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Pelican adds new iMac hard carrying case

Posted in Baggage by Nino Marchetti on March 4th, 2008

imcruzer.jpgPelican is back with another tough carrying case to protect your expensive Mac investment. This time around it is called the Pelican iMCruzer and it is designed to guard 20- and 24-inch iMacs.

The Pelican iMCruzer offers up a custom foam interior housed in a case measuring 7.38 inches in length and width, and 16 inches high. It offers a retractable handle and wheels to make transportation easier as well as two fold-down side handles.

Mac Pro Pelican Case one tough Mac carrying case

Posted in Computer Cases by Nino Marchetti on September 13th, 2007

CPD Industries Mac Pro Pelican CasesTraveling with your desktop Apple computer is sometimes just what you have to do. We think sticking it in a cardboard box and writing fragile in a black marker is a bad idea though – one of these new Mac Pro Pelican Cases might be a better solution. It will cost you at around $600 but it will probably be worth every penny.

CPD Industries, the maker of this case, says it will hold an Apple Mac Pro or Power Mac G5, 30-inch Cinema Display and accessories such as keyboard, mouse, and cables within custom foam interior compartments. The cases are described as having a “virtually indestructible outer shell, custom inner foam combination [that] provides complete protection from travel-related shock, vibration, temperature fluctuation, spills, water, dust and humidity.” It meets a drop test of 48-inches and can even reportedly be submerged 30 feet below water due to multiple latches and a neoprene “O Ring.”

New CaseCruzer laptop case targets MacBook Pro owners

Posted in Baggage by Nino Marchetti on July 1st, 2008

CaseCruzeer Pelican 1490 Laptop Case

CaseCruzer got a new laptop case for mobile warriors who want solid protection for their Apple MacBook Pros. It is called the CaseCruzeer Pelican 1490 Laptop Case  and we believe it to be pricing around $120.

The CaseCruzer Pelican 1490 Laptop Case attempts to blend good looks into the CaseCruzer line up, which isn’t normally none for stylish cases. Besides that you’ll find it offering lots of protection for your 15-inch MacBook Pro via a custom Polyurethane foam interior as well as an interior egg-crate-style convoluted foam the lid.


CaseCruzer offering up one tough digital camera case

Posted in Baggage by Nino Marchetti on February 6th, 2008

photo-studiocruzer.jpgPhotographers traveling on assignment often have to contend with worrying about how their expensive gear will get through handling by security and airline employees. CaseCruzer is introducing what it is calling the toughest airline-legal carry-on case available today – the Photo StudioCruzer 1510 – to help solve this issue.

The CaseCruzer Photo StudioCruzer 1510, priced at around $245, offers a modular interior which will offer photographers some flexibility in how they pack their gear. The case offers up a metal reinforced padlock for security, 17-inch retractable extension handle and buoyancy for when you go on assignment in a canoe.

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