all eight buttons with a single hand, while the other hand is free to aim with the UX’s mouse controls.

The gamepad has been attached to a CF dummy card, slotting into the UX’s CF port. He did some testing and found that it’s pretty decent to use. Vista even recognizes it as a gaming peripheral. I’m not sure if this spells trouble for the PSP and DS Lite, but it’s pretty cool. Video below.

iWish concept really makes you wish

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on May 6th, 2008

iWish concept really makes you wish
If Sony were to partner with Apple for their next portable, all-in-one gaming device, the result might look something like this beautiful and sexy droolworthy beast called iWish.

Mat Brady made this mockup, and says that he calls this the iWish because he wishes Sony would get it’s act together and improve the PSP. He makes a good point about many companies doing amazing and innovative things these days, yet sadly, the only innovative thing to happen to the PSP since 2005 was that it got a little slimmer. Can’t argue with that.

Planex DigiJuke NAS: YouTube and BitTorrent for the Wii, Xbox 360

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on April 28th, 2008

Planex DigiJuke NAS: YouTube and BitTorrent for the Wii, Xbox 360
The studios won’t like this device one bit. The MZK-NAS02SG1T network attached storage device from Planex. The $524 1TB Gigabit Ethernet block claims “universal access” for all your devices, courtesy of its DigiJuke browser, searching and tagging BitTorrent and YouTube content you want downloaded in the appropriate PSP and iPod (MPEG-4), Wii (FLV), or TV (MPEG-2) format for in-home or portable viewing.

The NAS will also stream audio and video to your iTunes laptops or desktops, DLNA TV, Xbox 360, or other compliant device in the home. A USB 2.0 jack offers one-touch dubbing of USB sticks while a second around back offers storage expansion. It ships with a pair of 3.5-inch 500GB drives, which you may want to swap out for higher capacity drives at a later date.

The PS3 and the Wii get LCDs

Posted in LCD by Conner Flynn on April 17th, 2008

The PS3 and the Wii get LCDs
Why in the hell you would want to port around a PS3 I have no idea, same thing with the Wii really. But I guess we needed more accessories. Thanks to Clearvision’s new LCD attachment for the PS3 and China Vasion’s version for the Nintendo Wii, you can.

Both screens measure 7 inches and have integrated speakers along with a flip-top design that makes your console look like an oversized handheld. I can’t imagine playing any Wii game with the Wii version. You would have to stand about four feet away and good luck making out anything on that screen. If you wanted to use your Wii as a laptop I guess it would be cool.


Colorware now pimping Guitar Hero axes

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on April 1st, 2008

Colorware now pimping Guitar Hero axes
Colorware isn’t content to just make your PSP’s and Nintendo DS look awesome. Now they want to spruce up your Guitar Hero axe. I have to say, it looks pretty awesome.

The service is available for the Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. New users can score one for as little as $198, while current thrashers can send their guitar in and get it colorized for as little as $99. If you are on a budget, don’t even go look at the eye candy, because you won’t be able to help yourself.

PS3 2.20 firmware now available

Posted in PS3 by Darrin Olson on March 25th, 2008

Sony PS3 2.20 firmware is now available.Just in case of the off chance that you hadn’t been gaming all last night, that 2.20 firmware update for the PS3 is now available. Along with some minor changes and tweaks the big news for this update is the BD-Live interactive content for Blu-ray 2.0. It looks like most of the updates revolve around media and web. Unfortunately there does not appear to be any sign of the portable copy to get Blu-ray movies on your PSP that we heard rumors of, or at least not in this version.

Thanks for the heads up, Josh.

PS3 software update adds BD-LIVE

Posted in PS3 by Shane McGlaun on March 20th, 2008

PS3 Software UpdateAnyone that has been shopping for a Blu-ray player since the HD format war is finally over will want to give the PS3 a serious look. Not only is the PS3 one of the cheaper Blu-ray players, but it is one of the few that can be upgraded via software updates to support new features. Plus you get to play some sweet games as well.

Sony announced today that the coming version 2.20 software update scheduled for release late in March will add support for Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0 or BD-LIVE. The update will allow users to get new interactive content available on some Blu-ray titles.

Rumors of a slim PS3 launching this fall

Posted in Rumors by Darrin Olson on February 1st, 2008

Slim Sony PS3 rumored to be heading for shelves this fall.The folks over at T3 did a pretty nice job with a mock up of a Wii Phone last year at about this time and this year they’re creating another stir. They’ve posted images today of what they envision as a lighter, slimmer Sony Playstation 3 which is reportedly heading for shelves as soon as this fall.

Sony does have a history of slimming things down just like they did last year with the slimmer PSP but it seems like an unlikely move from a company that’s trying to cut costs and increase the market for their latest game console, but maybe with Blu-ray pulling ahead they feel they have it made? T3 also is speculating that this new slimmer model would have the rumored 160GB hard drive in it as well, and of course a slim Blu-ray player.


Best Buy to phase out 80GB PS3

Posted in News,PS3,Rumors by Darrin Olson on January 26th, 2008

Best Buy rumored to discontinue the 80GB Sony PS3 game consoleAccording to some leaked information from a Best Buy employee, the retailer sent out an internal memo that the 80GB Playstation 3 is scheduled to be “going closeout”, which basically means they will sell what’s on shelves and not stock anymore. The internal communication states that this is expected to take place as soon as January 28.

It’s been apparent that the 80GB model of the PS3 hasn’t had the selling power of the smaller and cheaper models, but since the removal of the 60GB models this leaves the shelves with nothing that is backwards compatible with PS2 games. It also limits consumers to the scaled down PS3 without the memory card reader and fewer USB ports.

CES 2008

Pinnacle Video Transfer records video straight to your iPod

Posted in CES 2008,Digital Video,Pinnacle Systems by Reuben Drake on January 3rd, 2008

Pinnacle video transfer records video straight to your iPod, PSP or other USB devicePinnacle Systems has a pretty cool little device debuting at the Consumer Electronics Show this year called the Pinnacle Video Transfer. The Video Transfer allows users to connect analog video input and record it straight to different USB 2.0 compatible media players such as an iPod, PSP or just to a regular USB flash drive. It takes connections from a number of video inputs such as S-Video, Composite video and stereo audio analog from devices like a television, DVD player or camcorder. From there it converts it up to 720×480 H.264 MPEG-4 files on the USB device, ready for playing. Different recording qualities can be set depending on the quality desired and the size of the display needed so you can save some space by recording small for a small screen. It can even be used to charge up some devices while connected.

The Gemei X900 gaming PMP

Posted in Games,Portable Meda Players by Conner Flynn on December 31st, 2007

The Gemei X900 gaming PMP

This sweet looking PMP bears the strange patriotic name of “United States X900″. Probably because they know it will be a big hit here in the U.S. It’s a PMP/gaming combo that looks promising. The large 4.3 inch 480×272-pixel TFT screen plays AVI, MPEG4, MP3, WMA, FLAC. The most obvious and coolest feature is the attachable game pad that looks ultra comfortable and comes complete with 2 thumb operable joysticks.

You can even add GPS, when you aren’t playing games with it. SD cards up to 4GB can be used and it features an e-Book reader and FM tuner as well. Kind of like a PSP but perhaps a bit cooler in design.

DVD Xpress home video archiver

Posted in DVD by Conner Flynn on December 5th, 2007

DVD Xpress Home Video Archiver

The DVD Xpress is aimed at that demographic who do not like to buy DVDs or just take awhile to get with the program. As long as you have a VHS version and the DVD Xpress home video archiver, you can turn your videos into digital versions. Store them on your hard drive or burn them to DVD. It also lets you
create movies for playback on your iPod or PSP.

It hooks up to your PC via USB. Then connect your camcorder to the video/audio inputs on the DVD Xpress. Put a blank DVD disc into your PC, press play on your camcorder and burn a copy automatically to DVD. It’s that simple. You better get started archiving all those precious family movies and bringing them into the digital age. May your embarrassing moments live forever.

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