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VR3 Bluetooth Steering Wheel Console for hands free chatting

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on December 28th, 2008

VR3 Bluetooth Steering Wheel Console for hands free chattingIn many states you aren’t supposed to hold a cell phone while driving. It’s the law. I once saw a teenage girl talking on her phone while driving a pick up truck, run straight into a parked car. There was nothing else around her for miles. She was simply distracted and didn’t have her focus on driving. This VR3 Bluetooth Steering Wheel Console might help those who have trouble doing two things at once.

It gives you hands free wireless chatting directly in front of you, with a design that keeps your hands on the wheel for safety. Sure, it’s ugly as hell, but so is an ambulance ride or a mangled corpse. It’s only $99.99.

Steering Wheel Bluetooth MP3/FM Car Kit

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on January 19th, 2010

This isn’t the first Bluetooth Steering wheel attachment that we’ve seen, but the Steering Wheel Bluetooth MP3/FM Car Kit is a good idea to keep your hands free, thus keeping you a tad safer.

The device features Bluetooth, wireless audio, and functions just like a wireless headset. It even plays MP3s and can broadcast them to your car’s speakers using its FM transmitter.

Car Bluetooth speaker fits inside your steering wheel

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on January 21st, 2009

Car Bluetooth speaker fits inside your steering wheelIf your car isn’t new enough to have Bluetooth integration, this Steering Wheel Bluetooth Adapter may be the perfect solution. It fits around the inner part of a steering wheel with some options for size adjustment. For $63 the adapter sports a microphone and speakers for speakerphone, an LCD display for incoming callers, SD port for MP3s, USB and FM-out so you can play everything back through your car’s stereo.

There is a catch however, the adapter’s power source is your car’s cigarette lighter. You would be connecting your steering wheel to the lighter. Which could be a safety hazard. Unless it’s rechargeable. In that case don’t charge it while driving.


Racing game for iPad uses iPhones as controllers

Posted in iPad by Conner Flynn on April 30th, 2010

With Padracer your gaming console is an iPad as a display and iPhones as controllers. How cool is that? Though if you don’t already own these things, it could get a bit expensive for you. Basically the iPad is the race track and the iPhones are turned into controllers once connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

All you have to do is steer your race cars by turning an iPhone like a steering wheel. The game is just five bucks at the iTunes store.

Visteon gets busy with new in-dash navigation system

Posted in GPS by Nino Marchetti on July 2nd, 2008

Visteon Navigation Radio System

Do you seek a full-on in-dash navigation system which will do almost everything except give you a massage while you drive? That may well be the case of the new Visteon Navigation Radio System, designed to replace that crappy AM/FM tuner coming standard in your car.

Ford and Microsoft ‘Sync’ Up to Provide Auto Software

Posted in Automotive,Ford,Microsoft,News by Darrin Olson on January 7th, 2007

Ford and Microsoft Team Up To Offer Automotive Sync SoftwareToday Ford announced that they have teamed up with Microsoft to offer some in-car software to enhance the use of digital audio players, mobile phones and multimedia in their vehicles. Ford Sync will be powered by Microsoft Auto Software and provide voice activated communications and entertainment in select Ford vehicles.

Sync is planned to be available in 12 different Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles yet this year and will allow users to access their mobile phone, mobile music and will host almost any digital media player …

Voice-Command Email for your Car with iLane

Posted in Automotive,Bluetooth,Smart Devices by Paul Patterson on November 6th, 2006

iLaneiLane is a hands-free and eyes-free solution for managing email messages and attachments, phone calls, SMS messages and calendar appointments while in transit using voice commands. The iLane device interacts directly with existing Bluetooth enabled handheld devices and vehicle audio systems or headsets.

iLane integrates with the audio system in your car to notify you as new messages arrive on your handheld device or smart-phone. Using voice commands you can then listen to a summary or the entire message, compose a reply, or forward an attachment. The iLane system can manage email messages and …


Meet Remote and Nunchuk, the Nintendo Wii Controllers

Posted in Nintendo,Wii by Paul Patterson on October 15th, 2006

Nintendo Wii RemoteThe upcoming Nintendo Wii game console sports some unique game controllers that are sure to set it apart from other console releases this fall. Nintendo’s goal with its new revolutionary game controllers is to make gaming as accessible to many people of many ages and abilities. The controllers are comprised of two different input devices: the Remote and the Nunchuk.

The Remote is the size of a typical remote control and functions as a wireless Wii Remote controller. The Wii Remote controller uses Bluetooth technology and sends your actions to the …

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